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25th Jan 2015, 19:08
So I'm sitting on my butt watching the CNN sycophants crowding around the Davos crowd looking for some words of wisdom that will save us all.

But I have to ask: What ever comes out of this annual collection of the rich, the political has-beens and the Hollywood hangers-on? They seem to gather every year, consume an inordinate amount of the world's wine and caviar, wander in and out of meetings in which they tell each other how great they are, then all go home in their private jets.

Is there a purpose to this? Or is just Swiss marketing at work?

26th Jan 2015, 09:18
It is a self-founding program. They all see each other, talk to each other, sit in some absolutely important (not) meetings to listen to the same guys brabble their stuff like always and, and this is THE major point, spend a lot of money locally. And since some of them were stupid enough to believe the place is like that all the time they even poored money into a golden egg (yes, the new intercont looks lake that), which already went bankrupt.

For the traditional hotels it is good business as it fills the rooms between the Christmas and Sport Holidays peaks. And for the participants it is important as it improves their egocentric scale. For the latter reason CNN and Co. must be there.

Apart from that, no, it it not really relevant.

26th Jan 2015, 09:35
The lack of response to your question indicates that nobody really knows.

My theory is that politicians go there to circulate their CVs to the captains of industry so when they become ex politicians they'll get a cushy job.

26th Jan 2015, 09:38
A waste of time, other than for the Swiss who must be laughing all the way to the bank (Swiss, of course.)

The more I think about the Swiss, the more I like and admire them.

26th Jan 2015, 09:54
Keeps me in a job. :ok:

Mac the Knife
26th Jan 2015, 10:13
Jacob Zuma (and his entourage) went to Davos.

The likelihood of him contributing anything useful or or acquiring any insights that might benefit the ordinary South African (currently sitting in "loadshedding" darkness) seems extraordinarily remote.

But I'm sure he enjoyed it and any remarks that he may have made would certainly have provided much-needed comic relief.

The world's real financial power-players have already sorted things out between themselves quietly and generally to their mutual benefit.

Davos is just a media exercise (and another overseas jaunt for 3rd world "politicians") to prop up our illusions of democracy and independence.



Solid Rust Twotter
26th Jan 2015, 10:21
It appears Zuma trotted out a long list of excuses for the failure of his govt, all pretty much blaming something that ceased to exist more than 20 years ago. The chorus of agreement he received from the other delegates leads me to believe the view of reality from their ivory tower is somewhat limited.

Mac the Knife
26th Jan 2015, 15:05
Of course he got a "chorus of agreement" from the other delegates (which other delegates one asks oneself?).

Inept and venal third-World leaders have no clue that behind all the jolly handshaking and smiles that serious first-World leaders privately despise them for the greedy, cruel and ignorant buffoons that they are.

Not for their race, but for what they have (or have not) achieved for their respective Nations.

That they are happy to lap-up standard diplomatic ritual as a genuine acknowlegement for their status and respect merely reflects their naïvety.

Pathetic really.



26th Jan 2015, 15:40
Apparently Andy went expecting an orgy.

26th Jan 2015, 16:22
C'mon you guys. We can use all the tourists we can get these days. With the devaluation of every other currency against the franc, it's going to be a tough couple of years.

26th Jan 2015, 16:26
Perhaps if you adopt the euro? :O

26th Jan 2015, 16:47
We are a direct democracy here. That would require a vote and I doubt if you could find 5% who would think that is a good idea!

26th Jan 2015, 21:47
It gave Bill Clinton a chance to show off his US$60,000 Rolex and lecture us on why Americans need to address income inequality. To be fair Bill doesn't own a private jet. He doesn't need to.

It gave billionaire Jeff Greene a reason to fly to Switzerland in his jet (with two nannies for his kids) to tell us that America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence.

And of course there multiple panels featuring many of the owners and passengers of the 1700 private jets that attended to lecture us on why Joe Bloggs is destroying the planet by driving his Fiat 500.

26th Jan 2015, 22:03
More of Greene's twattery here (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/print/2015-01-21/billionaire-greene-goes-long-on-u-s-while-bemoaning-jobs-crisis.html) and here. (http://la.curbed.com/archives/2015/01/the_wildly_excessive_mansions_of_the_guy_who_wants_you_to_le arn_to_live_with_less.php)

Windy Militant
26th Jan 2015, 22:21
The world's real financial power-players have already sorted things out between themselves quietly and generally to their mutual benefit.

I suspect those that really sort things out quietly use this sort of bun fight so that if it does get to Marie Antoinette time then the howling hoard with the tumbrils will remember those eating cake and showboating, whilst the ones pulling the strings will slip away like the Scarlet pimpernel to continue sorting things out quietly and unseen as they always have done and always will do. :suspect:

27th Jan 2015, 02:58
I expect our illustrious leaders will sort it all out at the next Bilderberg fest. :ok:

27th Jan 2015, 09:20
I went once in the mid-naughties. An excellent piss-up and bumped into a few old pals (by arrangement).

It was just a freebie and a chance to hand a few business cards out. But if we got one client as a result then the whole trip would be worth it.

What did amaze me was the amount of people who were surprised by the fact it was snowing. I kid you not. :eek:

27th Jan 2015, 10:08
I thought Davos was an arch enemy of Dr Who.

27th Jan 2015, 11:04
Perhaps they could dream up another money making scheme akin to Glooball Weaming?

Maybe it could be "The sky is estimated to fall in x years", please contribute to Save the Sky fund or we are all doomed! No, that's wrong folks, I don't mean that I mean that. I mean let us tax you into saving the sky!

As the great Maggie once said when eye tests were free on the UK National Health Service "I don't want to deny anyone the right to contribute to their eye test" and it came to pass that we were all able to contribute with no bother at all. (Apart from some who have reasons not to)

So, there we are, I've just invented the panacea of all scams. "we don't want to deny anyone the right to contribute to saving the sky."

Place your kind contributions here.....keeeeerching!

27th Jan 2015, 19:31
Place your kind contributions here.....keeeeerching!

Sounds good to me.

Can I be your US partner? :E