View Full Version : Mushroom House, Bethesda, Maryland

9th Feb 2015, 23:30
Yours for only slightly over US$ 1 million.



Solid Rust Twotter
10th Feb 2015, 04:56
The first question that springs to mind is why?

West Coast
10th Feb 2015, 05:06
To piss off the neighbors?

Solid Rust Twotter
10th Feb 2015, 05:19
What would they have done that was so bad as to deserve having that inflicted on them?

Krystal n chips
10th Feb 2015, 05:55
It would make the perfect corporate headquarters for the culture of several organisations I could think of....

tony draper
10th Feb 2015, 07:03
Looks like it was influenced by a ere, certain kind of mushroom.

Ancient Mariner
10th Feb 2015, 07:24
How dare they, building something different to everyone else.
Gaudi would have loved it...........and I quite like it.

joy ride
10th Feb 2015, 07:26
It reminds me a bit of Gaudi's incredible cathedral and other buildings in Barcelona, head above the parapet: I love it!

Well Seacue, it's a small world: you and I lived lived on the same street in D.C. and we spent our summers near Bethesda, on the edge of Chesapeake Bay. The hamlet we stayed in was called Schultzville, off Germantown Road, but is now called Taylorville, after Doc Taylor who we all knew and liked. Happy days.

Back in WW2 my Grandad had been put into valuable war work at de Havilland and other companies, working on Mosquito, Hornet, Vampire and high speed patrol and rescue launches. He was based in D.C. and Canada and this was when friends invited them to Schultzville, which my mum loved. In the 60s my Dad was posted to D.C. and Mum decided we should spend our summers there.
Small world.

10th Feb 2015, 14:58
Five words, I think..
A monument to a wank. (On acid, perhaps)