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bugged on the right
16th Jan 2015, 09:41
Sometime about 3 days ago I was logged in and went to the discussion about Today's massacre in Paris only to find the following message.

You have been been given some time away from this discussion. This is not a ban - feel free to browse other forum threads.

The only post I can think of which may be contentious was one in which I mentioned the Norwegian Prime Minister's attitude to Muslims who were tied to radical groups and I make no apology for posting it.

It certainly feels like a ban to me. I have no idea when it will be lifted so I suggest that whoever moderates this forum makes it formal and bans me for a specific time. Then I will know where I stand.

16th Jan 2015, 09:52
I always get one like that when I try to chip in and offer my deep thoughts about a certain island in the Antilles.

I think it's a subtle way of saying what W.C. Fields sometimes used to, "Go away, kid, you bother me," and I wouldn't worry about it too much.

16th Jan 2015, 10:08
Your posts on Norway still show in that forum.

16th Jan 2015, 13:24
chuks wrote:

I always get one like that when I try to chip in and offer my deep thoughts about a certain island in the Antilles.

The Antilles? Would that be in the greater or lesser Antilles, chuks?
Certain island? St. Thomas USVI? :E:}

16th Jan 2015, 15:34
bugged on the right,

Just take your punishment like a grown-up and stop greeting about it!! :E

16th Jan 2015, 16:10
Join the Club.

16th Jan 2015, 16:21
Same here with me on another thread Mr Right
though I believed my posts were innocuous. No
use sending a quierying private message to any
moderator as there will be nothing forthcoming
in reply.

A lot of my posts get deleted for reasons that
are best known to them and lately a thread I
started in R&N (re Cyprus Airways demise) was
wiped off the slate three days after posting for
no readily apparent reason.

Its their sandcastle so its their final say so on
what type of sand you can bucket I guess.

bugged on the right
16th Jan 2015, 16:40
Mr Hicks-Rules, I am quite prepared to accept my punishment like a grown up but the message says it isn't a ban. To the moderators: If it isn't a ban then please ban me for a definite period or take the restriction off altogether.

Mr Chips
16th Jan 2015, 16:45
Its not a ban. Its a timeout.

What part of it is so difficult to understand?

16th Jan 2015, 16:50
Its not a ban. Its a timeout.

My particular timeout previously mentioned
for another thread has past the one month
point Mr Chips.

I'm still relatively new here and learning the
street rules so how much timeout is the norm? :confused:

bugged on the right
16th Jan 2015, 16:56
Mr Chips. I know it is a time out. What I want to know, is for how long will I be timed out? Now if you are a moderator, will you please do me the courtesy of divulging the intended duration of the time out? I would rather have a ban of definite period than some arbitary period. Then I will know exactly what is happening.

Mr Chips
16th Jan 2015, 17:04
I'm not a moderator, I'm just surprised at someone wanting an outright ban just so they "know where they stand"

bugged on the right
16th Jan 2015, 17:25
Welcome to the wonderful world of surprises Mr Chips. I suppose I just feel resentful of being sent to the nether world for posting something which I can only assume is the PM of Norway post. This woman is the only leader in the Western world who is facing the very serious problems we face. To mods: To be honest, putting somebody in to the nether world is probably like being subject to Her Majesty's Pleasure. Almost a demonstration of power. Ok, you've demonstrated the control, I'm impressed and won't mention the Norwegian PM again. Now put me back or put me out.

Mr Chips
16th Jan 2015, 17:41
why not just stop using Jetblast?

16th Jan 2015, 17:44
I have been escorted off another enjoyable thread in the same way, this coincided with severe ear bashings from my dear wife for spending so much time ignoring her and laughing at my lap top.
Now Pprune is strictly rationed to the odd 10 minutes now and then, the mods seem to have quite a handful when the emotive topics fire up, it would be unreasonable to expect detailed explanations of their decisions , best to listen to BHR advice, certainly don't take it seriously.

16th Jan 2015, 17:49
Seems perfectly reasonable to me for a poster to want to know how long he hasnīt been banned for.:confused:

bugged on the right
16th Jan 2015, 17:52
Then Mr Chips, I would miss out on all the in depth, erudite insights by the likes of you. OM15, yes, you're right, it isn't worth appealing over this. Apparently my post about Erna Solberg is still there so it couldn't have been too upsetting.

16th Jan 2015, 20:33
The thread I was escorted from had developed in to a continous punch-up between two sides. I didn't think I was one of the main protaganists but I have noticed that some others who had swung a few punches had also lost interest in the thread either deliberately or otherwise.

