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tony draper
13th Feb 2015, 14:20
This here photo has been posted elsewhere with the caption HMS Arc Royal with Swordfish aircraft on deck,now I am quite sure yer Swordfish had four wings ie a bi plane and was known as the stringbag.
If not Swordfish what are they flyin machines on that deck?
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/Swordfish_zpsoep9aeup.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/Swordfish_zpsoep9aeup.jpg.html)

13th Feb 2015, 14:29
Blackburn Skua?

Edit: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburn_Skua says 800 Naval Air Squadron

Ancient Mariner
13th Feb 2015, 14:32
Never mind, edited out by Bushfiva I was.

13th Feb 2015, 14:34
.....that they are Blackburn Skuas. But if I'm wrong doubtless there will be a correction dreckly.

The Ancient Mariner

13th Feb 2015, 14:39
Sorry AM. Look on the bright side: we all know something Mr Draper doesn't, plus I expect we could all spell "Ark Royal" :}

tony draper
13th Feb 2015, 14:43
Thank you chaps the poster has shamefacedly admitted his error and has left the room to clean his Webley.

13th Feb 2015, 14:54
Don't do it Tony, I feel the need to call the emergency services, the problem being if Tony fails to 'top himself' he could get five years c/o HMP for illegal ownership of a pistol

13th Feb 2015, 20:26
Blackburn Skua - my father maintained them for the FAA in the 2nd WW. It's spinning characteristics were so bad it carried an anti-spin parachute as standard equipment. It was carried in the tail cone aft of the rudder.

13th Feb 2015, 21:07
Quick ID needed

Here you go: the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralising role; and the ego is the organised, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. :}

13th Feb 2015, 21:23
...except for pilots. The id represents the desires, the ego turns those desires into reality, and both result in a Super Ego. They have no super-ego.;)

tony draper
13th Feb 2015, 21:36
I know what ID means I seen Forbidden Planet.:=

Ancient Mariner
13th Feb 2015, 22:42
Bushfiva:Sorry AM. Look on the bright side: we all know something Mr Draper doesn't, plus I expect we could all spell "Ark Royal"
I'll sleep peacefully now, and Mr. Draper can fight his insomnia fairies. :E

Captain Dart
13th Feb 2015, 22:49
Those were the days, caps on during flying ops. But one chap seems to be enjoying a pipe.

14th Feb 2015, 00:17
.....I think he got a tad confused between THE Ancient Mariner - me (accept no substitutes) and you Ancient Mariner (who really IS an ex mariner) and recently, in another of the fora in Pprune, I saw an imposter passing himself off as "Ancient-Mariner". One may have to register a complaint, or, alternatively, have the chap terminated with extreme prejudice. Do you have any preference?

The Ancient Mariner

14th Feb 2015, 01:06
Drown him in a vat of ancient marinade.

15th Feb 2015, 18:58
I love our aviation humour... "outsiders" wouldn't have a clue .. not that it's their fault... so precious ... I'm so glad I chose flying as a career.... priceless

17th Feb 2015, 05:43
I know what ID means I seen Forbidden Planet.:=

I fail to see the connection Tony Draper. Was it the monster or the cook ordering dozens of bottles from Robby?

Either way Anne Francis must have been somewhere in there! ;)

tony draper
17th Feb 2015, 08:26
The monster was named as the Creature from the ID, that Professor bloke called it forth unintentionally from his ID to deal with anybody paying to much attention to his daughters tits,leastwise that's how I remember the plot but it were over fifty years ago.

17th Feb 2015, 09:56
.......That name conjures up a memory. In about 1950, aged about 7 or 8, and following a storm, I recall the remains of an aircraft upside appeared on the beach at Teignmouth, South Devon. One of the fisherman, who had served in the RN knew it was either a Skua or Roc. He added that they were not popular with those that flew in them. I think he meant that it was just as likely to have flopped out of the sky as to have been shot down. ( Mention of the Webley above reminds me also that one day some time later on, the same man was found in his fisherman's hut having killed himself with one......had forgotten about that part)

17th Feb 2015, 10:08
I remember that movie, it stared Robbie the robot.

