View Full Version : No probs,

tony draper
6th Jan 2015, 08:35
But I would probably have to stop for a rest halfway up these days.:rolleyes:

Takan Inchovit
6th Jan 2015, 08:51
But I would probably have to stop for a rest halfway up these days

.. and 5 times for a piddle.

6th Jan 2015, 13:26
No thanks. :eek:
Anything over 6 feet off the ground and I require 40,000 lbs of airplane strapped to my ass.

6th Jan 2015, 13:34
Hells teeth I get vertigo just watching it.

6th Jan 2015, 15:23
All that way up just to fill the birdseed container.

tony draper
6th Jan 2015, 15:25
Once had to climb up one to change a PSU at the top, not as high as that one I'll grant you,got to the top took out me wee 240v drill,only to find the power up there was 110v that's when I discovered if you really want to you can get a 240v drill to work on 110 volts,takes a bit longer to drill a hole though.
No way was I gonna climb all the way down then all the way back up again.

P6 Driver
6th Jan 2015, 15:27
Was that shot from a helicopter or a drone?

tony draper
6th Jan 2015, 15:45
If it was a Helicopter I reckon the bloke would have just got it to drop him off at the top instead of clambering all the way up. :)

wings folded
6th Jan 2015, 15:50
"Climber at the top to heli driver:

"Gis us a lift will you?"

"Which way are you goin?"

"Er, down, I think"

Juliet Sierra Papa
6th Jan 2015, 19:38
How the hell can he do that ???? And he casually takes a selfie at 1.29


6th Jan 2015, 19:57
I'd like to have the transmitter keys in my pocket when doing that......

6th Jan 2015, 19:59
As a young bloke, my job spec included "able to work at heights above fast-flowing water", and I never had a problem until I reached the age of about 50. Now, I think twice about climbing a ladder.