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7th Feb 2015, 15:24
Hi everyone
I am soon to begin my geography dissertation and have been thinking of a few potential ideas related to the airline industry.
My favourite at the moment is:
'The growth of the airline industry, in particular the rise of low cost airlines, has been the most contributing factor to the worlds' continued time-space compression'
What are people's opinions about this? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to conduct research into this?
If anyone has any potential ideas that you think would be fit for a aviation-related dissertation I would be more than appreciative to hear them.
Many thanks

7th Feb 2015, 20:29
Out of interest what level are you at (bachelors, masters degree, etc) and how many words are you expected to write?

Also what is your definition of 'continued time-space compression'? Is it another way of saying that the world is getting smaller and we are living life or is there an accepted definition? (I'm afraid that I stopped studying geography at 15 although I went on to do an M.Sc. in Transport Planning & Management.)

If you jot down a brief outline of your ideas I'll happily comment.

7th Feb 2015, 21:26
It might help if your title was in better English. 'The growth of the airline industry, in particular the rise of low cost airlines, has been the greatest contributory factor to the world's continued time-space compression' is not only better English but also sounds better.

A great topic however:ok:

Random Bloke
8th Feb 2015, 06:16
I supervise dissertation students albeit not in Geography. I am assuming that you are working at undergraduate level and so at first glance I think that your subject is too wide; you are going to have to complete a huge research project in order to compare and contrast between low-cost carriers and the mainstream airlines. If you want to look at budget airlines then consider a narrower topic but one that you can do some in-depth analysis with. How about considering the effect that low-cost airlines have had on social mobility in Europe, or the contribution of low-cost airlines to the rise of the 'tiger' economies in the Far East?