Maybe giving the star players a holiday is the mods way of letting the thread die off.

cockney steve
16th Jan 2015, 20:44
I got chucked out of R&N a few months ago. I was given a new super-puter for xmas and while I didn't log-in, I was able to see what I wasn't missing on R&N......also had the odd post donked here and there as well-
I M O The "Pacific" (Orstrayya) Forums are the most liberally moderated and the blunt, non-PC posts and banter are appreciated.

I'm sure that if the same mods had overseen JB, Slash would have still been with us. (albeit heavily censored (or censured) :}

16th Jan 2015, 21:21
To look at the thread that you have been expelled from just go to the top of this page and Log Out. This will remove the cookies and ask you if you wamt to go back to the previous page. After that it's a slightly roundabout way to get to any thread and see how you sparring partners are getting on.

16th Jan 2015, 21:29
Whenever I log on to the Pprune page the periphery of the screen features advertisements for items that I have been looking at on other web sites ( motorbikes, wheelbarrows, holidays in Jeddah, that kind of thing), I have no idea how this works and simply put it down to the supernatural.
As Pprune is a commercial venture that sells us to the advertisers the mods have a tricky job, if all threads were features from the Peoples Friend ( for overseas viewers The People's Friend | The Famous Story Magazine (http://www.thepeoplesfriend.co.uk/)) the numbers of viewers would drop off, if however certain highly viewed and popular threads develop into massive raucous litagatious punch ups, however enjoyable they may be, then the brakes must be applied, sadly.

Its all about the revenue, tricky job to keep the viewers interested and not become too beige.

16th Jan 2015, 22:02
om15. The ads you get in the periphery is a marketing trick, they have eyes on you and the ads will follow you to any site you go to that carries ads. I understand that the site gets a small fee every time every time you view the ad.

Why do I keep getting ads for semi clad eastern European ladies who want to marry me?

17th Jan 2015, 01:17
Why do I keep getting ads for semi clad eastern European ladies who want to marry me?
You should to be more specific hifly. I get ads for eastern European redheads. :ok:

I've been banned from a couple of threads lately, the New York cop thread and another I've forgotten. Probably for suggesting that de Blasio's wife's lesbianism must be an on again off ag

17th Jan 2015, 05:42
What I want to know, is for how long will I be timed out?

Probably until the thread dies a natural death.

'The War in Australia' thread is moderated by one specific Australian moderator and we posters are under continual threat of expulsion and/or thread closure if we start a fight, we don't get any 'liberal moderating'! The rest of JB is moderated by the original team, as far as I know.

17th Jan 2015, 08:13
I've been given 'time away' for a looong time now in the Oz politics thread, as have others I berlieve....only one opinion to be voiced, dissenters, given 'time away'

Ah well.....

Curiously enough I have posted a few threads that have been moved to Oz Politics, only to be unable to reply anyone, because of my 'Time away'.....

17th Jan 2015, 11:17
....only one opinion to be voiced, dissenters, given 'time away'Ethel the Aardvark seems to get by Fliegs, maybe you should grovel a bit more! ;)

17th Jan 2015, 11:34
Ha ha :ok: ...maybe para...then again......I do have a little too much going on in my life away from an anonymous internet forum to be overly troubled by it......:ok:

17th Jan 2015, 11:36
....that is to say..........one does not grovel.....for that which is not, in the grander scheme of things, worth grovelling for.... :ok:

17th Jan 2015, 13:58
The "time away from a thread" is a MOD telling you to stop being a PITA.

Now every poster who is told this feels MODs are overstretching themselves, its the "IT wasn't me but someone else who was in the wrong explanation.......Guv".

The fact that people continue to moan about it probably tells you that maybe the MOD got it right and you were being a PITA.

Having had my fair share of time outs, if being honest more than my share of getting away with blue murder then eventually you get whacked.

Bit like driving well over speed limit and then getting angry because the time you do get done is the time where you just barely over it.

MODss have a pretty unenviable jobs having to put up with the Ego's and Aholes that post on here and yup I include myself in both of those on somedays.

Sometimes they get it wrong but on the whole they do a good job.

If it REALLY bothers someone that much then pretty clear they need to get a real LIFE.

17th Jan 2015, 17:11
Still donīt see why so much criticism of the OP. Being told itīs not a ban itīs "time away from a thread" is rubbish. Of course itīs a ban, otherwise he could continue to post on that thread. Why should he not question how much "time away" he can expect before posting again?

