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Tea & Biscuits
1st Jan 2015, 12:30
Currently going through a ever increasing messy divorce. I know our profession does seem to contribute towards this state of affairs, but my question to UK pilots is:

Has anybody successfully enforced a child contact order on the Mother, without having the ability to specify on which days the child resides with the Father in a particular month, due to the problems of only having a Roster 4 weeks in advance.
Most contact orders will dictate every other weekend etc, but clearly cannot do that due to the nature of the job.
Divorce is not on the grounds of anything that would cause concern as to the welfare of the child.

Before we go down the "it is best to try and do this amicably between the Mother & Father" route have tried this.

Also speaking to BALPA, but I am guessing there must be other Aircrew that have been in this situation and your input would be great.

I must stress again. This is UK law.

Thank you

1st Jan 2015, 14:09
I am a ground engineer not a pilot.I was fortunate to be awarded sole custody of my 2 children prior to my divorce.The court made me the childrens custodian but my parents were the children's guardians as I worked in Saudi Arabia at the time - my wife had visitation rights twice a month which I financed.After about a year she ceased to visit which pleased all concerned.This was all processed under Scots Law - there is no UK law.

Kakpipe Cosmonaut
1st Jan 2015, 20:21
Friend of mine with the same issue has got agreement from the company for fixed days off in a month specifically for this.
I feel employment law may be on your side with this.
Good luck.

1st Jan 2015, 21:46
I'm fairly certain there is a precedent in employment law with regard to requesting flexible working arrangements for family issues.

My own experience of it is limited to female teachers requesting part time hours after the birth of their baby.

I believe you have to put your request in writing and your employer has to respond within a certain time period. They are only allowed to refuse for legitimate business reasons. The advice normally given is to try and preempt and address those issues in your initial request.

The CAB should be able to assist with this.

2nd Jan 2015, 13:55