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31st Dec 2014, 22:37
Well, apart from a pudicat.

31st Dec 2014, 22:41
That's what happens when you're eternally grumpy.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you. And your cat.

31st Dec 2014, 22:41
Don't forget that there are PPRuNers . . .

31st Dec 2014, 22:47
t'was an olde saw proclaimed how one spent their new year's was a portend of how one's year would be...filled will inebriated debauchery, or quiet contemplation? Inner peace.. or a night in gaol?

31st Dec 2014, 22:48
G-CPTN Don't forget that there are PPRuNers . . .

... some of whom are fervently wishing they were alone... :suspect:

No pleasing some folks I guess... :(


31st Dec 2014, 22:51
Retired 646 days, live alone. Only up at midnight when I went to bed and could not sleep so got up. Happened once or twice. Doing on demand may be tricky.

Eating dinner with neighbors tomorrow. Even they can't make it to midnight so no reason to go there tonight.

Don't go anywhere else as I don't want to be on the roads.

Can't remember the last time I was up at midnight on New Years Eve.

31st Dec 2014, 22:58
I generally take so much time off during the year that I wind up working New Years. Last year spent NYE in Destruction Bay, Yukon. Pulled in well after midnight; recall there was an impressive bonfire burning, but no one in sight.

Today I was supposed to go to Coldfoot, AK, but we got some freezing rain last night, and one of our oldest, most experienced and conservative drivers went in the ditch, so all out-of-town ops have been cancelled for the day. Hmm, what to do... If the post above is true, this may be the year I become an alcoholic. :zzz:

31st Dec 2014, 23:41
I'm home. So is Mrs Radeng. Tonight's festivities are more than somewhat restrained since receiving the news earlier to night that my 77 year old brother is dying and not expected to last more than a day or maybe three.

It comes to us all......I figure that I'll be in bed by midnight...

Effluent Man
31st Dec 2014, 23:44
Condolences, On my own + pudicat,both loving it!

31st Dec 2014, 23:45
Well, I do have some relatives in the UK (so 30-40 minutes remaining to get an SMS or whatever out to me), though I'm not counting on it.

Unlike Maxbert, I don't (especially communicate) that I wish to be left alone.

IBMJunkman, last few years, I've made a point of going to bed early on the 31st. Even if I'm awoken later on by the horns of yachts etc. in the port. I completely forgot to go to bed earlier this year for some reason. I do smoke heavily, so would not be considered (consider myself) as being acceptable company to the neighbours (except across our common balcony).

ShyTorque, I don't believe that I'm even just a little "eternally grumpy" (though I wish my pudicat was and I'd posted the videos on YouTube - apparently the 'grumpy cat' has earned several US$ millions towards upkeep...)?!

Perhaps one should be somewhat embarassed by spending New Year's eve alone?! Then again, to be honest, I rarely make the effort these days to 'dress-up' anymore than putting on a pair of dirty track-suit bottoms and heavily-stained sweat-shirt when greeting the postman or takeaway delivery.

As G-CPTN says, thank goodness for PPRuNer/s. That way, I can at least pretend to be something I'm not. :ok:

31st Dec 2014, 23:50
oh, God, Airship, would it make you any less grumpier if you know you've brought the first smile of the day on my face? Seriously, at that. As instead of celebration it's been more like evacuation for me :E We had planned to visit my elderly Father with my partner (who hates festivities and goes to bed on principle) to wish him a Happy New Year (as he wanted to be in his home after Christmas) in the morning, but it turned out he had had his 'usual' (about once or month or so) health issue last night, worse than usual and evidently fallen (bruises on his face, doesn't remember a thing), so I decided to take him with me (and I AM thankful I've got his room ready here and him, at his advanced age of 82) and have been trying to work out things for the whole day. People calling me asking if I need help - as if it would help if I ruined their plans.

Well, the fireworks were there, Father is kind of recovering and I'm going to open the champagne I planned to have with my friends. Now I'll drink it alone and get totally drunk, seriously. :E

Happy New Year to everyone!

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGA0uKgpR6qU5TeBIVtRJEfFFuYv2GWqbCUuW7NRr oKZA3OAeA
P.S alone at last and enjoying it. Pfui!
P.P.S and I'm cat-sitting for my daughter's kitty, who teamed up with our dachs - meaning, she pushed or pulled the black pudding off the table and the dachs ate it.
P.P.P.S got coffee on my wireless keyboard in the morning, too.
P.P.P.P.S I did dress up, though. A dark green velvet I've never worn, dunno why. Know what? Made me feel much better! :)

1st Jan 2015, 00:01
probes, your dad may appreciate a sip of good Scotch (instead of champagne - much over-rated IMHO). I opened my 1st bottle of (cheap) Scotch this evening - Ballantine's after about 5 months of consuming Heineken beer only.

No wonder I'm able to truthfully bare-all here tonight... :hmm:

1st Jan 2015, 00:09
Give your cats tummy a rub from me.

And happy new year to you both!

1st Jan 2015, 00:10
thanks, Airship, he certainly would, not so sure about his doc...:hmm:
Anyway, happy new year!
(before I get too drunk to type on my brand-new wireless keyboard (better than the one I spilled coffee on when I had called Father and understood it's bad) - the daught's fiancÚ would've taken it to tiny pieces, cleaned and dried and put together again, but as they're away and I could've taken it to tiny pieces and then what? - so, the new one is better in some aspects).
Anyway. It's a privilege to be alone sometimes, you know.

