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14th Jan 2015, 14:12
I happened to see on the BBC Sport web site that the organisers of the British GP are looking at reducing general admission prices for race day to a mere 99 from it's current level of 155.
To me even at 99 it seems expensive.

Does any board member have any knowledge of how much it costs to watch a Grand prix in other countries?

14th Jan 2015, 14:20
USA, AUSTIN, TX. $99 to $1300

F1 United States Grand Prix (23-25 October 2015) Circuit of The Americas - Formula One Tickets Shop - Gootickets - Official Site (http://www.us-grand-prix.com/en/2902-united-states-f1/)

14th Jan 2015, 15:01
To me even at 99 it seems expensiveBlame the Poison Dwarf for that. After all, he needed to raise $100 million to pay off the German court so he didn't go to gaol (more's the pity)

14th Jan 2015, 15:02
One reason why I don't yearn to attend.

Another reason is the traffic.

As someone who was a 'hanger-on' in the 1960s and 1970s - who didn't pay for entry and had 'access all areas', the concept of paying so much for so little means it is a non-starter.

I would need helicopter transfers to and from the circuit and a pit-pass and access to the Woodcote grandstand or the hospitality area (I'm not fussed about the fancy food and drink, but I'd feel bad about paying extortionate prices for crap fast food, so I'd probably prefer a ploughman's from a supermarket and a couple of bottles of beer).

When you can sit at home and watch it on TV from various viewpoints whilst snacking and supping, it isn't worth the hassle.

14th Jan 2015, 15:15
For 12 a head you can go and watch Banger racing on the Mendips, great fun !


14th Jan 2015, 15:30
Is the banger racing still going up Mendip?
We used to go there in the late 1980s when we lived at 'Harptree'.

14th Jan 2015, 15:43
dunno how the formatting will look on this but for Montreal


14th Jan 2015, 16:08
G-CPTN as henry's video shows their still racing up there, sometimes it ends in tears though ! this was September 2009.


SMT Member
14th Jan 2015, 16:11
Anyone who saw the German GP last year, might have wondered where the crowd was. Well, they upped the prices by roughly 50% and as a result sold less than half the tickets at an event that used to be totally sold out. Decent tickets were north of 400EUR for the week-end. Gun, foot, trigger pulling.

14th Jan 2015, 16:14
Does any board member have any knowledge of how much it costs to watch a Grand prix in other countries?

Free on television. :ok:

Surely in this day and age you'll get a much better view of the action from the comfort of your sofa than you will by sitting in an over priced plastic seat in the cold and rain.

14th Jan 2015, 16:39
Concur with TV viewing. We gave up going about 20 years ago, when our entrance plus grandstand went over GBP 100, and then you had to book the May before - i.e. 14 months early - and even then most of the best seats were gone to corporates.

Also the place was flooded out with "[email protected] with [email protected]" clogging up what little bit of access was left by the interminable "merchandise" stalls, and even using our "back routes" through country lanes to arrive on the main road opposite the circuit entrance we were leaving home 0500, and we only lived 40 miles from Silverstone!

14th Jan 2015, 16:49
Free on televisionFree to watch perhaps. But the fees for broadcasting rights are equally bloated. You'll be paying your share if it's only for the inflated cost of products advertised on TV during the race, and for the sponsors' products too.

And as mentioned above, the PD takes his percentage out of everything.

B Fraser
14th Jan 2015, 19:14
Not only is it free on TV but if recorded, you can fast forward through the boring bits.


14th Jan 2015, 22:23
...you can fast forward through the boring bits

That would be from the bit where all the red lights go out to the bit where a bloke waves a chequered flag then?


14th Jan 2015, 22:53
I just can't understand why people would spend money watching noisy cars going around a track, following each other and doing little else.

It think it is more fun standing on a bridge over the M25 and watching the traffic there.

I assume that there is something interesting in watching them but I can't see what it is.


14th Jan 2015, 23:17
Thanks for all the replies on this, myself I have no interest in going to a GP unless invited by a corporate, that won't happen because I drink too much and have never missed lunch in my lifetime.
I liked watching the F1 on BBC but once they lost coverage of most GPs I take very little interest, usually only watching the Saturday lunchtime practice, when it is on the Beeb.

I think the time will come when many more spectators vote with their feet for many sporting events, especially football, after all for most Premier league clubs the gate money is just the icing on the cake, and when you are earning 200K per week, that's a lot of icing.:) and a lot of cake.

14th Jan 2015, 23:22
I have attended several F1 races in Oz (Adelaide).

Didn't see much in the general admission areas,the best spots such as the grandstand area at the start/finish line and the chicanes (lots of corporate boxes) were very expensive.

I certainly didn't see much towards the end of the main straight,Nigel Mansell and Niki Lauda were merely brief flashes of colour at 300km/h.

