View Full Version : Well, here is a funny little place indeed!

10th Feb 2015, 10:49
Matthew Flinders landed here.....and many a moon ago Mrs Fliegs and I spent a lovely little winter getaway upon the shores of this very funny little island, shacked up in a semi distant relatives holiday island home......Jnr Flieg was but waist height...who'd a thunk they'd ever write a Countyr/Western song about it??


And if you were wondering?.....well.....just looking for a few places to trailer the 'tinny' to.....

......probably throw a few boards in and make for a surf session over on Stradbroke Island....but then again....with the amount of shark attacks of late....

10th Feb 2015, 14:40
Yes Fliegs, lovely.
Please don't forget what I said about boats for open waters - OK?

Sorry to be a nark, it's just I know how people can get sucked in.
Anyway, we want lotsa photos please.

11th Feb 2015, 10:45
Ah yes Stanwell....

Stick with your tinny, Fliegs - it'll provide a much purer form of enjoyment.
If you fancy venturing into open waters in a tinny - 18ft cuddy minimum, 21ft half cab recommended.

Moreton bay is relatively shallow, and so potentially very rough (it often is), very 'sharky' (tons of them!)....but coochi is considered semi open, and really you could swim it.....

Open water sailing for me will remain sailing over it at a great height! :ok::ok:

Just thought it was such a funny little 'backwater' place for someone to write a song about it........

12th Feb 2015, 22:38
Great place if you can handle the mozzies.
They are huge.

Ascend Charlie
13th Feb 2015, 06:24
You want mozzies, go to Newcastle - the Hexham Grey is a monster, 6 of them can carry you away, suck you dry and leave you flat as a piece of paper, nothing but your little eyes bugging out.:eek:

13th Feb 2015, 06:40
little eyes bugging out... like this?

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRUYaiWk8DmE29UlCIYZAutGWpjj811YAv_3Hr47le BRg1IsVYY8w