Of course he could "get a real life" but IMHO that applies to many of those who offer this particular piece of advice.

Heīs not threatening to sue FFS, heīs only asking when he can join the thread again.

17th Jan 2015, 20:08
Maybe some of us are simply outliving their usefulness here in the JetBlast / PPRuNe of 2015...?!

Of the 32 posts total (including the OP) here so far, made by 17 individuals, by announced (if available - see under username) age:

Known individual/s aged 50 or under: 1
Known individual/s aged 51-60: 1
Known individual/s aged 61 and over: 8
Individual/s who have not announced their ages: 7 (of which at least 4 are aged over 61, I have reason to believe, having been here on JB since 2003)...

Maybe, just maybe, now that PPRuNe is a wholly-commercial operation, they're attempting to bring down the relative ages of their contributors? Perhaps all you have to do is to remove your announced ages from your public profiles (you should still receive personalised annual birthday wishes though)...?! :ok:

Don't the above statistics speak-out quite loudly? They're probably trying to attract younger aviation professionals. Instead of being over-reliant on Pterosaurs like yerselves...?! ;)

bugged on the right
17th Jan 2015, 20:53
Airship, I do believe you may have a point there. Have adapted to the desired demographic.

17th Jan 2015, 21:23
I believe the situation stems from 'authority' - which must not be questioned.

Remember at school when a teacher ordered you to do (or not) something - if you attempted to question the instruction then there would be a greater sanction imposed IIRC.

Of course, this is a practice adopted by those who do not have the authority (such as being told by a police person to turn off your camera as it is against the law to film an officer - even if they are doing something stupid or blatantly illegal).

It stems from insecurity - "Don't question me, boy!" is something that I recall from when the authority was being questioned.

Here we have a situation where the OP is questioning whether they have been excluded for no good reason.

Try that with a doorman at a night club and see how far it gets you.

Sometimes it is better to walk away and find something else to entertain you.

PPRuNe is like any other 'club' where the owners determine who is allowed in and what sort of behaviour is permitted.

Some will want to get in when the management don't want their sort in.

Pubs sometimes decide to exclude would-be customers because of a perceived reason rather than a specific action - but that is their right (unless the would-be punter is of certain sexuality, race or religion - when it can be complicated).

And before anyone suggests otherwise, I have been treated in the past like the OP is being treated now - without explanation or suggestion as to the extent of the exclusion (though in my case I did eventually get a reason from a third party in that I was perceived as being 'too prolific' - ie too many p*sts - which was assumed to be an attempt by me to raise my Aunty Mary's (when in reality I couldn't care less about my score)).

It hurt, as, at that time I was in need of 'communication' with anybody, having suddenly found myself 'on my own', and to be told to 'go away' and 'find somewhere else to bother' was potentially disastrous to my well-being.

To say that I was desperate is an understatement of my mental state.

I just hope that the OP isn't experiencing a similar situation.

In summary, the MODs (for that is what is the crux of this matter) don't want to discuss their actions, whether they be reasonable or not as they don't want to have their authority questioned.

17th Jan 2015, 21:29
I got my own back on them; I downloaded Adblock.

17th Jan 2015, 22:24
The advertisement targeting doesn't appear to be that incisive this evening, I have a side advert from a very attractive Asian lady sticking two fingers in the air and inviting me to transfer money 24/7 on line, and a heading banner advising me to wear American clothing, neither activity seems to be that attractive or something that I would ever consider.

Does airship have a valid point? perhaps we are not the young hip posters that PPrune wishes to entice into the cut and thrust of JB, the gentle reminders that we are "taking time out" is a way of letting us amble off into the sunset.

17th Jan 2015, 22:44
Does airship have a valid point? perhaps we are not the young hip posters that PPRuNe wishes to entice into the cut and thrust of JB, the gentle reminders that we are "taking time out" is a way of letting us amble off into the sunset.

Surely at your age OM it would be illegal to let you wander off alone.

17th Jan 2015, 22:56
The advertisement targeting doesn't appear to be that incisive this evening,
In my case ...........The advertisement targeting doesn't appear.

(FF + Adblock Plus)

18th Jan 2015, 10:21
Observant Shack;)

The advertising spirits are with me this morning, I have a display of smart and keenly priced wooden garden sheds on my screen, that's more like it.

18th Jan 2015, 13:06
I have a display of smart and keenly priced wooden garden sheds on my screen, that's more like it.

You into that 50 Sheds of Grey mode now....