Best view is on TV.

15th Jan 2015, 01:53
I must agree. I too, prefer the TV coverage these days.
The only time you see me going to one of those events is when I have a pit pass.

The closest analogy I can think of is that of a giant sheep-shearing shed.
It's painful getting there, you're treated like sheep while there, all you can see is odd bits of whizzing machinery and, at the end,
you're dumped down the chute wondering just how comprehensively you've been fleeced.

Historic Car Racing days at the local circuit - well, that's different.

Ancient Mariner
15th Jan 2015, 05:51
For good car racing fun, try Rallycross. Now a FIA World Cup event.
I bet the tickets are somewhat cheaper than F1.
Lydden Hill in the UK and Hell (no kidding) in Norway are two of twelve races on the calendar.
2015 Calendar - FIA World Rallycross Championship. (http://www.rallycrossrx.com/2015_calendar)

15th Jan 2015, 06:08
A good friend of mine is quite heavily minted and a gentleman racer, he races his Jag XK at Brands Hatch alongside other good chaps.
He has been an avid F1 fan all his life and used to be involved in a minor team a few years ago.
Every year when the Bahrain Grand Prix is on he arranges a board meeting, for one of the companies he owns in Bahrain, to be held in the week of the race so that he has an excuse to come to Bahrain.
He attends the board meeting then he attends Friday and Saturday of the GP meeting watching the action and catching up with many old friends (like me).
On Saturday night he flies back to UK and watches the race at home on the TV with some friends and a rather lovely claret.
I have taken a leaf out of his book and I also attend Friday and Saturday and then watch the race at home with friends and some rather less expensive Merlot.
You just can't follow the race at the event.

Effluent Man
15th Jan 2015, 08:21
Used to be a big fan of F1.Now I have a nice tin of Dulux,I'll watch it dry.

15th Jan 2015, 08:31
You just can't follow the race at the event

Can't agree with that. In the 20+ years I attended I never had probllems following the UK races. The commentating was excellent, and it was even better after the large screens opposite the grandstand were introduced. Not so easy abroad - even in USA I was not sure they were speaking English!

Sultan Ismail
15th Jan 2015, 12:08
Main Grandstand seats at the Malaysian F1 GP approximately 200 to 280 pounds for the 3 days.
If you are happy to sit in the sun or the rain then 10 pounds will get you a grassy knoll.

15th Jan 2015, 13:11
Agree that watching on TV is good, but just very occasionally we attend the event. You get the atmosphere, a true impression of the speeds (and especially the unbelievably short braking distances), and the noise used to be spectacular. But after one Austrian GP (commentary, when audible was in German, obviously) I had to ring my daughter in Scotland to find out what had happened.
And the technology now is impressive, but mostly invisible.

mr fish
15th Jan 2015, 13:40
MOTOGP at donnington park this year is less than 75quid.

that's THREE world championship races plus a couple of support events.

there will be passing and you can tell who is leading!!!

even cheaper is the WSB event with WSS being particularly worthwhile.


SMT Member
15th Jan 2015, 14:11
Watching sports live is a bit like hearing music played live. We all know the best sound comes from a well-recorded album vs a live event, but there's something very special about seeing a great band giving it their all on stage. Same with sports; it's as good as always better watched on TV for quality and detail, but you need to see it live to truly appreciate what it's all about.

It's for that reason some of us chose to go and see sport events live, whatever that event might be. Some like standing around all day out in a cold, very cold, Finnish forrest in the middle of winter, just waiting for the brief moment when Ari Whasisname blasts past in a flurry of snow; others prefer sitting down in a covered stadium at Wimbledon, sipping on bubbly. Others still, the vast majority in fact, prefer taking it all in from the comforts of their home, club or bar. It takes all sorts, just as it does with music.

I've atteneded a fair few GPs in my time, and at the end of it the feeling is always the same: 'Was that it?'. Having been at the tracks for 3 or 4 days the race itself is sort of an anti-climax, as it's over very quickly. Still, wouldn't have missed any of the races - the sounds, the smells, the sights of the magnificent cars up close and at speed are all wonderful memories.

My favourite shot of motor sport is endurance racing, none more so than the 24 hours at Sarthe. And if you've got about an hour and a half to spare, I strongly encourage you to spend it watching this:

Truth in 24

Interested Passenger
15th Jan 2015, 18:08
Unfortunately one of the reasons to watch F1 live has now been removed. The deafening scream of the old engines replaced by a slight turbo burp. The AMG safety car was louder.

The TV can't convey all the physics defying acceleration, braking and cornering the cars generate.

BTCC is much better value though, especially at Brands, Indy :ok:

15th Jan 2015, 21:37
Bangers with caravans on a figure eight course is unbeatable:ok:

15th Jan 2015, 22:30
No intention of paying extortionate prices to go to an F1 race.

