View Full Version : SCAM ALERT

7th Jan 2015, 17:44
My Mother In Law just called to say the Charing Cross (London) police station just phoned to say they had two suspects in custody who were carrying my MIL's ID card. She didn't continue the conversation, but called her son.

Her son called the Charing Cross police who said they are aware of the scam, which consists of telling elderly people they've caught suspects carrying their ID, and they will send round a courier to collect their bank cards which must be destroyed to prevent fraud.

The card may be "destroyed" in front of the holder, but in such a way that it can be subsequently used.

The Charing Cross police (the real ones) have asked for a witness statement and will arrive to take it in a police car, but only when her son is present. (Substantial build, ex scrum forward for the 'Quinns.)(Son not MIL).

Nasty scam, got an elderly lady upset.