Here he is in that movie


tony draper
17th Feb 2015, 11:25
Please Mr ONEGREEN!: the chap did not kill himself,he had a accident whilst cleaning his service revolver.:= :rolleyes:
Many locals here remember Robby the Robot appearing outside the Gateshead Odeon in a publicity stunt,I derive great pleasure from informing them they are mistaken,what they remember was 'Tobar the Great' appearing outside the Gateshead Odeon,he was a completely different bloke in different rubber robot suit a few years before Robby made the scene.:rolleyes:

17th Feb 2015, 11:55
Thank you Tony Draper. Yes in my faulty recollection it was the Cookie monster (now reajusted to 'Id') which was unwittingly created by Walter who attacked anyone who took more than a passing interest in, as you say, the tits of Anne Francis.

Loose rivets
17th Feb 2015, 22:38
Electronica. Lovely sounds. Quite brings it back.



This is the last time I saw my father - until I dropped in on him aged 31.

Doesn't it look like that gun is still loaded?

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/walnaze/PpruNe/WRB%20Fathers%20last%20visit_zpsczcli8rl.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/walnaze/media/PpruNe/WRB%20Fathers%20last%20visit_zpsczcli8rl.jpg.html)

Loose rivets
17th Feb 2015, 22:55
The incredible thing is that when I wrote me yarn, I called an enigmatic 1,500 year-old character, Farman. The name came to me in an instant, but I had no idea until years later that one of the crew had that name.

Meters, all showing an order of magnitude greater power than the previous one. Rows of them. What better way to show tremendous power.

tony draper
17th Feb 2015, 23:09
Webley and Scott .455 Service Revolver Officers for the use of, cavalry model it has the lanyard ring at the base of the hand grip Mr Rivets. the later part is not quite true they all had lanyard rings on the hand grip as our Officers were always losing the bloody things

18th Feb 2015, 11:11
I thought Robbie the Robot was from "Lost in Space". "Danger! Danger! Warning! Warning!"

joy ride
18th Feb 2015, 11:24
The robot in Lost in Space was the one made for Forbidden Planet...why make a new one?!

18th Feb 2015, 13:00
Forbidden Planet's robot was, for some reason, called Robby and not Robbie. I hadn't realised it was the same suit.

18th Feb 2015, 20:51
Ah, I remember the ol' Arc Royal, how we used to wander around it:{

tony draper
18th Feb 2015, 22:26
I dont have to tell you people I hope that the plot for Forbidden Planet was writ long ago by a Tudor chap called William Shakespeare? however he called his movie script The Tempest, but you people already knew that didn't you?

joy ride
19th Feb 2015, 09:01
Yup! It was discussed on QI a few nights ago, along with other re-arrangements of The Bard's work, like Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story.

tony draper
19th Feb 2015, 10:15
Here yer go Mr Funfly,did one trip where she seemed to be following us about no matter where we went she turned up a couple of days later Malta Mombassa Durban.
We suspected they were saving money on navigators and just tootling along following behind us.
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay002/HMS_ARK_ROYAL_IN_COMPANY_WITH_HMS_FEARLESS_zpssnjx8bzl.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay002/HMS_ARK_ROYAL_IN_COMPANY_WITH_HMS_FEARLESS_zpssnjx8bzl.jpg.h tml)
I had a old school pal who was on her at the time,she came into Mombassa the week Kenya got its independence, we were already there,didn't see him of course she had a big crew and Mombassa was a big place.
Proper Carrier she were.

19th Feb 2015, 11:06
re-arrangements of The Bard's work

The Taming of the Shrew, aka every film made starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

joy ride
19th Feb 2015, 11:23
John Wayne's Shakespeare: "Get off thine horse and drink thine milk".

I have clear childhood memories of visiting the engine rooms of RMS Queen Elisabeth and S.S. France and being stunned by their size and machinery. Also a boat ride around Newport News Harbour, where we passed under the enormous bow of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise, at the time reckoned to be the largest ship in the world.

