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10th Jan 2015, 06:19
I'd have a lava stone massage every day (ok, every other day) and live in a lighthouse. And have someone to cook for me... maybe every other day as well, but keeping an eye on products to make sure I won't run out of food totally. I'd go to shops once a year. I'd have a foundation for my symphony orchestra and a newspaper that will only publish things that really make sense (and if nothing happens on some particular day, they do not have to hype 'just something'). And a third foundation for inspiring teachers and students. And a Pilates coach for myself. And a gardener to take care of the greenhouses, as I'd like some snow around as well for a couple of months.

So, my modest dream after a morbid day in France. Anybody to share yours?

P.S It's ok to spare our feelings and start modest: "As I am a millionaire..." :cool:

Pinky the pilot
10th Jan 2015, 06:26
Try a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, just to see if it is really worth the price charged for it!:hmm:

Oh, and take probes, con-pilot, SRT, V2-OMG, Fliegs, Herr Draper, rgbrock1 and a few others (Mods) out to lunch, with the understanding that the gathering may also extend as far as dinner!:ok::D

10th Jan 2015, 06:40
Well, OK then, probes..
I guess I could be described as a millionaire.

But, I'm afraid to disappoint you - you were hoping for something exciting, right?
I live in a modest abode close to the local shops, like to do my own cooking and maintain my own grounds.
I also like tinkering with my motor vehicles (I don't trust others) and enjoy having a beer, in good company, down at the local pub.
I DON'T own a boat, an aircraft (oh, a hang-glider - but that doesn't count) and don't maintain a mistress.

A wise man once said - "If it floats, flies or f*cks, hire it - don't buy it".
Hope that helps.

10th Jan 2015, 06:40
At the risk of sounding like a complete self righteous [email protected] I'd help out some of those friends of mine that struggle a lot more than we do....

A frind of mine a single Mum, with kids ranging from 7 - 19, & some of them with kids of their own :eek: .....is not someone I would normally ever associate with!!, simply don't move in those sorts of circles really, yet she came into our lives quite by chance, and on a few occasions we've (Mrs Fliegs & I) have been able to help her out, in various ways.

(Not cash, been able to lend her a spare car, when she was unable to afford to fix hers for a week or two, let her kids over for a swim on these long hot Summer days, and in a few other ways) She'd never ask for help, too proud for that, OK , whatever, but we've been able to help out

You know what? Feels fricking great to help people less well off! (Not to suggest that Mrs Fliegs and I are 'well off'.......just sometimes you don't realise how well you have it until you see some others)

Yeah right....so after that, An Anphibious Cessna Caravan :ok: A beach house on Elouthra Island? Near the surf beach? Mind boggles at the possibilities I guess...Mrs Fliegs and Jnr Fliegs and I often 'spend' a lotto win when one of the 30 million draws comes up....:p

Solid Rust Twotter
10th Jan 2015, 06:49
No govt pensions in these parts unless you're a govt employee(sic), politician or they think you'll vote for them. It'll all go in my pension pot and hope to hell they don't cock up the currency beyond redemption like Zim.

10th Jan 2015, 08:20
If that's in Kuwaiti dinars, I'd help some neighbours this winter. If it's Indonesian rupiahs, I'd be thinking of ways to be a billionaire.

10th Jan 2015, 08:23
Probes you said you wanted a
gardener and an orchestra etc
but you din't say who you want
to take care of your day to day
'womanly' needs.

You have in mind anyone? :O

Cyber Bob
10th Jan 2015, 08:56
Wouldn't tell a soul.

10th Jan 2015, 09:04
You have in mind anyone?
sure, and he knows it, so why mention the obvious? :E
But, I'm afraid to disappoint you - you were hoping for something exciting, right?
not necessarily - especially as 'exciting' depends on the person. The 'regular' glam wouldn't qualify for me, either. So, maybe it could be about what people think is 'exiting' - I'm quite sure in JB it would be very different from the 'regular'.

10th Jan 2015, 09:10
I was going to suggest a few years in a Carribbean resort drinking Krug with a model, then I thought what the hell, why not be selfish and hedonistic. I'm working on my list of requirements.

