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29th Jan 2015, 14:18
Dear aviation experts....!

I have been a member for over 7 years, love flying and anything aviation unfortunately not lucky enough to have a career in a left seat and stare out the window of a city office wishing I had chased more.

Alas years in the city and I have now an aviation link. My Job can be diverse and has now led to being approached to consult or ideally broker the sale of two used and refurbished 777's. Awaiting full details but expecting they will be 200ER's. We have the brief as its a personal connection and they wanted to use us instead of a generic broker, knowing that we usually "find a way".

Now the $1,000,000 question. How would one begin to sell two 777's. Would you approach an established brokers or go direct to airlines (and anything between).

Would seriously consider referral fees or commision splitting if anyone really has contacts or ability.

But thought it might also just be fun either way to discuss just how to sell a used airliner! Might even put on Ebay for a giggle.

This has really got me excited a rare opportunity for me to mix hobby with work and one I want to crack, might open up a route after all.

I look forward to your thoughts.



29th Jan 2015, 14:29
the last twice I sold second hand aircraft I found AFORS to be good :ok:


29th Jan 2015, 14:40
1) Change all the decal on a/c
2) Tell the prospective buyer it's a A330:)

29th Jan 2015, 14:43
Used to survey second hand biz jets prior to sale, it's a cut throat business.

Good luck mate.

29th Jan 2015, 15:02
Obvious really - buy one get one free. The usual way of selling these days!

29th Jan 2015, 15:24
Check your pm

29th Jan 2015, 15:33
How would one begin to sell two 777's.
Scrape the 9M-MRO from the fuselage of the first one? Just kidding.

29th Jan 2015, 15:39
Dear aviation experts….!

Nuff said then :ouch:

29th Jan 2015, 21:56
As a certain Mr Johnny Cash said...... "One Piece at a time....."

29th Jan 2015, 22:03
Sell to country banned from buying Boeing, accept non returnable deposit up front and then when State Dept says No, advertise on ebay.............. publicity will sell it in a week.

29th Jan 2015, 23:13

Plus it would have to have at least some rego left on it. Saves the hassle of getting another road worthy done. Does it come with a spare? A jack? Interior in good condition? When have the engines last been serviced? Has it been in a crash? Is the A/C working and cold? New wiper blades? Does it have a tow ball for trailer etc?

See that's the kinda stuff you need to put in your ads. It'll sell pretty quick if you have the correct details.

30th Jan 2015, 00:20
Belonged to a little old lady who only flew it to church on Sundays?

On eyre
30th Jan 2015, 01:55
eBay obviously !

Metro man
30th Jan 2015, 04:03
I am starting an airline in Nigeria and am looking for an aircraft just like yours. Please arrange for it to be flown to Lagos, I will meet you on arrival with a bank cheque.;)

30th Jan 2015, 04:27
Fed up with your Airbus 330? :*

Don't know what to replace it with? :rolleyes:

Get ayup and away with this nice 777! http://www.pprune.org/images/icons/laugh.gif

30th Jan 2015, 09:23
Haha I will certainly meet you in lagos. As it happens I need to meet a man about his estate inheritance, that place is full of cash.

Love the ideas of a330/a340 comparison. Might make up content of eBay ad. "bored of the girls staring at the boeing guys? Looking for an extra 2ft girth to your cabin? Always wished you had a bigger wingspan? Upgrade today. Feb offer now on with buy one get one half price"

On a serious us note I really DO have two for sale full spec in next week.

I will create an eBay add and post here. Could be interesting eBay fee! Maybe gumtree would be better Haha. Or maybe I should do some real work on this.....

LGW Vulture
30th Jan 2015, 11:44
I hope to goodness this thread is a wind-up. :uhoh:

30th Jan 2015, 12:44
Metro wrote:

I am starting an airline in Nigeria and am looking for an aircraft just like yours. Please arrange for it to be flown to Lagos, I will meet you on arrival with a bank cheque

Hey, you must be related to that guy who keeps sending me emails about my winning a lottery, or inheritance, and would I please be so kind as to submit my bank details for further processing. Now you're into buying aircraft as well? :}:E

30th Jan 2015, 12:47
LGW wrote:

I hope to goodness this thread is a wind-up.

I doubt this thread is a wind-up. If kidneys, or other bodily organs, can be sold on eBay why shouldn't one be able to sell a perfectly good aircraft on PPRuNe?