19th Feb 2015, 22:43
Are you absolutely sure that they is Skuas, and not Rocs?......

tony draper
19th Feb 2015, 22:48
One hates to be pedantic but should that not read 'Get off thy Horse' Mr joy ride? :rolleyes:

20th Feb 2015, 00:24
I had to look hard at that pic myself.
With the absence of any detail clues to identify them as Rocs and the fact that I've seen that pic twice elsewhere captioned as Skuas...

Have you noticed something I haven't?

20th Feb 2015, 00:32
Derived from the Blackburn Skua and developed in parallel, the Roc differed in its adoption of a turret for its armament.
From:- Blackburn Roc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackburn_Roc)

I believe that the other (more modern) carrier photograph is loaded with Buccaneers (also Blackburn manufactured).

Oh - and Gannet (built by Fairey).

Are there some F4 Phantoms, too?

20th Feb 2015, 01:20
At the outbreak of World War II, the Skuas and Rocs which formed 803 Squadron were embarked on HMS Ark Royal.
Operating out of Scapa Flow, the squadron carried out anti-submarine patrols in the Northwestern Approaches (losing two Skuas in an attack on U-30 on 14 September 1939 and defending SS Fanad Head) and regular patrols off Norway (during which the squadron shot down the first German aircraft to be shot down by a British aircraft in the war, a Dornier 18, on 26 September 1939).
The squadron's activities continued off Norway (though leaving her Rocs behind).
803 and 800 Squadrons successfully dive bombed and sank the German cruiser Königsberg at Bergen (with 800 providing five aircraft and seven crews in contrast to 803's eleven aircraft and nine crews), though an attack by 803 from Ark Royal on the German battleship Scharnhorst in June was less successful, with the loss of all but two aircraft.
Ark Royal was torpedoed on 13 November 1941 by the German submarine U-81 and sank the following day.

Post War:-
803 NAS became the first FAA squadron to operate a 'nuclear capable' aircraft in 1958 when it received the Supermarine Scimitar F.1. The squadron deployed aboard the newly rebuilt carrier HMS Victorious and remained attached to her air group for the next two years, after which the squadron transferred to HMS Hermes for another two years then finally to HMS Ark Royal. From first commissioning until it joined the Ark Royal, the squadron had a normal complement of eight aircraft, but when assigned to the Ark Royal's air group the ships larger size and hangar capacity meant the squadron strength could be doubled to 16 aircraft. This was achieved by merging 800 NAS into 803 Squadron, as the former was due to re-equip with Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 aircraft. 803 NAS had the distinction of being both the first and last Scimitar frontline squadron in the Royal Navy, and disbanded on 1 October 1966 after eight years and five months in commission.

The second Ark Royal was commissioned in February 1955, however was withdrawn in 1967 for a three-year refit to enable Phantoms to be accommodated.
Ark Royal had entered refit to accommodate the Phantom in 1967; this involved amongst other elements the installation of water-cooled JBDs and bridle catchers.

At the end of March 1969, 892 Naval Air Squadron, which commissioned as the Royal Navy's first operational Phantom unit, intended to embark in Ark Royal once her three-year refit had completed in 1970.
In 1970, Ark Royal embarked 892 NAS as part of her air group for the first time.

By 1970, Ark Royal had a complement of 39 aircraft. This typically comprised 12 Phantom FG MK.1s, of 892 Naval Air Squadron, 14 Buccaneer S MK.2s of 809 Squadron, 4 Gannet AEW Mk.3s of B Flight 849 Squadron, 6 Sea King HAS Mk.1s of 824 Squadron, 2 Wessex HAR Mk.1s of the Ship's Flight and 1 Gannet COD Mk.4. later replaced by an AEW3.
So the second photograph had to have been taken after 1970 (as there are Phantoms aboard), and, therefore, the Buccaneers were not 803 squadron ones.
Shame - that would have made a good link to the first photograph.