10th Jan 2015, 09:47
Hire a nanny and have some quality sleep. :ok:

10th Jan 2015, 10:03
Wouldn't tell a soul.

That may be your wish, but how would you hide it?

Sudden wealth, such as a big lottery win can destroy a lot of people and the relationships with those close to them. You can suddenly find that you are pitched into a totally alien way of life, a complete stranger to the luxury lifestyle and those who already inhabit the sphere. All of a sudden you become a focus of envy to those you know, and possibly an object of scorn to people whose social and economic circle you hope to join.

Far better to make your own wealth and grow with it alongside others on the way up the same ladder.

10th Jan 2015, 10:12
Working as a wine waiter, age 18, we had monthly tasting sessions, at the second of which they opened a bottle of Chateau Lafite. It was fantastic, and I remember thinking it was worth about half what we were charging at a time when I was practically penniless, so I would certainly recommend giving it a go!

We had Blue Nun at the third session.

10th Jan 2015, 10:14
An alternative way of putting the question might be..

"If you won a million dollars tomorrow and had to dispose of it within 12 months, how would you do so?"

Now, where's my Bucket List?

Cyber Bob
10th Jan 2015, 10:18
How would I hide it?

If it was a sudden influx of money, say Lotto win (I don't bother btw) I'd:

1. Keep my mouth shut
2. Wouldn't court the meeja
3. Use discression

Although my bank balance would suggest otherwise, I live like a millonaire anyway. Can pretty much do what I want, when I want and am truly thankful for that every day.

10th Jan 2015, 10:24
Sudden wealth, such as a big lottery win can destroy a lot of people and the relationships with those close to them.Its a well known fact that a lot of bums can't handle sudden or accrued wealth (otherwise the world would be awash with millionaires) yet they still go in for lottery tickets etc. Most will piss it up against the wall one way or another.

Millionaires who I know live normal lives, stay under the radar and ensure their wealth quietly multiplies, usually through acquiring prime commercial properties or redo delapidated private homes located in the best area in the best street and they then either sell or rent out.

'Flamboyance' is for those who can't create wealth from wealth itself and make the most noises. These are the ones who create the most confusion among the public about the millionaire mindset.

Cyber Bob
10th Jan 2015, 10:32
Spot on MD787 :D:D

Shaggy Sheep Driver
10th Jan 2015, 10:53
Spend most of it on wine, women, and song. The rest I'd waste. :)

10th Jan 2015, 11:20
Can I have 5 mil please, so I can buy a Spitfire and fly it for a few years.

10th Jan 2015, 11:25
true, MD787 - that's why it's interesting to think what one really would do. If I'm more serious - I'd spend some on my family and then I'd really try to find a lighthouse somewhere to inhabit. Which would be expensive, I think. As it would have to be on an island quite uninhabited. I'd surely not be interested in the 'circles of the lifestyle'. I'd still work, I think (the internet required), and do things outside, like help my gardener :), and just watch the sea. Up there.
And have some space for the friend of mine to park his bus, and go to concerts of the orchestra that is funded by the million I've got somehow. Or maybe that should be a billion, on second thoughts. :E

(no hope for snow in that one, I'm afraid, but that's the general idea, I guess. Also it would have to have living space almost at the very top).

10th Jan 2015, 11:39
With Swiss real estate prices the way they are, our equity passed that point a few years back. But that certainly doesn't mean that we drink Chateau Lafite every day (in fact never) Swiss prices being what they are.

Two jobs, no kids, has given us a very comfortable life style. Now one job, one pension and still OK. Not looking forward to two pensions as income will decline and expenses will increase. :hmm:

Perhaps if we liquidated and moved to a third world country we could live the life of Larry, but we like it here. As they say, "Home is where the mortgage is."

10th Jan 2015, 11:45
About 20 years ago a bloke where I lived won $5m, just after the property settlement with his ex. He told the place where he worked that he'd stay there until they could find someone to replacing him, but after not very long, he started coming in later & later, and going home earlier and earlier, until they suggested he should take advantage of his new wealth and drive off into the sunset in his new sports car.

