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27th Jan 2015, 09:01
I was once polled about paint products I use about 15 years ago.....by someone who came knocking on the door, but tonight it was by an unsolicited & automated phone company called 'Reach tel' (?) .....Ohkay....thinks I.... let's just hang up now.....but the curiosity got (I hate using 'got') but it got the better of me and it was a truly a funny little 5 minutes.....let's just say some seriously worried people within the ranks of the Oz Gummint to ask questions like I was...one of which was regarding 'the Captains Pick'...:ugh::D:ugh::D....I first thought it was going to be about Nova!...then I realised... Oh dear....

Worrals in the wilds
27th Jan 2015, 09:02
Number every square. :E

27th Jan 2015, 09:07
No, Worrals it was 'agree', press 1, 'do not agree' press 2, 'undecided' press 3....and so on.....

Really!, just take a look at the 'letters' pages, and judge by that!!....hardly rocket surgery.....

27th Jan 2015, 09:22
Or mixed metaphors either :ok:

27th Jan 2015, 09:39
Glad you liked it TWT :ok:

27th Jan 2015, 09:41
Fliegs, it could've been worse - it could have been a poll asking for your opinions on the current QLD Govt - and who you intended to vote for on the weekend! :E

27th Jan 2015, 09:54
Onetrack, I'd been reading all day the 'kicking' that TA was getting over this....and was somewhat dumbstruck to the answer the phone (expecting it to be the MIL with a drama) just to discover it was amother old woman with a drama.....phone poll!.....paid for by who!?!?!?! :ugh::rolleyes:

Read the 'electronic graffiti', far far cheaper than squadering my taxes on pollsters and consultants!! :ugh: :rolleyes::hmm:

Worrals in the wilds
27th Jan 2015, 10:04
If they're limiting polls to people who 1. still have landlines 2. answer calls from numbers they don't recognize and 3. don't hang up when they figure out what the call's about, then it's going to skew the results. :hmm:
Funnily enough, I still have a landline, live in the same general area and haven't received a call. Maybe they already know my opinion...:suspect::}:}

27th Jan 2015, 10:22
Worrals I answered in a manner that will skew results.....:E

It was my patriotic duty to do so!

Given that certain 'leading' figures at QF are also large contributers to the LNP....you think they may share some same consultancy firms???

I don't know....just a thought....given 'L C's' overly enthusiatic support of anything 'LNP'.... TA and cronies can be assured of life long 'chairmans club' membership..

27th Jan 2015, 11:39
I always lie to pollsters, sometime outrageously, but they don't seem to notice.

27th Jan 2015, 12:01
Fliegs, didn't they ask you how much of QLD you would prefer to be owned by the Chinese, after the LNP carries out the Govt assets sales?? :E

The answer would have been simple enough .. 90%, 95%, or 100%. :E

Did they also ask if you preferred Mandarin to be Australia's second official language, or third?

Finally, there must have been a question in there, as to your opinion on whose defamation suits will be successful or not? Palmers or Newmans? :)

27th Jan 2015, 12:24
poll results always make me think of a comment by Rich Hall who said when a poll reports "93% of people..............." what they actually mean is "93% of people who are not sharp enough to steer away from a clown carrying a clipboard............."


27th Jan 2015, 21:06
When I lived in Oz in the old days the
Census Day was fun. The questions for
the main part were just dumb.

For instance....

Q. What is the main income provider
doing right now?

A. Picking his nose and rolling goobs
into balls.

Q. Is there anyone at the residence
who does not normally live there?

A. Yes.

Q. How many persons?

A. One

Q. What is the usual occupation of
person No 1?

A. Professional whore and goldigger

etc etc etc.

27th Jan 2015, 21:52
Mike, that always reminds me of my (relatively new) missus when I was a gold mine owner and gold producer in the early 1990's.
We'd go along to some trade show where they wanted all your details at the door - so I'd write "Gold Miner" ... and she'd write "Gold Digger" ... :)

Worrals in the wilds
27th Jan 2015, 23:51
When I lived in Oz in the old days the Census Day was fun. The questions for the main part were just dumb.
For the question 'is any language other than English spoken in the home' my Dad always used to write Bad. :E

Pinky the pilot
28th Jan 2015, 00:19
Ahh, the 'traditional' Aussie larrikin is still alive and well I see.:D

And thank God for that!!:ok::ok:

28th Jan 2015, 01:19
Whenever a job application or survey asks if I speak a language other than English, I always answer 'Neo-Melanesian'. Sounds much more classy than Pidgin.

28th Jan 2015, 08:17
I do note that over on the Oz Hamster the whole awarding of the damned Knighthood seems to be made out as a Mountain out of a Molehill issue....yet it was clearly a survey commisioned by the Libs.....and asking just that very question!....:confused:

Anyway....when asked about performance, I pressed '1' 'strongly agree' the PM is doing a good job.....:E

Skewed...yep, you bet!

As with most things LNP though...the end of the survey was very abrupt., and a rushed comment along the lines of "if you want to hear our privacy statement ring this '1300' number"...