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9th Feb 2015, 01:12
Yesterday, I met a woman who spoke about going dancing with her (then) boyfriend at this club. She said there were good dances there on Saturday nights.

Ring any bells with anyone? This was, if course, the very early days of LHR.

9th Feb 2015, 05:28
I had my 50th at the Silver Wings Club in Birmingham. Now what year was that? During the 60's until it closed. It was always packed and many booked their 'dos' there. Of course the beer was cheaper than the pubs down the road and it attracted many who worked at BHX.

lawrence hole
9th Feb 2015, 09:05
This brings back memories of the Club, situated close to the Bath Road on the North side of LHR when often the band was the Pete Waters quartet , whose members I knew personally. Pete Waters later moved to Yateley, not far from Blackbushe Airport and had jazz sessions with guest artists at the Cricketers Pub nearby.

9th Feb 2015, 11:39
Is this the same place that was subsequently known as the Vanguard Club, on northside ?

lawrence hole
9th Feb 2015, 16:05
Yes almost certainly was also known as the Vanguard Club. You could enjoy a few beers here whilst listening or dancing to the music.:)

9th Feb 2015, 16:30
Vanguard Club aside of the BAA club - Engineering base was the Runway which also had a bar and the odd social functions. Those were the days the Hatton Cross Club, there was also BA clubs at West London terminal and also above Victoria Coach station, I cannot recall what it was called.

9th Feb 2015, 16:58
BEA Clubs 'back in the day':-

LHR Northside - Vanguard Club
LHR Eng Base - Pionair Club
West London Air Terminal - Comet Club
Ruislip - Trident Club

Happy days (well, nights mostly!)

9th Feb 2015, 18:35
Never got as far as the Trident Club, but I have happy memories of the others. Including crawling on the grass outside the Vanguard Club looking for my wife-to-be's dropped contact lens. :O

Used to frequent the Comet Club when I lived in West Ken. Usually full of drunk cabin crew.

Pionair Club was where I had my farewell p*ss-up, fond memories of breakfast at 3am in the adjacent Runway Restaurant on the night shift ...

9th Feb 2015, 20:38
Also a BA club somewhere in the above location - however it was only open from 1700-2100 hrs, but high up with a great view. Plus the Clansman Club GLA

BHX the 1-11 club

avionic type
10th Feb 2015, 00:15
I Met Mrs A at the Pionair club middle 1955 there where we had a 12 piece big band once a month run I believe the Apprentice section happy days still tottering around together after 57 years to the annoyance of the pension fund.
Anyone know what happened to the Vanguard illuminated panel behind the bar when they pulled it down they are worth a bob or two now.