Me, probably wouldn't do much different to now, except do a bit more travel.

B Fraser
10th Jan 2015, 11:48
It's overrated. I was looking for the bottle opener yesterday then realised it was his day off.


10th Jan 2015, 11:52
The first thing I would do would be to get myself domiciled in a country where there is no Inheritance Tax.

Then it's enough for the kids to keep them in clover as they already have enough to live comfortably. Then I would put a lot of effort into orphanages in the Far East. Too often they are brought up on a shoestring to be sent out in the world unprepared and victims to crime and the sex trade.

Bolleux to Africa. I have no desire to boost the London and Parisian property markets or to fund First Class air tickets and 5 star hotels.

Ancient Observer
10th Jan 2015, 12:01
Rich by accident?

A friend of mine, a hard working sort, got involved some years ago with "private equity".
He had worked in a normal job in a normal Co, but fell out with his boss and had to resign.
It just so happened that one of the private equity Cos needed someone just like him for a particular acquisition.
As he had nothing else to do, he did what they asked. He succeeded. The team he was in made the backers a lot of money.

He then became "known". However, he decided that he would make a bit more for himself, and a bit less for the backers. So he changed his contract, and made everyone rich.

So, what does our man do with his money?
1. He hasn't changed. He has kept his non-posh North UK accent. He detests quite a few of the people he deals with in the world of private equity, he just calls them useful idiots.
2. He already had a decent property, so he spent money on making it just as swmbo wanted it. And he bought a bit of land. Nothing flashy.
3. He buys nothing flashy - but when he wants to do something, he does it First Class. e.g. he likes football. he goes to whatever games he wants, and knows a man who can always get him the best seats. His hols are taken when and where they want. He is one of the few people in the world who do not think that taxis are a rip off.
4. He has a permanent assistant, (based in Scotland) who he pays well. There is nothing in the world she can't acquire - er, within reason.

It's all done in a very subtle way, and in the best possible taste.

And he has been known to be generous with his mates.

10th Jan 2015, 12:01
A million these days isn't the huge amount it used to be when interest rates were as low as three or four per cent, you could get a decent return and probably live reasonably off the interest on your million without having to touch it. Now with interest rates at next to zero and somewhat less than inflation rates, is there any point in having money in the bank at all?

Having said that, IF I did end up with a reasonable wedge, I do have it planned.
1: Permanent resident status in Canada
2: Lakeside cabin near my aunt & cousin in Muskoka.
3: Early retirement.
4: Half the year in the cabin and half the year here, as the mood takes me.

10th Jan 2015, 12:01
I read recently of that particular lighthouse.
It was for sale/lease after having been moved quite some metres back from the collapsing escarpment (a story in itself).
The price sounded quite reasonable.

Reminds me of that Beatles song (White Album?) - "I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper..."
Have a listen to it.


p.s. I agree. A million doesn't go anywhere these days - try for a billion.

Um... lifting...
10th Jan 2015, 12:23
Fellow I know did that very thing...

[email protected] Digest ... It was an accident! (http://www.lighthousedigest.com/Digest/StoryPage.cfm?StoryKey=2070)

10th Jan 2015, 12:32
Remember the words of Spike Milligan; 'Money can't buy you happiness, but it does buy a better type of misery'.

10th Jan 2015, 13:31
Reminds me of that Beatles song (White Album?) - "I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper..."

Erika Eigen - A Clockwork Orange soundtrack


10th Jan 2015, 13:43
That's it!
Thanks, RJM.
My memory's fading.


10th Jan 2015, 13:57
Apparently I've already had the $1m run through my fingers over the decades but certainly don't have the lavish lifestyle to show for it.

Such is the cost of living in the west that $1m is no longer enough to retire comfortably on.

I'd really like to buy an island (with lighthouse) and have a small boat to do the shopping, plus a few other indulgences...buggah, the bill comes to more than $1m.

Takan Inchovit
10th Jan 2015, 22:17
If I were a millionaire...

