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12th Feb 2015, 16:50
I can't see any thread opened on Pprune to congratulate HRH on his forthcoming promotion (yes, I know there's a passing mention on Mil Aircrew Caption Competition) so I thought I'd give any contributors the opportunity to wish him well on his elevation.

Tricorn,Cloak ...and door

12th Feb 2015, 16:53
It must be his birthday.

12th Feb 2015, 17:07
VICE admiral. :}

12th Feb 2015, 17:08
HRH Prince Andrew to be promoted to Vice Admiral

So the rumours were true then?

12th Feb 2015, 17:09
Well at least he's not a Rear Admiral ;)

12th Feb 2015, 17:14
Everyone should be allowed at least 1 vice :E

12th Feb 2015, 17:29
Well at least he's not a Rear Admiral

aka, his dad :rolleyes:

12th Feb 2015, 17:47
Agree with Don_Apron, perhaps Andy thought you got to be a VICE admiral by cavorting with underage ladies.

Mrs Bwsboy

12th Feb 2015, 19:13
Why does this Gilbert and Sullivan tune keep cropping up in my head?

tony draper
12th Feb 2015, 19:32
We made Kaiser Bill a Admiral,he was still one after the outbreak of war,someone realized he might pick up the phone and order the fleet(ours) to scuttle itself and cancelled his subscription.
The RN probably still paid him his Admiral pension when he retired to Holland.
I believe we have more Admirals than ships for them to Admiralize over. :uhoh:

12th Feb 2015, 20:26
Will he be given his own ship?

The Good Ship Lollipop

singer included of course.


12th Feb 2015, 21:33
Why does this Gilbert and Sullivan tune keep cropping up in my head?

Not really fair. He has his faults but not going to sea isn't one of them - got the South Atlantic Medal with rosette to prove it, and apparently he did his bit there.

12th Feb 2015, 22:31
He was on invincible, which spent most of the hostilities closer to South Africa than the Falklands, only entering the area once hostilities were over.

According to the Sun, he was flying an 'exocet dodging Lynx helicopter'

12th Feb 2015, 22:32
I thought that Andrew left the Andrew some years ago. What exactly does he do nowadays to merit a promotion to Vice Admiral?

Lon More
12th Feb 2015, 23:45
Presumeably he will be paid for this. Can't he live on the 249000 pocket money he gets from his mum each year?

13th Feb 2015, 05:59
How ironic that there's another thread running right now about how young people don't vote.

13th Feb 2015, 06:53
I don't think that HRH gets paid for this honorary title. I belive that the Royals progress up the ranks as soon as one of their peers reaches said rank. Check the promotions and I bet a RN officer of his era has just been promoted to Vice Admiral.

HRH did his bit and I understand that both he and HRH Prince Charles were both popular when serving.

Standing by for flak but I can take it.

Ken Borough
13th Feb 2015, 11:32
Pathetic, innit? Career officer spends his life battling to the top and earns rank on merit. On the other hand, son of monarch grows old building up a bank of air miles and is promoted by mummy on his birthday because one of his class made it to the top. Just don't make no sense to me - little wonder the yoof of today are pi$$ed orf?

13th Feb 2015, 12:21
Now she has rubber-stamped his honorary promotion with the Royal Navy. In 2009 it was agreed that Andrew – who formally left the service in 2001 after 22 years – would enjoy ‘age-related’ promotions on par with colleagues who had remained in the service.Under the agreement, the prince was promoted to Rear Admiral when he turned 50 in 2009 and will become Vice Admiral on his 55th birthday on Thursday next week.
He is due to become Admiral at 60 but any honorary rank after that would be at the behest of the Queen.

Prince Andrew promoted to the rank of vice-admiral by the Queen | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2950969/Under-fire-Prince-Andrew-gets-good-news-mother-promotes-rank-vice-admiral.html)

There are now more than TWICE as many admirals as there are warships in the Royal Navy. :rolleyes:

Royal Navy's 260 captains for just 19 warships: Defence cuts see 15 times as many commanding officers as vessels | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2465608/Royal-Navys-260-captains-just-19-warships-Defence-cuts-15-times-commanding-officers-vessels.html)

13th Feb 2015, 12:26
Either the Queen, or her advisors have a wicked sense of humour, or it's one of those inexplainable coincidences that occur from time to time. Whatever, it's a ffnarr ffnarr schoolboy humour moment :} It is, in 2015, for these unearned titles and awards/promotions to be given, a bit of a joke. What was ok 100 years ago no longer applies. As has been said it must be to do with him having to have the equivalent rank as a once contemporary so as to assuage any possible embarrassment to the royal family. It all seems very silly to me and disrespectful to those hard working navy officers who have done it by ability and effort.


13th Feb 2015, 12:31
There's something about this news which reminds me of Life of Brian


He's the son of God, our Messiah, King of the Jews

And thats Capricorn is it?

No no no thats just him.

13th Feb 2015, 15:55
In my excellent book "Lost London" there's a chapter on slang, amongst which I found:

"Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas: a man who, when drunk, pisses under the table in his neighbour's shoes."

There are some truly wonderful expressions in this book.

tony draper
13th Feb 2015, 16:03
Well it is his Mums Navy. :)

13th Feb 2015, 17:03
Bloke in The Times letters page today reckons that as he retired in the rank of bombardier in 1957, the letter promoting him to field marshall must have got lost in the post!

Lon More
13th Feb 2015, 17:16
Plus more medals than Fred Karno

Just seen a news clip of Princess Anne standing in for mum and dishing out some honours. Looks like about 15 gold rings on her arms
Just googled it. Hopefully all are honorary or she'd be raking in some serious wedge

Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Colonel-in-Chief of the Grey and Simcoe Foresters (11 June 1977 – present)
Colonel-in-Chief of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Canadian Hussars (11 November 2014 – present)
Colonel-in-Chief of the Communications and Electronics Branch (11 June 1977 – present)
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Canadian Medical Service
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regina Rifles
Colonel-in-Chief of Royal Newfoundland Regiment

New Zealand
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal New Zealand Army Nursing Corps

United Kingdom
Colonel-in-Chief of the King's Royal Hussars
Colonel-in-Chief of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (29/45 Foot)
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Corps of Signals
Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Logistic Corps
Colonel-in-Chief the Royal Army Veterinary Corps
Colonel of the Blues and Royals
Royal Colonel of the Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland
Royal Colonel of the 52nd Lowland Regiment, 6th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland
Royal Honorary Colonel of the University of London OTC
Commandant-in-Chief of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps)
Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Lyneham
Honorary Air Commodore of the University of London Air Squadron
Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women in the Royal Navy[45]
Commodore-in-Chief of HMNB Portsmouth

13th Feb 2015, 21:08
Spring Heeled Jack - They don't get paid for these honorary ranks, nor are they part of any compliment so no career officer is being held back by the Royal's promotions. Also, they have to buy a shed load of new uniforms! :)

13th Feb 2015, 22:05
Was he really promoted by his mum, or did Tony Abbott do it?

14th Feb 2015, 01:12
What is the RN's present ratio of Flag Officers to ships in commission? I'll bet it exceeds 1.

After an excellent landing etc...