View Full Version : Mig 17, sources of information?

John Hill
13th Feb 2015, 04:53
Hi, there is a possibility that our museum will be getting a Mig 17, believed to be complete but in non flying condition after several years outdoors.

I would very much like to make contact with someone who would be willing to answer questions that might arise while we give it a cosmetic restoration and put it on display. Questions such as how does one open the canopy and what checks to make for presence of pyrotechnics, seat cartridges etc etc.


Genghis the Engineer
13th Feb 2015, 10:01
I've no personal knowledge, but I suggest contacting the Planes of Fame museum in Chino, CA, USA. They have a Mig-15 in flying condition, and a MiG-17 on static display, so should have a fair bit of knowledge, and obviously speak English.


14th Feb 2015, 09:31
Looking through the nosewheel bay there may be a small hatch that gives you access to the cockpit. Putting your hand in and pulling a lever on the seat will check to see if there are pyrotechnics in the seat.
If there are you have now solved the problem of getting the canopy open.

Four Wings
17th Feb 2015, 15:32
In 1956 during my National Service the Army sent me on a firefighting course at Kent Fire Brigade. One item of training was how to remove the pilot from a crashed jet fighter. They had a dummy Martin Baker set up on which we learnt what not to touch and how to disarm the ejector.

We were also taught about the MiG 15, I think from photos. The Russian ejector was described as highly dangerous, and whilst we were taught a theoretical safe way for removing the pilot, the unofficial advice was "leave him there if you don't want to eject with him".