Pah, I'm not taking a pay cut to find out. :cool:

10th Jan 2015, 23:09
Nice beach Henry!! We have a similar guy here who drives the beach cleaning tractor, but it is a mechanical conical contraption that rotates ans filters out teh rubbish from the sand.......be damned if I can find a piccy though.....

11th Jan 2015, 00:22
Help little kids and abused and abandoned pets. Families down on their luck. The homeless as much as they will accept.

Course, I'd need a Falcon 50 to be able to run around and check on them. :E

james ozzie
11th Jan 2015, 00:36
There is reference here to your homes equity contributing to your being a millionaire. Unfortunately, the house you own & live in is there to keep you warm and dry only; it does not produce an income, and should not be on your balance sheet of retirement assets.

But I guess some governments want to know about it for estate valuation when you shuffle off?

Obviously, your second and third (unleveraged...) houses are great assets.

Loose rivets
11th Jan 2015, 01:44
I've had one crack at it. Having been penniless for most of my life, at 30 I was suddenly in funds thanks to the extraordinary hard work of a great aunt and the needs of a mother who was hard of seeing for a while.

The Rivetess and I worked for ten weeks to clear the place 'Auntie' had lived and worked in for 52 years and for the second time I protected my mother from 'advisers' who would have advised her to give them her money. In five years I'd increased her stash by two orders of magnitude.

It was scrotum-teasingly pleasant. I walked around with thighs that glowed with self-satisfaction and my nose felt as though it was perpetually pressed into a strawberry gateau. My E-type made my bottom feel nice when I accelerated, and my aeroplane meant I could still go into work when I'd been naughty in my E-type. But I had a problem . . .

I simply could not take the craftsman out of the boy. No matter what needed doing, I had to do it. I spent hours under cars when I should have been calculating profit margins and weeks covered in concrete and plumber's flux. Nothing in this universe would have stopped me wiping a soldered joint or going out in duskness to wire brush brickwork at the optimum moment of mortar-drying. It's an illness.

Soon, our once exciting funds were ordinary savings and not long after that they were the cause of bank manager's derisive sneers. Damned cheek, it was the same bank that used to scatter rose petals at my feet as I entered, and now they closed early if I was seen approaching their door.

My fault. My fault. My fault I tell myself. Once I'd gathered a penny or two, I wanted to pull the drawbridge up against inflation and stop others catching up. Who said one had to make a sustained effort to sustain wealth? Life is not fair, but I wouldn't have listened even if an angel of wiseness had sent me to wise school and I'd got an A+.

Money is worthless. There is nothing to replace job satisfaction. But . . . but . . . could I have just one more go at the wealth thingy? Just one. I'd give it all away doing nice things . . . promise.

No I wouldn't. I'd spend it on a hot girlfriend and another E-type. :E

11th Jan 2015, 02:25
Want to know how to become a millionaire in the Australian aviation industry?
Start off as a billionaire.

11th Jan 2015, 03:47
Funny You should wish a lighthouse, as My hope for long is winning the lotteri making me able to buy this:
Oliemillionær: Sælger sydfynsk fyrtårn - fyens.dk - Bolig (http://www.fyens.dk/bolig/Oliemillionaer-Saelger-sydfynsk-fyrtaarn-/artikel/2304368) (for the pictures) ;-)

11th Jan 2015, 09:12
wow, what a staircase! Very beautiful indeed, maybe just a bit too populated for my taste. And no, I'm not a recluse or anything, I like people and have worked with people all my life - maybe that's why it's really good to have some peace and quiet sometimes.

Help little kids and abused and abandoned pilots.
sorry, con, that's not what you wrote - just how I misread it :)

Mr Optimistic
11th Jan 2015, 09:17
Depends if you are a 'cash millionaire,' or just tallying up your balance sheet which is dominated by the paper value of property. If I had ten's of millions cash, I would give a lot away or to local charities. Doubt I could deal with it otherwise...could make life meaningless.

11th Jan 2015, 09:19
sure, Mr. Optimistic - as it's a dream, it's cash, and we had to move on to a billion anyway, to keep that symphony orchestra going :).

