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30th Jan 2015, 15:22
A vacationing woman accepted her boyfriend’s romantic marriage proposal in a picture-perfect cliff-side setting in Ibiza — only to fall off the edge to her death as she jumped up and down for joy.
Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29, of Bulgaria was visiting her waiter boyfriend in the resort of Cala Tarida on the idyllic Mediterranean island when he popped the question on Tuesday.
The delighted Dimitrova lost her balance and plummeted 65 feet — suffering a heart attack due to her injuries.
Her devastated fiancé, also Bulgarian, had chosen the beautiful spot — famous for its stunning sunset views.
Dimitrova had arrived in Ibiza two days earlier to visit him and look for work.

30th Jan 2015, 16:49
That's really sad, I might be know as a joker on here, but it's truly heart breaking. The poor guy will be devastated for years to come.

30th Jan 2015, 18:31
Look before leaping?

30th Jan 2015, 18:45
Ya dunno. Ya just dunno when it comes
to events like this.

Who's to say what the future would've
been had she lived? Everyone assumes
theyd've had a lifetime of marital bliss
but would she have caused the eventual
ruination and downfall of his life - or he

I'm just saying ya dunno.

30th Jan 2015, 18:48
I was thinkin' about the same, MD787, but then, the poor, guy, as it is now, of course...

30th Jan 2015, 18:49
mikedreamer wrote:

Who's to say what the future would've been had she lived?

A street walker? A fat lady at the circus? The first female US Army Ranger? (Over my dead arse.)

30th Jan 2015, 18:59
It's a sad world sometimes...

Teenage girl collapses and dies after first kiss - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8315618/Teenage-girl-collapses-and-dies-after-first-kiss.html)

31st Jan 2015, 12:19
I think I'll tell my godson when he nears marriageable age that if a girl is bold enough to propose marriage to him, he not only has the alternatives of saying "yes" or "no" but also the option of fainting and remaining in a swoon until the lady has left.

Sadly I didn't think of doing this in my own case(s).