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Shaggy Sheep Driver
2nd Feb 2015, 18:15
I received a vehicle tax reminder form today for one of my motorbikes. Printed in capitals are the words:


No it doesn't. It already has one. Its MOT certificate doesn't expire until November 2015.

If they mean that the vehicle cannot be taxed unless it has a valid MOT certificate, they should say so!

2nd Feb 2015, 18:26
I wouldn't complain if I were you. If they get too many complaints they'll stop sending out anything in English and it will all be in Gujerati, Hindi, Tamil, Welsh, Polish, Yoruba, Hausa, Ndebele, Shona, Shqiptari, Czech, Hungarian, Pashtu, Dari, Farsi, Arabic ........... etc.

English is fast becoming a minority language in the UK. No wonder it is spoken and written so badly.

2nd Feb 2015, 18:27
Gets on my nerves every time...
Have you ever tried fastening the seat belt while standing?

Shaggy: is it officially called an MOT these days?

victor tango
2nd Feb 2015, 18:30
Please enter your name and address.

How did I get this letter then ?:ugh:

2nd Feb 2015, 18:45

2nd Feb 2015, 18:52

I would now write back to them and send them the 0.01 that they say you owe them. Then, once they've acknowledged it, write back and say that you have now realised that you made a mistake and ask for 0.02 back.

The 'excuse', as always, will be that 'the letter is computer generated'.

Meanwhile, Mr. Orton needs to do standard 4 arithmetic.

west lakes
2nd Feb 2015, 18:53

The sort of letter that newspaper or TV stories are made of I think

2nd Feb 2015, 18:59
Is this not 'Fraud by Abuse of Position' by Mr Orton?


2nd Feb 2015, 20:54
The Scottish child protection forms/website found at least four different ways of spelling mandatory/manditory/manditry/mandatry. Some of the mandatory boxes got you bounced if you filled them in. The same item was referred to by different descriptions in different places. And the password had to contain at least zero non-alpha characters. In fact, no password whatsoever was accepted. "We know, it's an IT problem."
Trouble is, none of that incompetence was a surprise.

2nd Feb 2015, 21:00
The English Child Protection regulations for schools included two things which breach other legislation. They were not pleased to be told this. The initial reactions were 'Nobody else has complained' and 'They've been in force for 3 years', which tells you a lot.
I took a current contract for senior school staff off a London Council Website to use as a template. By coincidence we had an employment lawyer who offered to look it over for free. He found 43 errors or illegalities in a 17 page document, which we were also able to shorten to 12 pages by eliminating circumlocution and repetition, and by improving the grammar.