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avionic type
9th Feb 2015, 19:56
At the risk of having my wrists slapped for being in the wrong section of Pprune can any younger readers tell me as to the make up of the Tech Log
of the big birds ie 737 up to 787 and Airbusses these days ? , are defects still put in the tech logs or are "downloads"made from the Flt Deck computers into a tablet for the Engineers to progress the work from them
I retired from BA engineering 20 years ago and have lost touch with the younger element who still work in the industry .

11th Feb 2015, 09:20
There's a lot of old fogeys and ex insert type here on this forum (me included), you'd be far better off asking on Engineers & Technicians.

avionic type
18th Feb 2015, 19:00
wrists slapped thank you for the nudge in the right direction