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3rd Feb 2015, 18:34


3rd Feb 2015, 18:42
A good few years ago, a colleague emigrated to Canada.

One Christmas, he returned to the UK and we went to the pub.

He was wearing his (red) hunting jacket (not a fox-hunting jacket) which he said was essential in order not to be shot by other hunters.

I thought it strange, as deer-hunters in the UK wear camouflage and avoid being conspicuous.

I suppose that Canadian deer are colour blind?

4th Feb 2015, 17:10
I'm not aware of whether it's by law; by insurance or hard pressure from hunting organisations, but in Denmark it's used to have screaming orange hats atop during hunts - But that doesn't stop hunters from wearing camouflage-clothes!
Should one laugh or cry!?

4th Feb 2015, 22:18
Sounds like we have two different hunter mentalities:

Over there you don't want the critters to see you.

Over here, we figure the critters are color blind, it's people we worry about.