11th Jan 2015, 09:36
Take a look at house prices - nay, even apartment prices - in London or Paris. Having a million wouldn't even cover it.

I have relatives who bought a small terraced house in Kingston. They renovated the house and put an extra floor in the attic, all done to AAA standards. Had the house valued afterwards, 1.5 million pounds. At least it was 1.5 million before Christmas. Probably 1.6 million now.

Come to that, first line town houses in Empuriabrava Spain are over a million euros now.

11th Jan 2015, 10:07
So how much to put pubs on Park Lane these days OFSO?

11th Jan 2015, 10:29
A lesson in how not to do it........

In May 2010 he applied for his old job as a binman, but said he has no regrets about the way in which he spent his winnings.

As of 2013, he lives in Elgin, Moray, Scotland, and works at the Walkers Shortbread factory in Elgin.
King of the Chavs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Carroll_%28lottery_winner%29)

http://www.pprune.org/ HBUUIjEhJSkrLi4uFx8zODMsNygtLisBCgoKDg0OGhAQGywkHyQsLCwsLCws LCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwsLCwvLDcsLP/AABEIAKsA5AMBIgACEQEDEQH/xAAcAAACAgMBAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAEBQMGAAIHAQj/xAA+EAABAwIEAwUECQMEAgMAAAABAAIRAwQFEiExBkFRImFxgZETQqGxBxQj MlJicsHRFeHwM5Ky8VOCFkPC/8QAGQEAAwEBAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAECAwQF/8QAJREAAgIDAQACAgEFAAAAAAAAAAECEQMSITEEQVFh8BQiMnGB/9oADAMBAAIRAxEAPwCm1MPHJDusCFenYcOiEr4V0WzxxYLIylvpFu4WrmqwX dgRuEpuLWNlzzxNHRDImCgLwraF45ZUbWjSVuAtAUbY2TqroaEUS5URUaRcY Ak9FeuF+DCYdVHTRN+FeFQztES7vXQrCxDVpGNHNky7eAmGYS1gAAATulTAX sgIarWlWYk9W5jYoV1UnVUTi/6QaduTTo5X1BoXOPYYe6NXu7lQa/FNxV7TqgLtJLh16ADfuRZSi2dvub5rPvvaz9Tg35oMYs105KjH/pc0/AFfP2NXdR7vtDnPKROm/PppohLa4qNcH03EOb71I9oeNMwSO4FFseh9MWTXO1JTB11lC4zwZ9KL2RSvP tKZPZrM3Z3VG8x6Ed66RWxWm+mKlN7XtOzgdD/BTXSWtUMbzFco3VevMbPIpRf4gXFAl61UDJzGdTFHHmUPWvXQg861q1NFWpO 1sWYtXOsqrvjUp1i9fdVipX3XHk9OmD4WbBqQL2+K7Tw/90LhOCXcVG+IXauH7nshVAGWpYom1xC8NwFQEyxDm5CxOhWczZQ0XlS3Udtd 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11th Jan 2015, 12:01

Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses | English Russia (http://englishrussia.com/2009/01/06/abandoned-russian-polar-nuclear-lighthouses/)

...here's a fixer upper for ya'll....likely comes cheap too !! :ok:

mr fish
11th Jan 2015, 13:38
59 les paul......and pay my winter gas bill.

well half of it at least!!!!


12th Jan 2015, 06:17
impressive, BB!
And, as I'd have no problems with cash, it would be easy to 'update' the construction.

No, seriously, it's beautiful.

12th Jan 2015, 06:52
As posters have virually said above, if I had a million I would probably wish for ten million (being a humble sort of chap).

A lighthouse sounds really good, but how much would it cost to fit a turbo chair rail for the stairs?

12th Jan 2015, 08:32
No I wouldn't. I'd spend it on a hot girlfriend and another E-type
No, I don't think so.
I sat next to a young Ukrainian hooker (saw her passport as she sat down) on a flight last night. I think I had her sussed the second she sat down next to me. Dripping with designer labels, hard sullen face, she looked about 15 despite too much make-up, rudely ignored instructions of cabin crew to place her handbag under the seat (front row), clicked her fingers when she wanted a drink and handed back the tin for the FA to open it for her in case she damaged her long beautifully manicured nails. Under the makeup she was quite coarse and common looking, but at first glance looked stunning.

