View Full Version : But officer I blew 24 times with no readings. Are you still going to arrest me?

2nd Feb 2015, 22:08
Winnipeg woman alleges she was wrongfully charged after taking breathalyzer - Manitoba - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-woman-alleges-she-was-wrongfully-charged-after-taking-breathalyzer-1.2939822)

2nd Feb 2015, 23:39
She could be short on lung capacity -- and after 24 attempts exhausted.

2nd Feb 2015, 23:44
Same she cannot demand a blood test, that would have proved that she was innocent, if she really was.

3rd Feb 2015, 01:06
It's seriously cold this time of year up there,

I personally would give serious consideration as to the advisability of venturing out without being fortified with a large ceasar or two.

Seems rather severe to penalize someone for potentially imbibing a little antifreeze...