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joy ride
16th Jan 2015, 10:58

If the great Robert Crumb re-drew his famous cartoon nowadays he would have to change his wording to meet modern language.

From what I see on modern trucks, it would now say:

"Keep On Integrated Networked Worldwide Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutioning"

16th Jan 2015, 13:05

joy ride
16th Jan 2015, 13:10
^ Very naughty of William Bagnall (?) to sign that image as if it is HIS work!

16th Jan 2015, 22:16
When I saw the thread title I thought it might be referring to this...

Grateful Dead Reunite for Farewell Concerts in July | Rolling Stone (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/grateful-dead-reunite-chicago-farewell-concerts-trey-anastasio-20150116)

17th Jan 2015, 00:50
Why do all those guys possess an outstanding, prominent, oversized left foot?? :confused:

I was always under the impression that all truckers possessed a gigantic right foot, due to constant pressure from "pedal-to-the-metal!" :suspect:

Or is it that all American trucks just have over-sized clutch engagement springs, and weak pedal leverage, like the old International tractors? :confused:

17th Jan 2015, 04:12
Over thunk a bit onetrack.

"I became acutely self-conscious about what I was doing. Was I now a "spokesman" for the hippies or what? I had no idea how to handle my new position in society! ... Take Keep on Truckin'... for example. Keep on Truckin'... is the curse of my life. This stupid little cartoon caught on hugely. There was a D.J. on the radio in the seventies who would yell out every ten minutes: "And don't forget to KEEP ON TR-R-RUCKIN'!" Boy, was that obnoxious!

Big feet equals collective optimism. You're a walkin' boy! You're movin' on down the line! It's proletarian. It's populist. I was thrown off track! I didn't want to turn into a greeting card artist for the counter-culture! I didn't want to do 'shtick'—the thing Lenny Bruce (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenny_Bruce) warned against."

17th Jan 2015, 05:46
Maybe the subtle message is, they're all just left-footers? :E

joy ride
17th Jan 2015, 07:42
Comically exaggerated perspective is all it is.

A nearby warehouse in railway arches specialises in home furnishings and its three sections follow contemporary nomenclature fashion:

Kitchen Solutions (Kitchen furniture)
Living Solutions (Living room furniture)

and the one selling beds is of course called Sleep Solutions

Perhaps it's just me, but Sleep Solutions seems to have rather unfortunate connotations.

17th Jan 2015, 09:14
On the subject of unfortunate connotations, has anyone else noticed that the Benson's Beds TV ads call their stores "Comfort Stations"? In the US a lot of places call the toilets that (apart from bathroom/restroom and others.)

joy ride
17th Jan 2015, 09:28
Likewise many Americans call Duvets "Comforters" but I presume that does not mean they are intended to be receptacles for bodily functions.