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james ozzie
14th Jan 2015, 20:15
I bust a tooth around an old filling. I went for the earliest available slot which was 08:30 the next morning, with a dentist I had not been to but who had a slot. He had a quick look, mumbled about it being a big break and got stuck in. Needle and a brief pause(!) and drilled & filled.

Paid the bill and got in to my car. I saw the time was 08:47.

17 minutes for the whole visit!

Can anyone beat this??

tony draper
14th Jan 2015, 20:23
Yer,I've removed teeth quicker that that. :rolleyes:

14th Jan 2015, 20:23
What is it about Aussie and South African dentists? The ones I've had have all been excellent. How much did he charge for less than 15 minutes work?

14th Jan 2015, 20:35
That's pretty quick. But, then again, I had a US Army dentist once remove a bothersome tooth of mine. He extracted that tooth in well under 5 minutes. Basically took some pliers-looking thing and ripped it out. Then said "you can go back to duty now."

14th Jan 2015, 20:35
3 wisdom teeth out in one sitting of 30 mins?

Went in and he announced he was only taking one out.

Aye that be right said I go through this bollocks again.

Haven't the time to take out 2 never mind 3.

Come on crack on we are wasting time.

8 mins later both of us sweating the first one was out.

He fires in the jag in the other side.

10 mins later the second one out. By which point he was a bit of a big lad rugby player type on a mission now. Swearing was agreed acceptable.

Third defeated us for 15 mins and we bust the 30mins appointment time.

I was happy didn't have to go back again, jaw and ribs a bit bruised but happy it was done and dusted.

14th Jan 2015, 20:47

14th Jan 2015, 20:57
years ago there was one going round that depicted a rare extraction

picture male patient with contorted face bent over clutching groin

picture fang-man with triumphant expression holding up very large fang in his pliers

picture long length of stretched thin membrane like strand connecting tooth
with dangling set of . . yep .. . you guessed it . . . ..

. . . . parts . . .. all his parts


dentists make a lot of money .. . . old man used to say they never had to
lead a hand-to-mouth existence

it was the laughing gas I loved as a kid . .. . . float away

14th Jan 2015, 21:11
We started an operation in Wenzou, halfway between Xiamen and Shanghai, in the late nineties. Looked at, didn't go in, a dentist's treatment room. The patient would lay back on a chair and at his feet was the bicycle chainwheel, chain and sprocket that powered the drill.

DIY teeth drilling.

14th Jan 2015, 22:06
A friend told me when he was about to get his last root canal .He grabbed the Dentist by the short and curlie's and said " We are not going to hurt each other ,Are we ? "

Ancient Mariner
14th Jan 2015, 22:48
Wenzou, been there, early nineties. Wonder why?
As a young sailor had to pull a tooth in Port au Prince.
Was quick enough, but being ushered past 150 waiting locals was nerve wrecking, I felt about 3 feet tall when the "white man" left the building.

15th Jan 2015, 09:41
What is it about Aussie and South African dentists?Cant speak about the Oz ones, but the Seth Efrican one's were a real eye opener to this Brit. The service and standards are streets above the UK. Yes they are expensive, but this is why I carry health insurance.

When my wife and I arrived and opened our mouths, to display years of NHS neglect, our dentist saw two goldmines.

Their training was very good, but I haven't used one that was trained since 'democracy'. I know the current Medical Degree's aren't accepted in some countries, dunno about the Toothwrights.

One significant factor is that they are businessmen, whose business is Dentistry.

15th Jan 2015, 09:51
Having (unfortunately) experienced both Oz and ZA medical facilities I can thoroughly recommend them - first class well trained staff, modern equipment and facilities, and a customer-oriented approach.

15th Jan 2015, 10:17
Had an excellent dentist in Oz; a Dutch bloke trained in Edinburgh. Got a good dentist here; Scottish bloke trained in Edinburgh.

Mind you, when I'm in the waiting room, I can still picture Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier. :} :eek:

15th Jan 2015, 10:23
Needed some emergency treatment in Guangzhou, having broken a tooth which was irritating my tongue. I made some enquiries on-line for an English speaking dentist. I found a clinic which could treat me on the same day. When I arrived, I thought it was a massage parlour. Beautiful receptionists, lush waiting area with comfortable armchairs and glossy magazines. The dentist was a doll, speaking English, Japanese and Mandarin. X-ray followed by the treatment. Very impressive, and I didn't need to pedal the drill!

P6 Driver
15th Jan 2015, 13:42
A friend told me when he was about to get his last root canal .He grabbed the Dentist by the short and curlie's and said " We are not going to hurt each other ,Are we ? "

Thanks for the Bernard Manning flashback!
He used that in a video of his stage act from the early 80's.

james ozzie
15th Jan 2015, 18:54
Magnus P said:

"Mind you, when I'm in the waiting room, I can still picture Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier."

This would be the tooth drilling torture scene in Marathon Man? Years ago, I was joking about this scene with my dentist and said to him:

"If you ask me 'Is it safe'?' I will leap out of your chair and sprint down the road".

Well he took this joke seriously and I assume marked my file as a frightened patient because he was forever after extra gentle and cautious, with lengthy explanations prior to doing anything.

15th Jan 2015, 19:06
I've found that upon sitting one's arse in the dentist chair the most efficient method of seeing to a relatively pain-free procedure is to simply state to the dentist: "Hurt me once and you're a dead man."

Works like a charm. :}:ok::E

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Jan 2015, 19:20
Used to go to a mate who was a tooth carpenter. His trick was to hire a really pretty dental nurse who would stick a boob in my ear and gaze deep into my eyes with her big blue peepers. Never felt a thing and not even sure he used lidocaine on me.

I switched to a female dentist who does the same thing, sans pretty dental nurse... :E

15th Jan 2015, 19:21

She stuck a boob in your ear? Should have stuck it elsewhere, no? :}:E

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Jan 2015, 19:25
No room. The tooth carpenter was trying to shove the kitchen sink and a small motorcycle in there at the time.

15th Jan 2015, 20:53
When offered anaesthetic by the dentist, I explained that I didn't need it, as I'd only ever felt pain twice in my life.

The first time was when, obeying a call of nature in the bush, I squatted over a rabbit trap, which went off, trapping the family jewels in its jaws.

The second time was when I reached the end of the trap's chain.

mr fish
15th Jan 2015, 21:05
at the other end of the scale....I once spent over 2 hours in the chair having a root canal and bridgework shaping over four front teeth.

this was on a late july day with temps over 30c outside and no aircon inside....

when I finally left the chair to return to work, I could not talk and the top of my scalp was numb....from the back I looked like I had double pissed myself and my teeshirt was totally stuck to my back.

floated out the surgery though!!!


16th Jan 2015, 10:55
About 30 years ago I changed to a female dentist. I just thought they would be more gentle and caring, and if they did hurt me at least it went with a lovely fantasy. Despite moving cities and countries I've managed to stay true to my commitment and my present dentist is old enough to have enough experience, young enough to fantasies over (or under, as she leans over me), and feminine enough to make the whole experience enjoyable. Oh, and she's pretty good with teeth, too :)

Solid Rust Twotter
17th Jan 2015, 16:37
...painted my gum with coke...

Not clove oil? There's also a peppermint/pepsin flavoured gel they use. Contains lidocaine or something similar.