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16th Jan 2015, 00:26
At risk of being inundated with tinfoil hats and peanut butter, here goes...

An idle thought crossed my mind, 'What would be the implications if someone did invent a time machine?'

As far as I can see, if it became public knowledge, the world as we know it would unravel. Stock markets would cease to exist, gambling would disappear, the outcome of sporting events would be already known, so why would they bother, I wouldn't have filled my car up on Wednesday night had I known it would have been 2p/litre cheaper on Thursday morning, and so on.

So, firstly, do you think there are people in financial and other institutions whose main task it is to search for evidence of a working time machine or anyone with real precognition abilities?

Secondly, if you invented, or stumbled upon a time machine, would you tell anyone, would you use it to line your pockets or those who you felt were deserving, or would you try use it to try and change world events at some point in time?

16th Jan 2015, 00:30
IIRC it is impossible for time machines to go back before time machines were invented.Just a thought.

To answer your points
1) No
2) No, Yes and yes (not or)

Loose rivets
16th Jan 2015, 00:39
If Baldrick can make one, anyone can.

Blackadder: [punches Shakespeare] That is for every schoolboy and schoolgirl for the next 400 years! Have you any idea how much suffering you're going to cause? Hours spent at school desks trying to find ONE joke in "A Midsummer's Night Dream", wearing stupid tights in school plays and saying things like, "What ho, my Lord," and, "Oh, look, here comes Othello talking total crap as usual."

[kicks Shakespeare]

Blackadder: And THAT is for Ken Branagh's endless, four-hour version of Hamlet.

William Shakespeare: Who's Ken Branagh?

Blackadder: I'll tell him you said that, and I think he'll be rather hurt...

But back to the main issue. Fox's objection is not valid, why, you could simply go forward to a time when they'd overcome that problem and then go back with impunity . . . or Baldrick, or anyone really.


North Shore
16th Jan 2015, 00:41
So where are all of the people from the future, then?

Was JFK killed because, if he'd lived, then he would have 'pressed the button' at some time, and killed millions?
Perhaps Hitler was the best outcome of the Beer Hall Putsch? ( sorry, not trying to Godwin...)

1.) No.
2.) No, Yes, Yes, No. (well, not world events, but my world events - there's a couple of personal do-over ( and over, and over:E) events that I'd like to have a crack at again.)

16th Jan 2015, 01:07
Chronology protection conjecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronology_protection_conjecture)

I'm with Hawking on this one,

and not just because we went to the same school ;)

It will remain conjecture until we have a theory of quantum gravity

16th Jan 2015, 01:33
I must say that I enjoyed that Blackadder video - I hadn't seen it before! :ok:

16th Jan 2015, 02:44

You gots to get the tense right!

16th Jan 2015, 02:48

16th Jan 2015, 07:16
You can go back and change things but the Events Log just kind of swirls around and makes it all better again after a few years, or so my great-great-great-great grandson told me this morning on a quick visit.

joy ride
16th Jan 2015, 09:35
I have a book called "How to Build a Time Machine" (or How to Make a Time Machine or Make Your Own Time Machine). I cannot remember the author's name but I think it was published by the Science Museum.

The title sounds flippant, but it investigates the science quite deeply; it is somewhat high-brow (for me anyway) but well written and very interesting if you want to know a bit about the theory.

I placed it somewhere to re-read, but cannot locate it now, perhaps it has time travelled.

Highly recommended!

16th Jan 2015, 09:44
Inventor of Time Travel Honoured (http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2012/09/06/monty-pythons-graham-chapman-joins-the-bogus-blue-plaques-club/dscf2908/)

16th Jan 2015, 17:06
IIRC it is impossible for time machines to go back before time machines were invented.

You do RC Mr Banana. The split second
the machine is actually invented marks
the spot in Absolute Time.

This means, assuming such a machine
has not yet been invented, that one
cannot go back and see the pyramids
being built, nor save JFK or get to bed
Cleopatra before Marc hit the scene.

16th Jan 2015, 17:17
Don't know about a time machine, but someday I do believe that machine will be built some time in the future that will be able to 'see' back into time to when historical events actually happened.

Shoot, come to think about it, one could have already been invented, but is kept very secret as not to expose that many things that we think happened, really didn't. :\

16th Jan 2015, 18:00
con-pilot (http://www.pprune.org/members/15497-con-pilot)

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Who the hell are you and why did you
suddenly appear out of thin air???????

