View Full Version : Video did surprise me, as promised in the title.

14th Feb 2015, 05:55
I am sure this video is going to surprise you - Video Dailymotion (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2h4jvc_i-am-sure-this-video-is-going-to-surprise-you_creation)

14th Feb 2015, 06:04
I'll wager the blokes who lit it up got a surprise too?! - that it actually worked?!

NASA, eat your heart out. The Thai Space program is well advanced. They're just looking for astronaut volunteers, right about now. :suspect:

14th Feb 2015, 06:25
Would have surprised you if you were just flying along.......

14th Feb 2015, 06:59
Quite impressive actually

Noah Zark.
17th Feb 2015, 09:19
I want one of those for November 5th!

17th Feb 2015, 22:43
Aaaah - Isaan kao lao - fuelling the Thai space program since the 9th Century :}

kao lao rice 'whiskey'

17th Feb 2015, 23:20
Some of those rockets have sticks that could give you a nasty headache when they returned to Earth.

P6 Driver
18th Feb 2015, 08:31
In the first link, I like the idea of the chap on the left waving the red flag - like something dangerous is about to happen...