View Full Version : Cringeworthy Airline ads & jingles.

Buster Hyman
16th Jan 2015, 23:15
The brain often does funny things. Remembering really bad airline ads is one of its more annoying attributes.

My personal 'favourites' are;

You've got to be bonkers, not to travel via Honkers...it's the only way, Cathay.."


I love the use of British things, Rolls Royce engines on the wings....You'll like British Airways.."

Anyone else?

Metro man
16th Jan 2015, 23:25
British Caledonian, the Caledonian Girls advert was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of the thread.


Private jet
16th Jan 2015, 23:30
All those fifty something men, coming across as very desperate and sexually frustrated, leching over the ladies, I was a teenage boy for most of the 80's and it even made me feel uncomfortable watching it!
What were they thinking of? No wonder they had to phone John King to keep the wages going.

16th Jan 2015, 23:47
The current easy jet one isn't too clever !!

Krystal n chips
17th Jan 2015, 08:00
" We'll take more care of you ".....with the vomit inducing jingoistic diktat to "fly the flag " ending was a truly outstanding contender and winner for the title of this thread......