View Full Version : IS and the Japanese

20th Jan 2015, 15:19
Not wanting to start anything but is my vague recollection correct that the Nip cannot deploy troops away from the home islands correct or has that expired with time.
What I mean is they can't send in the Ninjas to get their chaps out, by international law.

West Coast
20th Jan 2015, 15:24
The Japanese sent ships to the east coast of Africa on anti piracy patrol, so there may be some loopholes.

20th Jan 2015, 15:24
For someone not wanting to start something you really do write quite an offensive post.

20th Jan 2015, 15:58
It's not "international law". It's Japanese law. The Japanese constitution was written largely by Douglas McArthur. Article 9 basically prohibits any kind of offensive military capability and/or action. Their military must be purely defensive.

Combatting pirates is not considered a military action. It is the military used in a police action to enforce international law in international waters.

West Coast
20th Jan 2015, 16:07
Well there you go, a loophole.