Procession of cars where one with greatest software wins.

sled dog
17th Jan 2015, 09:57
British GP Silverstone 1969 : Sled Dog there with young pup, Copse corner.
During formation lap Jackie Stewart, driving a Matra MS80 stops directly in front of us, and does a practise start ( probably not allowed these days ) pup`s jaw dropped to navel level. He must have bored his school friends fartless next day re-telling the event. Does anyone else remember the sound of a Matra V12 on full song ? I do not bother watching F1 anymore, MotoGp is the way to go, but being an ex ( unsuccessful ) amateur racer I might be biased. and yes, entry prices are way too high for most sporting events.

17th Jan 2015, 10:12
sound of a Matra V12 on full song ?

Hairs standing up on the back of your neck time. Also BRM H16 (when it worked) and Ferrari.

Off topic - Merlin as well.

cockney steve
17th Jan 2015, 10:22
I was treated to a 3-day ticket ~2000, with daughter,boyfriend and son

We camped on an adjacent farm, nice folk who admitted the revenue was the difference between scraping by and a reasonably good living.
We carried our own stools, umbrellas, food and drinks.

I refused point-blank to pay the extortionate prices demanded by the various vendors. going for a pee was a queueing- ordeal, though the shiny, newish toilet block was impressive.
All the "best" views on the embankments were already obstructed by grandstands, the rest were crammed full of spectators. to leave and return to your "pitch" was a major ordeal......By the third attendance, even the kids had accepted that the increased number of stands had reduced the non-seated viewing-points to an unacceptable level....to rest one's legs, a sit-down meant traversing to the back of the banking, to watch the other poor sods milling about.

A poor value, exploitative "entertainment".... We haven't been back, any of us..
We generally agreed the Historic racing, after the GP and the other supporting events, such as the Maserati Saloon racing, were far more entertaining than the main event.

17th Jan 2015, 12:00
Ah, yes. The BRM H16 - I can still hear it now!
Graham Hill at the tiller, ISTR.

18th Jan 2015, 08:52
Unfortunately one of the reasons to watch F1 live has now been removed. The deafening scream of the old engines replaced by a slight turbo burp.

You could say the same about TV, now that the deafening scream of Murray Walker is no longer to be heard on the commentary team!

18th Jan 2015, 09:07
... unless I'm very much mistaken!

Allan Lupton
18th Jan 2015, 09:09
Sled Dog has triggered a relevant memory
1969 started for me during Friday practice, when Stewart wrecked his Matra MS80 at Woodcote more or less next to where I was standing. Before practice ended they had called Beltoise in, and Stewart took his car over and qualified it, whilst Beltoise managed to qualify the 4WD MS84. I expect the practice start next day was part of Stewart's familiarisation with J-PB's car.
I thought that it looked as if Saturday would be a good race, so bought a ticket for the Stow grandstand on my way out (cost about the same as a tank of petrol).

Those were the days!
It was indeed a good race, by the way!

18th Jan 2015, 18:56
I have a ad poster on the wall from the 1994 Australian GP (when was still in Adelaide) - weekend ticket prices are from $125 for "Bronze" bleachers to $260 for "Super Gold" and $395 for the Chicane Grandstand (those of course are in Australian dollars - which IIRC was worth a little less than US dollars at the time). Last F1 race I went to was Monza in 1995 - IIRC my weekend ticket was ~$200 for a decent grandstand seat.
By contrast, I used to go to the Indy Car races in Portland every year - weekend reserved sets went for about $50, and another $10 got you a pit pass.
Sure miss the sound of those Ferrari V-12s though :uhoh:

18th Jan 2015, 21:33
I attended 26 consecutive British GP's, plus Canada, American [Watkins Glen in those days], Monaco etc. Am still an avid fan, but no-way would I attend at these exorbitant prices. I remember when you paid something like 1.10 shillings to take car and ALL occupants in, drive up to the fence at Copse,[ sadly a shadow of it's former self.] sit on the roof of your car and have a great day. I watch Sky F.1 for all 3 days of EVERY GP, including GP2 Gp3 qualifying and races from the comfort of my armchair, with a far, far better view than I would ever get at the circuit. I agree with comments re Matra and H.16BRM noises. Ah, nostalgia, eh.

18th Jan 2015, 22:32

Go to 4:30 to see the cost of entry for the public.

In 1967 I was able to drive my vehicle into the paddock 'carrying tools' - well, at least that was the story (and, usually true) - even when not competing.

19th Jan 2015, 10:12
Bangers with caravans on a figure eight course is unbeatable

Couldn't agree more. Is Hednesford Hills racetrack in Staffordshire still there ?