View Full Version : [CAPTION CHALLENGE] Be cool, and join the (Italian) navy!

14th Feb 2015, 13:33
Apparently there's a bit of a tiff (http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-31453590) over the Italian navy's recent recruiting drive which uses inglesi instead of Italy's mother-tongue:


I'm sure JBers can do better. I'll begin with:

Everyday, the chef sends out for fresh ingredients. Today, it's for i calamari fritti - just a like a mamma makes it!

14th Feb 2015, 13:37
"Here's where it's bent. Two of you get on the other side...'

14th Feb 2015, 13:49

Your Search for Italian Naval Victories yielded No Results

Did you mean Italian Naval Defeats or British Naval Victories ?

Try repeating the search with Cloud-Cuckoo Land deselected.

14th Feb 2015, 15:12
With a captain called Schettino, wouldn't you like to be sure where he's going?

14th Feb 2015, 15:16
Keen on Naval History?

Join the submarine force and see hundreds of historic Italian naval warships on the bottom of the harbours!

14th Feb 2015, 15:43
Euro Disney Needs YOU!

Ascend Charlie
14th Feb 2015, 20:58
Hey, Guiseppe, dere's a farkin-a big-a fish coming up-a behind us!

Buster Hyman
14th Feb 2015, 21:53
Remember, when your SCUBA Divers are Al Dente', whip them out of the water & let them stand for two minutes.

14th Feb 2015, 22:27
"Remember HMS Queen Elizabeth"

When her reconstruction was complete, Queen Elizabeth rejoined the Mediterranean Fleet, covering the evacuation of Crete in June 1941.[1] She, along with HMS Valiant, was mined and seriously damaged by Italian frogmen (Antonio Marceglia and Spartaco Schergat), in an attack on 19 December 1941 in shallow water in the harbour at Alexandria, Egypt, with the loss of nine men of her complement.

Courtesy of Wiki.

15th Feb 2015, 08:34
Come fight like football. Change direction at half time.

tony draper
15th Feb 2015, 08:41
I just found the manual,apparently we are supposed to get inside it.:uhoh:

B Fraser
15th Feb 2015, 08:55
Join and get a "pizza de action".


Windy Militant
15th Feb 2015, 11:36
At least they didn't get this lot in!
As the comment under the clip says, what's the similarity between the recruiting office and gay porn stars? They both produce seamen! ;)

16th Feb 2015, 20:38
just cool... dunno about a navy.


16th Feb 2015, 21:20
Look! W has a booger up his nose!

16th Feb 2015, 23:56
Hey, itsa submarinea. I gotta idea for a new sandwich.

17th Feb 2015, 04:22
Joina da Navy and getta da free fishink gun!

♫ Venite all’agile barchetta mia... ♫

Mostly Harmless
18th Feb 2015, 03:03
If your whale needs a circumcision, let us send in our 4 skin divers to do the job.

18th Feb 2015, 03:49
Is this recruitment drive to offset those leaving the Navy ?

The business of rescuing/dealing with all the North African refugees must be very onerous