What happened to Okla-pilot who has
the same details? Shit I was just now
reading his posts when they suddenly
changed to this...this...con-pilot!

Some bastard is messing with history
and the time li....

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 18:12
Never mind the Grandfather paradox,everybody overlooks the obvious flaw in time travel to the past,every molecule in you body is already being used by summat else,they will only assemble themselves in one piece of spacetime ie your body and that's when you walk the earth in the era you are born in and occupy.

16th Jan 2015, 18:17
Fox's objection is not valid, why, you could simply go forward to a time when they'd overcome that problem and then go back with impunity .
The TV show "Futurama" explored that idea. Prof Farnsworth invented a time machine that could only go forward in time, hoping to find a future society that had invented a time machine that could go backward in time so he could go home. He failed. But he went forward so far, that the universe ceased to exist. And suddenly there was a Big Bang and a whole new universe, identical to the previous one. Now he could move forward in time to get home.

16th Jan 2015, 18:21
Sorry Mr Draper but your statement
isn't exactly true since uncle Albert
and his equations allow for travel
into the past and esp the future.

You're right about the grandfather
paradox. Its better to imagine the
snooker thought-experiment when
it comes to messing about history.

PS: Why do I suddenly have this
'Mikedreamer' moniker? I am and
have always been MarkLuster767!

16th Jan 2015, 18:22
I remember a short story that explored that idea. The problem in the story was that if you could see anyWHERE in the past, you could ALSO see anyWHERE in the present. Because the past included what happend a microsecond ago, which is for all intents the present. There would be ZERO privacy.

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 18:30
I dont believe it's possible, the universe has arranged things very sensibly, it has placed vast uncrossable distance betwixt us and any possible other occupants of same and I think there is also a proscription on altering the past by inflicting yourself into it.
Unless I misunderstood I dont think old Albert every said travel to the past would be possible?,he said the way we experience the passage of time into the future could be manipulated by running very fast.

16th Jan 2015, 18:42
I'll go back to my old books sir but I'm
pretty sure his numbers said one could
(ie travelling back to Time Point where
one originally created one's machine).

As far as travel between dimensions is
concerned Mr Planck ensured travelling
between them is forever impossible. So
in this area you are correct indeedy.

wings folded
16th Jan 2015, 18:51
I predict that very shortly there will be a thread about time machines posted on jet blast

16th Jan 2015, 18:53
wings open of egsh said the same
thing but he suddenly disappeared

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 18:56
I have solved the mystery of Dark Matter,it is another universe sharing the same lump of space our universe occupies but it only shares one of our dimensions,its up is our down but its sideways forwards and backwards is in another dimension.
You read it here first.

16th Jan 2015, 19:00
Time travel? Just ask a neutrino, that's if you can find the time.

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 19:13
It's the feckions that can give you a bad day. :rolleyes:

16th Jan 2015, 19:15
the multiverse theory solves the grandfather paradox.

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 19:44
Yer, but your still not traveling back in time to your own universe so your not altering you own or your universe's future it by scragging grandpop so it dont count.:)

16th Jan 2015, 20:15
you're still not traveling back in time to your own universe

Ah yes, Scalzi's method of FTL travel. You just move into a new universe at the place you want to go to. Meanwhile another you pops into place in the universe you left behind. Hence when you kill your own grandfather it's not your own grandfather but a parallel grandfather.

You may also recall that Fry (Futurama) had sex with his mother or grandmother (I forget which) after going back in a time machine, and thus became his own ancestor. But not HIS own father or grandfather (someone please straighten me out which it was) but a parallel father or grandfather.

All quite simple really (or so they tell me). Or so they told me. Or will tell me.

Now go and check out the Block Theory of Time !

tony draper
16th Jan 2015, 20:17
I dunno I only watch because I fancy Leela.:rolleyes:

16th Jan 2015, 20:25
Don't know about a time machine, but someday I do believe that machine will be built some time in the future that will be able to 'see' back into time to when historical events actually happened.

They have got one now. It's called a video recorder.

16th Jan 2015, 20:29
They have got one now. It's called a video recorder.

Right then, find me one that can go back and, say, record the birth of Jesus. :p

16th Jan 2015, 20:30
I'm of the opinion that I invented a time machine in April 2025, but due to technical reasons, could not fit a handbrake.

