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18th Jan 2015, 10:21
I am trying to establish whether 89085 Pilot Officer George Francis Wadeson was a member of the crew of this Hampden of 106 squadron which crashed at Half Acre Creek on the River Medway, Kent on 5th July 1941. I understand that three Hampdens of 106 Squadron of which L4185 was one were dispatched on the night of 4th July 1941 to bomb Dortmund. Pilot Officer Wadeson RAFVR was a member of 106 Squadron who was killed in action on 5th July 1941. He was buried in the UK.

18th Jan 2015, 11:48
Further to my previous I have now established that Wadeson was a member of the crew that was lost with this particular aircraft.

joy ride
18th Jan 2015, 11:56
Glad you found the answer, but do you know where Half Acre Creek is/ It does not exist on Google maps!

18th Jan 2015, 12:10
Mariners Farm - Navigation Map (http://www.marinersboatyard.co.uk/Mariners_Farm_Map.html)

joy ride
18th Jan 2015, 13:20
Many thanks Simtech, I was curious because I did sail round there many years ago but had never heard of it. We used to explore Fort Darnett which is fascinating. Not far away in Humble Bee Creek you can sometimes see the remains of a WW1 German U-Boat.

18th Jan 2015, 14:02
joy ride,

A pleasure. Many years ago I worked on a couple of ships that were regular visitors to Kingsnorth power station. I always remember creeping past the wreck of the Richard L. Montgomery which sank in 1944 and lies just off Garrison Point.

joy ride
18th Jan 2015, 15:06
I have sailed past her visible masts and marker buoys, rather sobering. Interesting area to consider for building an airport!

Apologies for thread drift OQ Ops, seems to be a heavy tide here today!

Rowing steadily back to topic: having followed the Hastings thread with great interest I would love to hear people's experiences and opinions on the Hampden. These days I seem to be more interested in the less well known types.

20th Jan 2015, 00:20
Obsolescent by the time war came, and designed for a role which didn't really exist. People realised quite rapidly that bombers shouldn't try to mix it with fighters.

My father, who is still alive, did a tour on Hampdens.

20th Jan 2015, 08:11
Any news on Cosfords restoration of a Hampden?

20th Jan 2015, 15:11
CNH - Your Dad must be in his nineties. Please tell him that he is not forgotten and that we Brits are forever in debt to him and his Gallant Comrades.

joy ride
20th Jan 2015, 15:18
A Hampden at Cosford? I had no idea any had survived! Must find time for a visit.

20th Jan 2015, 18:26
Conservation Centre | Whats going on? | Cosford | RAF Museum (http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/cosford/things-to-see-and-do/conservation-centre.aspx)

Can't see any news of when the MBCC will be open this this year. Normally November(ish). Tried to organize a trip a few years back but got weathered off.

joy ride
20th Jan 2015, 19:03
Cheers DD.