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G&T ice n slice
30th Jan 2015, 21:25
.....Come streaming in on sunlight wings
A million bright ambassadors of morning.

But I had hardly recovered from listening to that for the first time in 20 years than I found this:


seems to be in 3 parts so careful to play in correct sequence.

I can still remember listening to the John Peel radio show and being completely blown away by this. Next day off went up to London to buy the LP.

One day I'll recreate my hifi system and play all this stuff at vlume 11...

31st Jan 2015, 06:55
There seems to be a non-stop soundtrack as well.

P.S a comment from the site:
"Andrew Law 3 months ago:
Every once in a while, when it's silly o'clock in the morning and I'm still working, I put this on."

Applies quite well :)

tony draper
31st Jan 2015, 07:21
The money from that LP started thingy with the beard on his way to a fortune.
I bought one prolly still got it I rarely hoy anything away.

31st Jan 2015, 08:00
His story is quite interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf5N3pyN1lE

31st Jan 2015, 16:17
Fascinating watch, Bushfiva.
Thanks for that - I've sent it to my son (born in 1977) to watch, although MO's Blue Peter is probably what he remembers:-


This seems interesting, too - from before tubular bells:-


31st Jan 2015, 16:22
Tubular Bells was the first record I ever bought (or owned), and I still enjoy it today.

31st Jan 2015, 17:00
First heard it played in full on Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, then bought the LP.

Also bought it as a CD, probably need to put a copy on my phone music player.

Great album.

west lakes
31st Jan 2015, 17:01

Based on the novel by Arthur C Clark of the same name

B Fraser
31st Jan 2015, 17:13
The opening theme is in 7/8 time which the human brain finds odd and makes you want to listen. Oldfield is a genius.

Incantations is also well worth a listen at full volume.

31st Jan 2015, 17:53

31st Jan 2015, 19:20
G&T ice n slice

One day I'll recreate my hifi system and play all this stuff at vlume 11...

Up to 11? - You'll need a Marshall amp then!

Windy Militant
31st Jan 2015, 19:37
I first came across Mr Oldfield on the traveling library van, one of the few tapes in the collection was Ommadawn.
I also remember the Space movie Virgin made for the Tenth anniversary of the Moon landing. The sound track was mostly from His then unreleased Incantations double album.
And of course there was this!


31st Jan 2015, 20:07
If you want to listen to it with a bit of volume you need my portable speakers!
A pair of JBL EON G2's bi-amped with a total of 400 watts and a pair of Yamaha MSR400's also bi amp with 400 watts.
I always invite the neighbours when I throw a garden party to reduce the need for noise abatement procedures.
Fortunately the population density here is relatively low.:}

tony draper
31st Jan 2015, 21:15
He was certainly a talented chap.:)

31st Jan 2015, 22:19
He was certainly a talented chap.
Agreed - now 'retired' and living in the Bahamas.

I wonder if he misses his creative music life?

(though he still 'dabbles' - as was seen at the Olympics in 2012)

31st Jan 2015, 22:37

Sadder still to watch it die
Than never to have known it
For you, the blind who once could see
The bell tolls for thee...