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4th Feb 2015, 17:34
I'm getting my hand on and "old" artificial grass field, well it's hardly been used, so t's as new.

But I have to have it transported on a lorry and I have no idea about the volume.

The grass is in strips that are 4m wide and 72m long and the thickness is about 2,5 cm.

The grass will be rolled up and have a weight of about 2,5 tons per strip.

But what are the dimensions of this role?
(I can figure out the width ;) )

4th Feb 2015, 17:39
Roll Diameter Calculator
Use this calculator to determine the outside roll diameter. By entering the core diameter, the material thickness and the roll length, you will get a calculated result so you will know if the roll in that length would fit on your machine.

Tools for Converters (http://europe.fasson.com/FRE/planets/GBFREApplication.nsf/f1100?OpenForm&UL=1)

4th Feb 2015, 20:32
I make it about the same

Area = 4 X 72 = 288 sq m
Volume = 288 * .025 = 7.2 cu m
Area of roll end = volume / width = 7.2 / 4 = 1.8 sq m
Area = Pi r sq
1.8 / Pi = .6 (give or take a bit)
square root of .6 = .8 (give or take)
so diameter = 1.6 metres (assuming no compression of roll)

4th Feb 2015, 20:41
Are you allowing for a 'core'?
The material will not be able to bend beyond a certain radius.

4th Feb 2015, 20:47
No, but again as a rough estimate, so long as the core is relatively small (under 50 cm) just add the core diameter to 1.6m - won't be precisely correct but should be close enough.

Depends on how accurately the answer is required, and whether there will be any compression of the inner layers as the roll is created.

4th Feb 2015, 20:51
You won't get many 4 metre long by 2 metre diameter rolls on a truck.

4th Feb 2015, 21:36
I'm getting my hand on and "old" artificial grass field, well it's hardly been used, so t's as new.

Careful!! Old artificial turf, even with zero traffic, deteriorates due to ultra violet exposure. I would recommend you obtain a small section of the turf and evaluate its condition before committing yourself to hauling away and disposing of tons of worthless and useless turf.

4th Feb 2015, 22:10
I wouldnt be surpriced if the actual lenght of the strip is chosen because that will match a lorry-tip's width when rolled!

5th Feb 2015, 06:34
Thankyou all.

Henry cun, it's 2 years old, no druid involvement in this ;-)

KenV it's been indoors in a testing facility in Norway, so not much sunlight, but thanks for the headsup!

5th Feb 2015, 06:39
Flybiker, the length was because of the size of the indoor arena it was in.

cockney steve
5th Feb 2015, 13:22
maybe i,m a bit slow, but we are given the dimensions, L,W,D
I lerned at skule long ago , that L x W x D = V
Choxolate musta bin to the same skule.

Years ago, Cyril Lord, who made a fortune selling cheap broadloom carpet, "This is luxury you can afford, by Cyril Lord"....started making artificial grass "Cyril Lawn"....He donated a load to a new venue being built in America......the publicity generated was priceless......after some months, a letter arrived,- "The grass is going patchy, a sort of blue colour in blotches".... Reply?
"don't worry, it will soon all turn an even shade of blue"
that, and deciding to make "broadloom" vinyl flooring, which involved demolishing a factory wall to get the machine in, then wasting thousands of hours getting it to produce even thickness without random holes, colour consistency....then the realisation that nobody really wanted 15 foot wide vinyl for an 8 or 10 foot wide kitchen or bathroom, killed the business.

5th Feb 2015, 15:12
I wouldnt be surpriced if the actual lenght of the strip is chosen because that will match a lorry-tip's width when rolled!

Most likely 4 metres is a good lorry length, and perhaps mahe on carpet-making machines which are that width. 1.7 metres is a sensible diameter as the width of a traffic lane on a narrowish road.

6th Feb 2015, 19:17
Miraculix, you never said exactly how many 4m wide x 72m long strips are involved (ie. each strip = 288mē)...?

And located in Norway you say? Just how do you intend to reuse it all, is what intrigues me...?!

I ask, because I recently read about some golf-courses in the Middle-east which are all sand, including the "greens". If you had 3 x 288mē strips, that would be enough to cover each "green" on an 18-hole course with approx. 48mē of this artificial grass. It's quite expensive stuff isn't it? And if it's UV-resistant, have you considered loading it all into a shipping container and sending it to Dubai? Or how about summerising a winter golf-course closer to home in Norway?

Make 5% sales commission payment to airship c/o PPRuNe (or will accept 1 x DELL PRECISION T1700 work station PC with WIN7 PRO and OFFICE 2013 in lieu of cash). :ok:

6th Feb 2015, 20:37
Nope, I'm laying it out on our agility course, that way we don't have to wash the dogs after each training, as they today are totally filled with sand in their fur.

7th Feb 2015, 09:51
Here henry a bit from our agility field...


7th Feb 2015, 15:10
The dogs might have problems with friction burns on their paws from the artificial turf.

7th Feb 2015, 16:21
G-CPTN nope this is 4th generation turf, it is absolutely fantastic, no burns on it!

7th Feb 2015, 17:03
Doesn't appear to be very green (http://www.synturf.org/seriousquestionsask.html) though...

And what about static electricity? :confused:

8th Feb 2015, 07:32

Wow, I never even gave that a thought! Stage 2 has just been advanced and that is putting a roof over the field to shield it from the snow in winter, rain in all seasons and now sun in the summer...

I've run on a lot of artificial grass field with my dogs, but never outside, so I will be carefull with direct sunlight. Static never seamed to be a problem...

8th Feb 2015, 16:16
Apparently they use some sort of "fabric conditioner" similar to what you'd use for your home laundry to minimise the problem of static electricity in some artificial grass installations. I can think of an environmentally-friendly solution: bring all the rinse-water from the week's laundry along to the agility trials and throw that over the turf (if not also the dogs).

Hmmm. I'm not quite sure if all that would just exacerbate the "wet-dog" smell problem or improve it...?! ;)