View Full Version : A couple of old cow breeds need identifying.!!!

Old Photo.Fanatic
13th Jan 2015, 16:08
I appreciate this is a bit out of the ordinary to say the least, but I am hoping that someone out there can identify the breeds of these two "Cows".

Photographed near Florennes Air Base in Belgium a few years back.



With apologies to all followers of the past work of "Slasher" who thought it might have been an enquiery about some other breed of Cows!!!!


13th Jan 2015, 16:19
Belgian Blue? :)

Clare Prop
13th Jan 2015, 17:11
I think the white one is a Chianina

13th Jan 2015, 17:33
Perhaps a Charolais?

13th Jan 2015, 17:43
Mother in law and ex mother in law.

13th Jan 2015, 18:02
Mavis and Daisy ?

13th Jan 2015, 18:40
The first one is a model 2912 and the second one is a model 6218.

13th Jan 2015, 21:52
Top one looks like a Belgian Blue, bottom one could be a Blonde d'Aquitaine.

Hard to see since we don't have much to go on.

13th Jan 2015, 22:06
The second one looks like a Charolais.

I'm not sure about the udder one.

13th Jan 2015, 22:11
cute cows - remind me of days long gone, my Mom used to have several and some of them were real personalities. Pet cows, I'd say, considering how she cared about them.

maybe some matches here?

or by country
The Cow WallŪ By Country - A Cattle Breed Picture Reference - Index at krankykids.com (http://www.krankykids.com/cows/cow_wall_country/cow_wall_country.html)

13th Jan 2015, 23:24
Assuming they are cows, of course. They may be heifers or steers (but not bulls, I'd guess).

Which leads to me to a puzzle. What is a cow a cow of? You get cow elephants, cow whales, cow seals etc, but the one you see in a field is a cow what?

I suppose what I'm saying is, what is the singular of cattle?

(btw, another vote for Charolais for the bottom one).

14th Jan 2015, 00:30
What is a cow a cow of? A moo cow. Clearly.

Pinky the pilot
14th Jan 2015, 00:43
Reminds me of a name some 'Grey Nomad' painted on his caravan;

Clare Prop
14th Jan 2015, 00:47
Charolais and Blondes don't have black noses. It is a Chianina, an Italian breed. They have black pigment in the skin, similar to Arab horses, developed to be resistant to skin damage in very hot climates.

Top one yes looks like a Belgian Blue.

Singular would be "bovine" maybe.

Loose rivets
14th Jan 2015, 01:59
My mom was secretary to a local farmer for many years and apart from tasks like working out the pay for hoeing at three farthings a line, she had to ink in the newborn cattle's patches on a registration card . . . and presumably assign a name to said stock, like Daisy or Moo Moo.

Oh, I forgot Gertrude.

14th Jan 2015, 03:01
and Ermintrude.

Muffin Themule
14th Jan 2015, 03:46
Assuming they are cows, of course. They may be heifers or steers (but not bulls, I'd guess).

I think the word you are looking for is bullocks

14th Jan 2015, 04:53
1. Belgian Blue

2. Blonde de'Aquitaine

14th Jan 2015, 05:14
The light coloured one is a Harriet of Harman and the darker one is a Diane of Abbott, both well known breeds of old English cow.

14th Jan 2015, 10:29
Now that's proper beef, Hempy, not like most of the stuff you see in supermarkets which is totally devoid of fat and consequently cooks like a piece of old leather :*

Muffin the Mule - and the same to you! ;)

14th Jan 2015, 16:05
pPruners, please be careful as this thread could upset vegetarians.

Don't forget that if we were all vegetarians there would be no cows* or lambs so I would ask the rest of us to eat as much meat as possible in order to prevent extinction of these lovely animals.

*Yes, milk, I know but a cow is simply a machine for turning grass into milk and we could get something else to do that far more efficient.

15th Jan 2015, 01:34
"If God hadn't wanted us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat"

Homer (Simpson)