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12th Feb 2015, 03:06
Drunk Florida couple get trapped in garbage truck | Weird | News | Toronto Sun (http://www.torontosun.com/2015/02/11/drunk-florida-couple-get-trapped-in-garbage-truck)

12th Feb 2015, 03:20
Comments from the article:

Breaking News:

52 Tampa lawyers contacted Lisa & Donald while they were still at the hospital. They now have lawsuits started against:

the casino for allowing them to get so drunk,

the restaurant for not having the dumpster locked,

the garbage disposal co. for not making sure there was nobody in the dumpster,

the fire rescue dept. for not getting them out of the garbage truck quicker,

the ambulance co. for not running red lights to get them to hospital sooner,

the hospital for not moving them thru emerg. quick enough,

the police for not escorting the ambulance to the hospital,

every other Tampa law firm for not contacting them about their American right to sue.

Future lawsuits will be stared soon against their parents, teachers, doctors, addiction counsellors & various govt's. When these lawsuits are settled out of court it's estimated Lisa & Donald will have hundreds of thousands of $ which they will lose within a week back at square one--the casino.

West Coast
12th Feb 2015, 05:12
Hmmm...white trash?

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Feb 2015, 06:05
Probably really talented banjo players, though...:}

12th Feb 2015, 13:18
White trailer trash, no doubt.