She started talking to me and told me she was on her way to see her new 'boyfriend', a millionaire (she said) whom she'd 'met' through some 'app' dating site. I reckon she was going to end up with a bad surprise when she met him, but then I felt sorry for him too, ending up with this nasty hard-faced bitch.

For the record, I really love East European girls, but this was a real bitch.

12th Jan 2015, 08:53
> If I had ten's of millions cash, I would give a lot away or to local charities <

Let me know when you get them tens of millions Mr O. I'll be setting up the Mikedreamer charity fund next day in Isle of Man (local enough?) for those injured by low flying icebergs in the Gobi Desert. Your contribution will be well appreciated! [hic.... :}]

12th Jan 2015, 09:04
injured by low flying icebergs in the Gobi Desert... [hic.... ]
the size of the icebergs won't be specified, then, also whether they fly from or to glasses of whiskey ? :E :p

12th Jan 2015, 09:11
There isn't much call for Scotch on the rocks in the Gobi Probes. Everyone's too damn busy ducking them icebergs! :bored:

12th Jan 2015, 09:51

Dear God, you made many, many poor people
I realize, of course, that it's no great shame to be poor
But it's no great honor either
So what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?
If I were a rich man, daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
All day long I'd biddy-biddy-bum
If I were a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work hard
Daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
If I were a biddy-biddy rich
Daidle deedle daidle daidle, man
I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen
Right in the middle of the town
A fine tin roof with the real wooden floors below
There would be one long staircase just going up
And one even longer coming down
And one more leading nowhere, just for show
I'd fill my yard with chicks and turkeys and geese
And ducks for the town to see and hear
Squawking just as noisily as they can
And each loud "Pa-pa-gee! Pa-pa-gaack! Pa-pa-gee! Pa-pa-gaack!"
Would land like a trumpet on the ear
As if to say, "Here lives a wealthy man", oy!
If I were a rich man, daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
All day long I'd biddy-biddy-bum
If I were a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work hard, daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
If I were a biddy-biddy rich
Daidle deedle daidle daidle, man
I see my wife, my Golde, looking like a rich man's wife
With a proper double chin
Supervising meals to her heart's delight
I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock
Oy! What a happy mood she's in
Screaming at the servants day and night
The most important men in town will come to fawn on me
They will ask me to advise them like a Solomon the Wise
"If you please, Reb Tevye, pardon me, Reb Tevye?"
Posing problems that would cross a rabbi's eyes
Ya va voy, ya va voy, voy vum
And it won't make one bit of difference
If I answer right or wrong
When you're rich, they think you really know
If I were rich, I'd have the time that I lack
To sit in the synagogue and pray
And maybe have a seat by the Eastern wall
And I'd discuss the holy books with the learned men
Seven hours every day
That would be the sweetest thing of all, oy!
If I were a rich man, daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
All day long I'd biddy-biddy-bum
If I were a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work hard, daidle deedle daidle
Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum
Lord who made the lion and the lamb
You decreed I should be what I am
Would it spoil some vast, eternal plan
If I were a wealthy man?

12th Jan 2015, 10:14
Off to Vegas for me. Always wanted my 5 minutes of fame.

12th Jan 2015, 11:09
George Best: "I've spent a lot of money on fast cars and hot women; I squandered the rest".

12th Jan 2015, 12:19

A guaranteed way to double your money in Vegas.

Get $10 worth of 10 cent coins and play the 10c bandit. Whilst you are playing it you will entitled to free beer from the waitress. In the time it takes to lose $10 you can get through three beers at $7 each.

Low Flier
12th Jan 2015, 12:21
When the term "millionaire" first entered common usage a couple of hundred years ago a million quid (or bucks) was a serious wedge of dosh. Nowadays, if you include one's property (real estate) and pension pot, quite a lot of us are millionaires without feeling or being unusually wealthy.

