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10th Feb 2015, 06:13

10th Feb 2015, 07:01
I love the sound of the Griffon! That is quite my favourite Spitfire.

10th Feb 2015, 17:36
It's my perception that the difference of sound compared to the Merlin mostly is caused by the five-bladed propellar!

10th Feb 2015, 19:47
No, tis the engine - herewith Kennet Aviation's beautiful Seafire XVII with Griffon and a four blade prop.


Thanks to Saab Dastard for info about posting YouTubes - tricky business this techie stuff, keep changing!

11th Feb 2015, 09:23
In the video Treadigraph posted the chocks are placed on opposite sides of the undercarriage which I presume is due to the torque of the Griffon. Is that the case?

12th Feb 2015, 12:39
Skydiver, no idea, but when I've seen chocks placed thus, I assumed it was to prevent the aircraft possibly creeping fore or aft particularly if there is a stiff breeze blwoing; then the rear chock would be moved in front for start up. Wouldn't have thought torque would come into play at low RPM?

12th Feb 2015, 14:18
It that the Spitfire that used to be at Aldergrove? I know they had a bubble canopied Spitfire there in the 70s that belonged to, I believe, 23 MU.

I lived on Aldergrove airfield in the 40s when the RAuxAF had Spifire 22s but it was not one of them. They probably all ended up at High Ercall.

12th Feb 2015, 14:35
The Spitfire XIV was recoverd from India by Ormond Haydon-Baillie or Doug Arnold in the 1970s and acquired by The Fighter Collection for restoration in the late 1980s - it first flew again in the mid-1990s. I do recall seeing it as one of four or five kits of parts in Arnold's hangar at Backbushe in 1978.

The Seafire is one of four - 2 Mk17s and 2 Mk47s - that Peter Arnold (no relation to Doug) recovered from a scrap yard 40-odd years ago. I think the other three are all potential fliers. Peter posts on here occasionally, he may pop up and give us a bit more info about their status.