View Full Version : Rescue of a crashed DC3 in the Antarctic

15th Jan 2015, 16:26
Video of the repair and rescue of a DC3 that had a mishap in the Antarctic in December 2012.

17 minutes long - well worth watching from start to finish. Amazing that some of these beautiful and versatile aircraft are still in active service.


16th Jan 2015, 08:52
Well done chaps, a very interesting short film, possibly only do-able with it being the Old Dakota, modern kit may not have been so tolerant of a Glacier type rebuild..!!


India Four Two
17th Jan 2015, 02:52
Here's a video of the 2009 rescue, when the roles were reversed. Lidia helped rescue a not quite so badly damaged Mia!


Amazing efforts both of them. Major repairs done outside in Antarctic conditions, 10,000 miles from home. Ken Borek Air is a remarkable company.