My own personal definition of a "millionaire" is someone who has a net disposable income surplus in excess of a million Pounds a year.

If I was in that category, and had already bought (and paid for all the future running costs of) a Bugatti Veyron and a Spitfire Mk IX and a Phenom 300 and an AW139, I'd put a million a year aside to fund the acquisition of suitable bits of land North of the Great Glen and set about re-creating the Ancient Caledonian Forest. I'd establish a Trust with trustworthy trustees (ie no bankers, lawyers, politicians or other greedy thieves) with a fiduciary duty to grow the fund over the next three hundred years and use the proceeds to perpetuate the propagation of the Forest of Caledon.

Bollocks to the South American and African and Asian rainforests with their bitey stingy things. Bring back the Ancient Caledonian Forest. (Midges don't count)

12th Jan 2015, 13:55

You forgot one thing in your initial post: You would have rgbrock1 as your lotion boy! :}:E

12th Jan 2015, 15:22
I sat next to a young Ukrainian hooker (saw her passport as she sat down)

I didn't think they still included occupation in a passport :E

12th Jan 2015, 16:38
Thanks for the correction!
Stanwell: You succeded in stressing my Beatles knowledge for quite at time ;-)

12th Jan 2015, 18:56
L.R said;
Soon, our once exciting funds were ordinary savings and not long after that they were the cause of bank manager's derisive sneers. Damned cheek, it was the same bank that used to scatter rose petals at my feet as I entered, and now they closed early if I was seen approaching their door.

I agree, when I sold my business a number of years ago I found myself in the £M category. Beware, it might seem a lot at the time but, as in my case with no private pension, it soon started to dwindle (helped by some reckless spending on aeroplanes and cars). Nowadays, with zero interest rates, I can see there is a time when it will run out and that gets scary.


P.S. for L.R. my last (brilliant) book was also a disaster so that will not add to my expectations!

12th Jan 2015, 20:11
You forgot one thing in your initial post: You would have rgbrock1 as your lotion boy!
absolutely - how inconsiderate of me not to mention that detail! :)

wings folded
12th Jan 2015, 20:26

(Midges don't count)Quite right. The horrid little bastards just bite you with no arithmetic involved, they just keep on biting.

They are about all I dislike about Scotland.

14th Jan 2015, 04:59
I'd buy some vintage airplanes, civilian and military, because they represent the nobler human characteristics of adventure, courage, and sacrifice.

Then I'd lode 'em up with those who need to be inspired by those virtues: those fighting cancer and other diseases, troubled children and adolescents, the elderly, the depressed and downtrodden.....anyone who needed that metaphorical lift.

Then we'd fly them over some of the most magnificent places on earth.

14th Jan 2015, 06:53
I've got cancer and 14000 hours of experience flying......can I come with you?! Better still, can I have a go please, mister?!

14th Jan 2015, 08:35
captainsmiffy, I sincerely hope *"I have cancer" becomes "I had cancer."

And should "If I Were a Millionaire" materialize into "I Am a Multi-Millionaire," yes, you can join the fleet. It doesn't matter if you have 14,000 hours in the air or 1,400, because our airline will hold "eternity in an hour."

"...can I have a go please, mister?!"
Actually, I am not a mister. But, it doesn't really matter because as most of the reply to this thread demonstrates, a sincere heart is non-gender specific.

14th Jan 2015, 08:36
somehow I doubt if 'mister' would apply to V-2?
Great plan. You could make a stop on my island, too. :)

14th Jan 2015, 09:33
Ooops! Sorry, V2!! But many thanks for the thoughts and for allowing me on to your jolly jaunt.....am working on the 'have' becoming a 'had' as we speak. Keep buying the lottery tickets and I shall keep soaking up the chemo and maybe we shall both be lucky. :)

14th Jan 2015, 12:51
Good luck captainsmiffy!

14th Jan 2015, 14:20
Thank you, Discorde!

15th Jan 2015, 00:10
probes, you mean you would put us up???? How's your grub and do you have a swimming pool? (I prefer pools to the ocean for my daily constitution). If your cooking is good and you can answer yes to the pool question, we will stay six weeks. If not, make that two (weeks). :p

captainsmiffy, you wrote...
Keep buying the lottery tickets and I shall keep soaking up the chemo and maybe we shall both be lucky.