Heck, I have ocean-front property for sale in Arizona. Care to buy a parcel or two? :}:E

30th Jan 2015, 14:27
Check your pm please

joy ride
30th Jan 2015, 15:47
eBay Cars: For sale two large people carriers + two spare engines. Multiple beverage holders and full In Car Entertainment in all seats. Non smoking owner. Free Road Tax.

30th Jan 2015, 16:46
Thank you for the funny responses.

To be clear to people that are slightly concerned with my post. I am very serious but my comments were purely tongue in cheek.

I clearly have no intention of using ebay, or any other such site for such a serious business opportunity.

My aim was to bring to light some professional advice whist keeping some humour in life and playing a funny "what if" game. Please dont be disappointed when you can't find two used 777's on gumtree. This is a great forum (that I have enjoyed for many years privately) and I tired to not blatantly use it as a sales board.

I am in the city and I do have a qualified and serious client that wants us to help with this sale. We have a strong reputation for global brokerage and financing and this business comes from a well known client referral. I have never sold an aircraft before but am by no means new to global business of this scale and, indeed, aviation (self confessed aviation geek!).

Typically I would turn business away that is really out of comfort zone but on this occasion the geek got excited and I would love to make this work, or enjoy trying too.

I realise this is a long shot and the client is fully aware, however the client is relaxed with this and excited to see how a fresh approach might work. I am sure this is a crowded market, harder than it seems and full of complexity. But I LOVE a challenge and have nothing to lose in trying.

Thank you all for your input I will be more sensible in future.

30th Jan 2015, 17:37
I've not seen him around JB for along while, but you might want to address your ideas to Say again s l o w l y (http://www.pprune.org/members/14270-say-again-s-l-o-w-l-y) - I believe that he has had experience with acquiring/placing aircraft.

Solid Rust Twotter
30th Jan 2015, 18:50
Sell 'em a Twin Otter for its true value and throw in a free B777 for the first two customers.:ok:

31st Jan 2015, 22:08
I've not seen him around JB for along while, but you might want to address your ideas to Say again s l o w l y (http://www.pprune.org/members/14270-say-again-s-l-o-w-l-y) - I believe that he has had experience with acquiring/placing aircraft.

Have a mate who was very successful in a past life doing that with cars................ least he was until Car trackers appeared in the 1990's.

Down pub one evening he said it killed his business until another friend who is a plod said it was the Involuntary acquiring and sale was the key issues, also the lack of owners consent.

4 years at HMP changed all that, he had bought a couple of houses to develop into a business but they need by some Govt body who paid him a load of cash for it............ then he became a Buy to Let landlord which he said pays for everything now.

Buster Hyman
31st Jan 2015, 23:23
Raffle them.

3rd Feb 2015, 19:02
Sold them yet?

4th Feb 2015, 10:10
Ok I promised some real details and now have more information about the aircraft.

2 x B-777-200ER with no damage history (seemed a common question in your PM’s)

Prior to entering heavy maintenance, these 2 aircraft have the distinction of being sent to the engine manufacturer to undergo the rare, but exceptional bonus of a "Full Power Restoration". Meaning, every single part, LLP (life limited parts) included, have been replaced, so as to restore these two aircraft to absolute brand new condition, able to achieve the absolute performance which was advertised as new,

These were airline owned (i assume important that they are not in cargo config) and planned to be returned to service hence maintenance investment, however the airline now want to sell the assets and are involved with the business of which we have the relationship. They have asked the airline for a period to sell them before the airline go to brokers in a hope they can make some money from the sale.

My “window“ to facilitate a sale is tight and time is of the essence. I assume the moment these aircraft hit the "open market", following their heavy maintenance inspections and overhaul, they'll surely be picked up by the pro brokers quite quickly. We seem to have a few weeks jump on the market for reasons I can’t disclose.

For comparison I understand an Asian carrier has 2 similar B-777-200ER aircraft for sale. The difference being, they're selling those aircraft "as is/where is", for USD $53M each (and getting a lot of attention). I believe via mandate, a reasonable offer in the range of $50M-$55M each will not be refused for two better condition aircraft.

Anyone have any serious contacts or suggestions happy to discuss commission split.

4th Feb 2015, 10:33
Hope it works out well B-P.

A friend related a story about a colleague working in the asset department of a big anonymous bank who was assisting a foreign multinational telco company buy their first city building in our town. For reasons long and winded he ended up quitting from the bank and finishing the deal himself. He pocketed a 4% commission on a $120m sale.

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Feb 2015, 11:39
If they come with a fat brown envelope slipped under the table, you could probably unload them on SAA. I believe Zuma was also looking at one because Mad Bob's 767 is bigger than his BBJ and that just won't do, even though it has gold fittings.