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joy ride
3rd Jan 2015, 15:42
A present for a brother-in-law's significant birthday is required.

He has everything.

Except a quadcopter.

He is absolutely NOT the type to intrude on controlled airspace, other people's land or privacy, cause noise disturbance to others or any other anti-social behaviour. He loves gadgets.

Seems a perfect recipient for a quad copter + camera!

Any recommendations or "avoids" in the 80-200 range? Many thanks.

3rd Jan 2015, 16:02
My Christmas one came from Toys-R-US and cost about USD 80. It has a working video camera but is line of sight and not apt to get in the way of many airliners. It is great fun, but as someone in another thread confirmed, the battery does not last much longer than the time needed to get it stable.

3rd Jan 2015, 16:33
Maplins has a good selection. The top one costs about twice what you want to pay but I've seen one in their store in TCR and it looked great. If you haven't got a Maplins near you they are also on-line.

joy ride
3rd Jan 2015, 16:37
Many thanks folks! Someone else wants to chip in to the present so the budget has suddenly increased up to about 200.

Maplins is a great shop, so that is a great idea.

3rd Jan 2015, 16:49
Here's some info on a couple I have had.
Hubsan x4, cheap to buy and fix, stable to fly not bad for beginner from that aspect but breaks very easily and although you can get spares, some repairs like a body replacement are tricky requiring soldering.
Hubsan X4 FPV upgrade of above with built in camera and transmitter with monitor on controls. I didn't think much of this, to small to fly stably outdoors unless absolutely flat calm and too twitchy to fly indoors on the fpv, you just bounce off the walls and break it.
My favourite was the Blade MQX lightweight and spindly looking but tough as nails. Mine took a full speed hit into the house and just bounced off. Most likely to break its carbon fibre booms which are cheap and easy to replace. It weighs next to nothing so is no hazard to anyone or anything (I have even hit myself in the head with it!) and is very quiet - no chance of noise disturbance. Flies well enough for some stunts as well. It does not come with a camera but you can get very small very cheap units to Velcro underneath. Buy the rtf one not bnf as the first comes with a controller and buy a few spare batteries as we'll as none in this price range last long.

joy ride
3rd Jan 2015, 16:52
Great comments, many thanks!

3rd Jan 2015, 17:30
7dayshop.com had a good selection heavily discounted a couple of weeks ago.

3rd Jan 2015, 17:33
For what use?


3rd Jan 2015, 17:44
Apologies for hijacking the thread, but any recommendations for Quadcopters that are compatible with GoPros?

Cheaper the better :ok:

Fat Magpie
3rd Jan 2015, 17:50
To properly carry a GoPro you will need something the size of a
DJI Phantom coming in at 1000.
May I suggest you look on eBay for the Walkera Scout quad, its a great machine with a reasonable camera and a good flight controller. These are now heavily discounted at approx 1000 on eBay and a better machine than the Phantom.

Walkera Scout x4 GPS RC Quadcopter Devo F12E Ilook White FPV2 RTF | eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Walkera-Scout-X4-GPS-RC-Quadcopter-Devo-F12E-ILook-WHITE-FPV2-RTF-/321536247447)

3rd Jan 2015, 18:06
May I be permitted to ask if these toys have any practical use other than for aerial target practice? I can't think of any further application for them that can't be achieved through other more viable means. Thank you.

3rd Jan 2015, 18:47
if these toys have any practical use

Yes ! We experience winds up to 200 kph here (although more usually 150kph) and every now and then I like to check the roof (tiles and chimney stacks). At the moment I climb higher up the mountain and use binocs. A TV-equipped drone would be easier to use than attaching the wife to four govt. surplus meteo balloons and flying her over the roof on a Very Long Rope.

3rd Jan 2015, 18:52
Very good for elevated group photos - no need for high step ladder/scaffolding/building.

Excellent for capturing still/video images of adventure sports (with participants consent) - downhill skiing/snowboarding/cycling, cross-county running, etc.

Brilliant for capturing unusual holiday/travel photos.

Perfect for amateur film makers.

The list goes on....

3rd Jan 2015, 19:05
Ok fair enough thanks.

joy ride
3rd Jan 2015, 20:58
I have to admit that apart from the fun of having a quick go, I too wondered what good use these could be put to. Brother-in-Law is currently building 2 new timber-framed houses and this could be fantastic for getting "work in progress" films.

Thanks for asking, mikedreamer787! It made me think and in seconds I thought of his building projects, always nice if a nice gadget can justify itself!

Great comments folks, many thanks.

joy ride
3rd Jan 2015, 21:23
Cheers, will look at spy cameras too!

3rd Jan 2015, 22:55
Maybe not what the OP is looking for but if you are looking for a drone with or without a camera and don't mind tinkering then have a look on the hobbyking site and the forums.

You can get a decent drone setup for a lot less that the commercial ready built ones.

There are many many uses for these both commercial and none commercial and we will only see more of them.

4th Jan 2015, 00:43
A further bit of info on my collection may be of help here as a well. My last multi rotor is a dji f550 hexcopter about 80 cm diameter with 6 x high power motors on and a sophisticated GPS stabilised control system. It has a gyro stabilised gimbal under it that carries a gopro and takes amazing pictures and video ( I use it to make music videos). Its an amazing bit of kit but not good for a beginner. For starters I had to build it and set it up myself, I would not recommend doing this without plenty of rc experience. Total cost is quite hard to pin down due to all the extras such as battery's but something like £600.
Even with good fpv, its not a good idea to go out of line of sight. Apart from being illegal, you have a couple of kg's of machine with 6 very high speed mincers mounted on them. That is besides the overriding fact of a great deal of money lost if you loose it - a fact often overlooked in the other discussions about lots of idiots using these things.
I would never ever consider putting this anywhere near aviation of the real type with people on board, its a thought not worth thinking of.
One fact not asked yet elsewhere in the other drone threads though is the potential for ingestion of a large model like this in a turbine at speed and I am specifically referring to the 8000 mah lipo that powers it. Its a big battery with a lot of weight and a lot of stored energy, surely this alone is going to cause a donkey some indigestion let alone the rest of the model.