This is a favourite photo - taken at the top of a mountain during a camping trip. I will keep looking up, and you do too. Maybe Inspiration Air will be making its own contrails one day. :ok:


15th Jan 2015, 04:58
sure, V2 :) - and as I've got someone to cook anyway and rgb and greenhouses, a pool shouldn't be a problem. Even though I personally would prefer a lake - the stuff one has to put in pools is nasty?
You'd all have to tell interesting stories during and after dinners, though. :cool:

15th Jan 2015, 06:41
Probes, can I do my close-up magic instead of the stories...?:)

V2, thank you for the inspirational photo. I currently get neck ache looking up as I do it so often!! Actually, my first venture (stagger really) outside of hospital after big surgery was to cross the road to sit on a park bench and watch the world go by. The first thing that I saw was a couple of my colleagues breaking cloud on the approach to LHR, right over the hospital. The 380 is an awesome sight at low level......

I WILL beat this....

15th Jan 2015, 06:50
Good luck, capt!

On a lighter note -

3 blokes each win a million.

The first, a doctor, says, "I will buy the light aircraft I've always wanted and go flying!"

The second, a lawyer, says, "And I will buy an island, and go and sit on the beach'"

The third, an architect, says, "I'll practise architecture until the money runs out."

Ha ha. I'm an architect... :{

Pinky the pilot
15th Jan 2015, 07:08
I note that since my initial reply to the OP that some fellow Ppruners have replied in a somewhat serious vein as to what they would do.

Therefore what I'd really do; I know a young Lady who is on a disability pension and has set up a small business as a Pet Nanny, but also takes in stray/unwanted cats, has them desexed and immunised and tries to find them good homes.:ok:

She does this all on her pension and whatever she is allowed to earn, working one day per week as a Vet Nurse. Plus any donations she is given, which needless to say are few.

I would set her up properly, buildings etc and ensure that she never ever again has to spend any of her own money!

Already paid two of her recent vet bills. Bugger all really but it helped I guess.

And there would still be enough cash left for the previously mentioned Lunch!!:D

15th Jan 2015, 07:19
Thought long & hard about this, and decided there's really nothing that money could buy me that I want. I'd like to travel a bit more, but that's more to do with available time than funds.

If I could buy more time I would, but since none of us really know how much we have left, it may be a waste of money anyway.

Mostly Harmless
15th Jan 2015, 22:48
If I Had $1000000
We wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner.
(But we would eat Kraft Dinner. Of course we would, we'd just eat more.
And buy really expensive ketchup with it.
That's right, all the fanciest Dijon Ketchup. Mmmmmm.)

It depends on how much I had.

If I had unlimited resources... hdjL8WXjlGI I would find a way to go interstellar... after all, $20,000,000 bought some very nice tickets to the ISS from the Russians.

I might turn one of these into a mobile home and go travelling. http://www.adn.com/sites/default/files/images/PHOTO_ARCHIVES_8-8-2009/photos/Bush%20Pilot/grumman_mees_1.jpg

Or I might live the simple life... dzeuvHencto

16th Jan 2015, 01:46
I might turn one of these into a mobile home and go travelling.

umm.......if you're really a pilot, how skilled are you at landing? :eek:


16th Jan 2015, 02:21
They reckon a million is about what you need to retire and live a moderately middle class life in `straya these days.
So I'd be off upstairs to see the boss, and quietly hand over the little white envelope containing the `I quit.' note.
I would then gently fade into obscurity with absolutely no regrets whatsoever.
Now - if I had another million or so on top of that, I'd be doing my turbine rating.
Then off to buy either a second hand Caravan to fly around this great red land.
Or maybe a lovely pre-owned MD520N to blast around NSW...

Mostly Harmless
16th Jan 2015, 13:26
Looking Up...Then Down & Running for My Life!

umm.......if you're really a pilot, how skilled are you at landing?


Nailed the landing.