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21st Jan 2015, 06:51
Priceless! :)

Mermaid Beach MP Ray Stevens has YouTube meltdown over cableway proposal questions | Gold Coast Bulletin (http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/queensland-state-election-2015/mermaid-beach-mp-ray-stevens-has-youtube-meltdown-over-cableway-proposal-questions/story-fnr8vz6s-1227192309837)

Worrals in the wilds
21st Jan 2015, 09:23
I heard him interviewed on ABC radio earlier this week and thought he sounded like a jerk (even in a fairly sympathetic interview), so TBH I'm not surprised. What's wrong with 'thanks for coming along, I'm a great guy, Vote 1 For Me'? :confused:

21st Jan 2015, 10:52
Here it is with a person interviewed beforehand, Ok this David Donovan may not be the most polished interviewer, but they were fair and honest questions, that deserve an answer....not a duck dance? If that is what it was?? :confused:
(This guy is an MP in the current LNP 'gummint' mind you!..that is to say my taxes pay for this...entertainment?)


Kinda goes right to the heart of the LNP here doesn't it? In it all for themselves, and cannot answer basic questions of conflict of interest. :yuk: I remember he was once a rather, Ah..hmm, ordinary Mayor if my memory serves me correct, and that of those with whom I conversed back then...

21st Jan 2015, 13:13
Saturday week, when QLD votes, I will take great joy in replicating the Hon (?) Ray Stevens Dance to the first LNP volunteer to hand me a 'how to vote' card :ok:

And I'll expect the Premier to endorse my actions equally....(Yeah right!, Do as I say not as I do!)

22nd Jan 2015, 08:08
That bloke is the biggest juvenile idiot I have seen being interviewed in a long time - and he's an utter embarrassment as a Minister of the Crown!! :ugh:

Are the LNP really scraping the barrel that much, if this is the best they can produce as MP's?? :rolleyes:

The bloke is imbecilic in his behaviour, and ignorant to boot. Maybe it's about time we had some serious entrance qualification examinations set up, before candidates are allowed to present themselves for election?? :cool:

22nd Jan 2015, 09:59
Onetrack, a lot of the 'Goldy' is very very safe LNP....and so we get people like Ray....

Ray is on about 300k a year as leader of the house, expects us to believe his involvement in a highly controversial cable car project will not take away from his duties as an elected representative.

An integrity commission has given him the green light, Campbell Newman and Ray Stevens refuse to make publc the results of this integrity commission, not bad for someone whose last election campaign was all about 'transparent' government....

The MSM are very very accommodating of the LNP, and the right in general, as you would well know, and that is why they do not ask the questions that people want answers to.....so you get guys like David Donovan, asking the questions that the consituents want answers to....and when put on the spot, the best he can do is do the lame duck dance!!

Another contoversial development here, is the development of 'the Spit', and 'Wave Break' island. Now I am no greenie., I change the cars oil and dispose of it in general waste.........same with batteries etc., and I also happen to think the climate change (formerly Global Warming...remember that?) is a load of BS, but I digress.....the wave break island development would deprive thousands of long term residents a fabulous aquatic playground, practically in the heart of the city, and as for scuba and snorkellers....undoubtedly the best diving in very close proximity to a major Australian urban centre..

Diving The Gold Coast (http://www.divingthegoldcoast.com.au/)

The LNPs answer? 'We will withold a decision until after the election......read we're gunna support it....

Anyway, that's Ray Stevens....aggresive juvenile imbecile as you say Onetrack...and all the LNP have to put forward as a candidate....he'll still win by a country mile.....

But never mind, Campbell thinks he's a great bloke!!!

30th Jan 2015, 10:27
Being banned as I am from the Oz Hamster.....I may only hope that I can post from here :\:confused::*

I want to know has upset 'AJ' sooo very much?? I mean this is a guy who was happy to to dis Gillards dead father before he was even cold...yet, weirdly....now....attack the 'money trail'?? :confused::confused:

30th Jan 2015, 10:30
...And let us not forget that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absoluteley....


What is it Jonesy??? That does not make sense.....welll, maybe ir does....

Worrals in the wilds
30th Jan 2015, 10:43
Are the LNP really scraping the barrel that much, if this is the best they can produce as MP's?? :rolleyes:In a safe seat, so don't expect him to go anywhere. Whatever else happens tomorrow, Mermaid ain't voting Labor!

31st Jan 2015, 01:25
OK so, I didn't do it myself....but I did get accosted by three LNP leaflet people...and said...

'Ok which of you three are going to do a Ray Stevens Chicken Dance for me??' :}

Should have seen their faces!....stunned yet expressionless,:D if that's at all possible .....and intense embarrassment from Fliegs Jnr. who was standing alongside....:O

I know I should really ask them why has the State debt kept increasing so much with the LNP, and unemployment increasing, and why not be truthful about what you have planned for the broadwater, and the cost of living going through the roof....all fails....