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6th Feb 2015, 14:54
Poundland seeks to buy 99p Stores (http://www.bbc.com/news/business-31160517) - After all these dire stories about deflation and how bad it is, I guess this is a good sign!

6th Feb 2015, 14:59
Over time, 99p Stores will be converted to Poundland shops,a spokeswoman for the firm said.

6th Feb 2015, 15:39
So we're going to have to pay 1p more? What a bunch of fat cats..........

6th Feb 2015, 15:48
A penny for your thoughts
I'd love to expand
But I have to spend one
So back in 2 shakes
Or perhaps not

PS. Is a "d" a passing grade in poetry (or prose)
I don't remember
It's all water under the bridge now

6th Feb 2015, 18:25
We have had and lost three 'everything for a pound' shops from our nearby town over the last few years.
Two opened five years ago within a couple of doors of each other.
The first one was 'The Amazing Pound Shop' and then the other '99p' drove both of them out of business.
'Poundstretcher' (not strictly a pound shop) opened in an expensive location in the town centre pedestrian precinct but has been unable to make enough or negotiate a lower rent and closed last month .
There is still a genuine Poundland shop (for the present). It is adjacent to the current bus station (which is planned to be moved). They sell tinned food, washing-up liquids and confectionery as well as soft drinks and probably benefit from passing trade from people heading to catch buses with a few minutes to spare.

6th Feb 2015, 18:40
...passing trade from people heading to catch buses with a few minutes to spare.

I wonder if these 'pound shops' also sell refurbished goods, also known as seconds...?

6th Feb 2015, 21:58
Documentary last year ( or the one before that ) on UK TV abt this phenomenon. They claim never to buy seconds, just to have v. aggressive buying policies, and sometimes to negotiate smaller sizes. ISTR three chains were featured.

Loose rivets
6th Feb 2015, 22:13
I went into one in Colchester and found a keyring that knew the time, lit up when you moved it, buzzed, turned into a calculator and charged itself from sunlight. Wow, I thought, I wonder how much this is.

"Ninety-nine pence." Said the heavily accented young man, with not so much as a glance to the old geezer that had been there in the war and didn't believe miracles could happen.

Come to think of it, I was doing my TV City and Guilds just a hundred yards from that shop and back then you needed a fabric conveyer belt to make things move on a screen.

Yes, Dalton Computers come to mind. :8