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Senior Paper Monitor
5th Jan 2015, 21:15
I'm not sure if this has been highlighted elsewhere previously on PPRuNE, but I'm too incensed to check - and even if it has, another prod should do no harm.

Pinched direct from Peter Brown's excellent 'Blackbushe Pics' thread on 'Farnborough-Aviation-Group' .....

Sadly, at Biggin Hill where the very moving memorial to our fallen Battle of Britain aircrew is located, the Ministry of Defence is planning the ultimate in insults to 'the few' by declaring the Biggin Hill St George's Chapel of Remembrance an "inappropriate use of resources"...Visited by 25,000 people each year, and in this year - the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain - the threat to close and board-up this piece of our proudest heritage is, to my mind, an act of heresy.

Winston Churchill insisted this be a "Permanent shrine of remembrance", he also said that, "As a nation we have short memories".

We have the opportunity to lend voice to preventing this ministerial blunder by adding our names to the e petition urging the MoD to retain its support for this national treasure.. Maybe you would take a minute and consider signing the petition too..


Thank you.

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5th Jan 2015, 21:27
Thread on Military Aircrew, meninge signatures within hours, Minister back-pedalling like mad and has promised it won't close. Latest is that Biggin Hill Airport has promised to pay the upkeep. Job done.

The AvgasDinosaur
5th Jan 2015, 21:32
And here gents and ladies
Give a damn
Be lucky

5th Jan 2015, 21:34
Here's the link to the one on Military Aircrew


Senior Paper Monitor
5th Jan 2015, 21:49
Ooops - should've checked but was just seeing the red mist at the time !

... and still am !