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25th Jan 2015, 11:43
We've been discussing an economic alliance made up of Commonwealth countries in my local. I can't remember if this subject has been brought up before on Pprune, but I thought it might make an interesting subject, if it has apologies in advance.

It seems on the face of it a good idea, a lot of Commonwealth countries have huge natural resources, e.g. Australia, Canada. We all share many commonalities in regards Law and Commerce from the days of Empire. There is a huge labour market which can be drawn on, and much smaller member states have had to carve out a niche to earn a crust in terms of expertise in taxation and law. Looking ahead with the possible exit of Greece and the possible break up of the EU, is it not time the UK actively pursued this idea? :)

25th Jan 2015, 11:55
We pretty well had something much like that - then it was blown out of the water by joining the :mad: EU.

Krystal n chips
25th Jan 2015, 12:17
Given the perilous state of many A&E Depts, that's not a very clever post now is it.

Have you any idea just how many Mail and Torygraph readers BP will be raised at the very suggestion of the return of the Empire !....although many do seem to be under the illusion it still exists.

That, and you seem to be unaware the Royal Navy's gunboat fleet is rather depleted at the moment.

If, however, you can swing it for those 10 one way and accommodation provided trips to be reintroduced, I would fully support your suggestion and be delighted to take up the offer .

Buster Hyman
25th Jan 2015, 12:23
Always thought the Commonwealth, as a trading block, was discarded far too soon.

25th Jan 2015, 12:32
Nah bugger off. We're good thanks.

25th Jan 2015, 12:56
We pretty well had something much like that - then it was blown out of the water by joining the :mad: EU.

Actually it was joining the World Trade Organisation (formally the GATT). Don't blame everything on Brussels!

I'd think that Canada and Australia would not be agreeable to the raping and pillaging proposed by the OP.

25th Jan 2015, 12:58
KnC I see what you mean about UK A&E departments, but again, with the Commonwealth closer together, there could well be advantages and winners on all sides. Extend the opportunity for training across the Alliance, this would stop the UK from 'nicking' health professionals from other continents, and make it more of a partnership.

Hempy Has Oz got a financial sector as such? It must have, but I don't hear much about it. I bet there are other 'financial centres', especially offshore who could pass on expertise that would benefit the antipodeans. ;)

25th Jan 2015, 15:18
Hempy's succinct (if not exactly sweet) contribution: Nah bugger off. We're good thanks.
Is probably the response you'd get from most of the Commonwealth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Nations)... :ok:

Just because some (or even lots of) folks in the UK apparently don't like being part of the EU anymore, why should the Commonwealth 'at the sudden behest of a UK seeking to recreate the British Empire in some form' want to turn their backs on their current major trading partners and markets? To return to the dubious embrace of the 'mother country' that many of these nations made so much effort escaping from over the past century...

What would the UK do with all of Australia's coal, iron ore and other minerals instead of these going to China and elsewhere as happens now? Is the UK going to suddenly 'reindustrialise'...?

Will the UK import any more NZ lamb, butter and other dairy products that it doesn't already do?

Will the UK reverse her current immigration policies, opening the floodgates anew to all the well-qualified and relatively-cheap labour from the Indian sub-continent?

I'm confused! Just what exactly has (or will have 'again' once it ever leaves the EU) the UK got to offer the rest of the Commonwealth, perhaps in addition to what they probably already 'buy' from the UK?! More financial services that Singapore, Dubai, Paris, New York or Hong Kong don't offer them yet? Or will the UK want to send more emigrants to Canada, Australia or NZ etc.? :confused:

25th Jan 2015, 15:23
The Commonwealth was badly treated by our joining the EU. It's time to right that wrong. My family has relatives in Canada and Australia. Both of my father's navigators on Mosquitoes in WW2 ( cave aviation content) were Australian.

25th Jan 2015, 15:33
Kind of you to offer, but Canada is doing just fine thank you.

Indeed, we already have strong relations with Australia, with over $1.7 billion in each direction of annual trade.
Canada-Australia Political Relations (http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/australia-australie/bilateral_relations_bilaterales/political-politiques.aspx?lang=eng)

Of my 6 siblings and cousins (5 born in UK), 2 are in Canada, 1 in Australia, and 1 is Australian, so 2/3 are now citizens of Australia/Canada. The other 1/3 are thinking about it.

25th Jan 2015, 15:40
Let's do it properly by re-colonising some (note ... some ...) of the bits that used to be red. Not politically correct of course.



25th Jan 2015, 16:30
I reckon the NHS are probably looking to recruit a few more doctors, nurses and porters etc.

Preferably English-speaking ones from the Caribbean, west Africa or the Indian sub-continent. And preferably those who've already been trained at huge cost in their own Commonwealth countries of origin. So immediately productive. Who will be happy to work long hours, live in over-priced and cramped private rented accommodations (as this time there aren't many council flats and houses left to go 'round). Put up with being gently 'teased' about their 'funny' foreign-accents and incomprehensible English.

PS. Please do consider leaving at least Sierra Leone a few health-professionals for their own hospitals! At least until they're over the Ebola epidemic... :}

25th Jan 2015, 16:30
Some appear to be under a misapprehension, I'm not representing the UK, the Channel Islands are not part of the UK. We're not part of the EU either, a good decision. As I've stated previously, it would be more an equal trading partnership than a model based on the colonial past. Commonwealth countries already share common laws and this should make good economic sense, benefitting all.

Likewise, many Channel Islanders relocated to Canada, Australia and New Zealand especially after WWII, although there has been another exodus recently to New Zealand. I have many relations in both Canada and New Zealand.

In regard to Canada, well, just look up a certain Major-General Brock.;)

25th Jan 2015, 16:40
Our very own rgbrock1 is a Major-General?!

My personal esteem for rgb (or brockie as he is sometimes also known here) just went up several notches I think. I mean, I thought he was only a lieutenant. Or maybe a colonel...! But when did he move to Canada - was he being drafted in middle-age? :ok:

25th Jan 2015, 16:41
the Channel Islands are not part of the UK. We're not part of the EU either, a good decision. I'd say a lot more than a 'good' decision. Every time I go the Channel Islands I think how lucky they are, freed from the Germans in 1945 and free ever since.
Didn't Alderney have a German concentration camp?

25th Jan 2015, 16:44
...freed from the Germans in 1945 and free ever since. Present Royal family excluded... :E

25th Jan 2015, 17:07
Capetonian the whole island was effectively a concentration camp. But yes, there were four camps here, one being operated by the SS. Alderney was the most heavily fortified of all the Channel Islands with approximately 6 to 700 concrete structures.

airship we'll probably be expected to call rgbrock 'His Worshipfulness' and be expected to bow upon entering and leaving any thread where he is lurking.:O