In fact, thinking about it, a 'time handbrake' would be pretty useless, because one's brainwaves would stand still & one would not be aware of anything.

Well, I guess that my posting on this site, proves that no time handbrake is on in my case anyway, I just have to go with the flow, like the rest of you.

I can't actually remember building my time machine, because I haven't built it yet, neither would I remember building it if I had set it to go back to when the ancient Egyptians were around, because my bodily atoms would have been spread far & wide.

I see going back in time, as a half burnt candle beginning its burning cycle again, not the half burnt candle going back to look at its own self in pristine condition.

16th Jan 2015, 20:41
I dunno I only watch because I fancy Leela

I'm sure, Mr D., she'll keep an eye out for you. Personally I fancy Amy.

16th Jan 2015, 21:02
I fancy Fry... :O

Seriously, if anyone wants to accompany me on a quick spin through Time, meet me at the Old Market Square, Nottingham at midday last Wednesday.

16th Jan 2015, 21:26
I think I've solved the question of time travel. The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

16th Jan 2015, 21:45
To be continuum

17th Jan 2015, 01:01
Well I'm pretty bloody sure I invented a time machine in the future. About 6 years ago I found a handwritten letter in my mailbox that said "Don't marry that fcuking Moroccan!"

What was strange is that the handwriting looked remarkably like mine albeit shaky.

I thought I would've been smart enough to print it out and to realise I'd ignore it and throw it away. Maybe I became senile in old age.

At least I know I'll live long enough to invent it!

17th Jan 2015, 08:20
The time machine have been invented several times, but the inventor soon perceived the problems in time travel and went back to stop himself of getting the idea!
Just like the powder-engine has been invented several times. But until now none of the inventers have made notes ridgid enough to explain the solution ;-)

17th Jan 2015, 10:23
I can take you all back 1300 years within a matter of few hours. It's extremely simple.

All that is involved is travelling with me to a nation that operates under Sharia Law, and pure unadulterated Wahabbism for guidance. :( :ugh: :ugh:

Buster Hyman
17th Jan 2015, 11:06
I have a Time Machine, it's on my wrist. No big deal.

17th Jan 2015, 19:56
Read a book by tousle-haired, professional Bowler from the Pavilion End Stephen Fry years ago - Making History. All about the unintended consequences, etc.

Spoiler Alert - Wiki has plot details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Making_History_(novel)

17th Jan 2015, 20:25
I wonder if they'll ever be able to invent a device which will also store an individual's own time (separately from anything else on a Universal scale) when not immediately required (http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1580364,00.html)?


If the storage (or magazining) of time ever comes close, I imagine that we'd be at risk of infringing certain "commercially-held" rights already well-established in 2015. Whatever, we could then use whatever time we had left crying over cows and spilt milk etc. :ok:

17th Jan 2015, 21:11
If (and it is a big if) you were able to travel back in time, you would end up where the Earth was at that time. Bearing in mind that the Earth moves around the Sun and that moves within the Milky Way Galaxy, you would most likely materialise in the depths of space.
So really you need a machine that moves within space and time (relatively speaking).
Our as someone once put it Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

17th Jan 2015, 21:43
Zeus, you speak as one who has had 1st hand experience of using the Microsoft Windows "Restore" function...?!


Presumably you've long-ago resolved yourself to understanding that muscles and appearing God-like have little or no influence when it comes to time travel at least... :ok:

17th Jan 2015, 22:04
Ahh, yes, the Microsoft Windows Restore "Function"....an amusing if time wasting experience.:ugh:

18th Jan 2015, 07:34
Microsoft Windows Restore "Function
Its helped me out a few times.

18th Jan 2015, 08:26
Broken link to Stephen Fry, correct link is Making History (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Making_History_(novel))

18th Jan 2015, 08:29
A learned friend once explained that the only way to explain the behaviour of some sub-atomic particles was if they jumped in time. His comment was that the "effect" was seen before the "cause". He did however add that this was only for immeasurably small particles moving immeasurably small amounts.

Rogerg: I have never had to use the Microsoft restore function, but have created many restore points when prompted to when loading new programs. That is the time wasting part. Hopefully I will never have to use it.

Airship: A nice statue. (-Those were the days!) You have obviously researched my background on Wikipedia....