P.S if it were whiskey, it would be Tullamore for me, I guess.

1st Jan 2015, 00:23
Not alone here, Mrs. Con of course, but also our daughter and our 2 year old grandson who left her husband (YES! YES! FINALLY, HOORAY! :D:D) Thanksgiving Day and moved back in with us.

But,,,,living a with a 2 year old, full time,,,,at 67.....

Airship, if I bring my own Scotch, got room for me? :\

Probes, glad your father is doing better, Happy New Year.

Oh, if airship doesn't have room, might you? Just for a while mind you, just need a break from a 2 year old.

I'll bring some Tullamore with me, have a bottle in my bar I can grab.

1st Jan 2015, 00:28
Not the most cheerful of New Year threads I┤ve read. Though it may have started on a less than happy note, may it improve as it goes on, for all Ppruners.

Happy January 2015 through to a fantastic December 2015 and beyond!!!!

1st Jan 2015, 00:32
I'm still here - I've been sending diagrams (for truck brakes) to a truc owner in New Zealand who has taken his brakes apart and wants to know how to put them back together.
To download the images from my camera I have had to use a different (new) computer which operates with Windows 8 - which I am struggling to understand. I think I have managed - but I'm back on the Windows 7 despite its shortcomings (won't work of the battery, some keys sticky, SD card reader doesn't work, nor does USB so I cannot download images from my camera - oh and the computer randomly switches off - and drops the wireless connection to the router which needs a reboot - thus the new computer with its dreaded W8 - God how I hate it (W8 that is).)

New computer should be quicker - Intel Celeron N2840, 8GB DDR3 memory and 1000 GB HDD but it seems to spend its time with the rotating circle icon and take longer to boot than this wheezy failing laptop.

Must consider contemplating sleep before my medication kicks in.

Happy New Year!

1st Jan 2015, 00:39
Happy New Year! I also spent the turn alone and happy with it. Got disoriented misses early enough on medication to relax a bit.

1st Jan 2015, 00:40
2 a.m., just got home from evening in a French cafe/restaurant with delightful German friends, otherwise all French, owners friends of ours. Highlight was the singer they hired, possibly a transvestite, maybe not, but a ringer for "Edith" from Allo Allo. And her singing had the same effect...finally. Oh yes and cheese was served.

But an evening with a cat ? Can't beat it.

1st Jan 2015, 00:42
That's what happens when you're eternally grumpy.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you. And your cat.

Many years of Pruning have taught me that the above is both very funny and very apt :ok:

1st Jan 2015, 00:44
con-pilot - some things might be 'difficult' - but at least you get to see the development of your grandson as well as seeing your daughter - something some people don't get the chance of, or if they do it is brief visit of a couple of days two or three times a year.

My elderly (89 year old) neighbour has just had a 24 hour visit from his son from Canada (previously he was based in Germany) still working for the Army, but now as a civilian dealing with re-housing soldiers and returning their living quarters to civilian occupation.
I don't expect that he will see him again - at least not before the advancing dementia has taken his soul from him.

I'm snacking on the last of the Christmas Stilton cheese and will, later, finish the remains of the Christmas pudding with double cream.

1st Jan 2015, 00:44
So, G-C - don't fix it until it's broken? WHY can't they? :E

con - sure. I LOVE 2-yr olds. I really do. And the ones to deliver them. Especially if you have some champagne, too!

OK, now I'm totally too drunk. "May the 2015 not suck too much" - as a friend prooner said. :E

OFSO: " a ringer for "Edith" from Allo Allo" ... how could anything possibly be SO funny??!

1st Jan 2015, 00:45
For some strange reason (well beyond my own comprehension), I no longer feel (quite) so alone... :ok:

On the other hand this night (regardless of being the 31st Dec.), just like any other, will have significant implications in the wild. Hungry lions in Africa (if not in eastern Europe) will still be hunting prey. Herbivores in NZ (under Kim John Smith-Un) probably don't appreciate the priviledged lives they lead. I don't know how they all manage to live normally whilst being terrorised day and night. Even (or especially) when they're (or we're) addressed by our elected leaders. Instead of playing golf in Hawaii or whatever, I'd find it more reassuring if they'd show us pictures of our great leaders comforting wild animals more often.

1st Jan 2015, 00:57
I've often wondered where the Kiwi shoe polish comes from - do the birds secrete it?

1st Jan 2015, 01:04
con-pilot - some things might be 'difficult' - but at least you get to see the development of your grandson as well as seeing your daughter - something some people don't get the chance of, or if they do it is brief visit of a couple of days two or three times a year.

Oh I know, I was just kidding (kind of :p), but I'd always considered my job with the grand kids, six now, was to have them come by for a few days, spoil them rotten and then send them home after loading them up with sweets and lots of chocolate.

But now I can't send the two year old home, he is home and I'm still spoiling him rotten and giving him lots of sweets and chocolate.

Anyway, now off to cook New Years Eve dinner. Veal Oscar.


We still have five hours to go.

1st Jan 2015, 02:16
Alone on NYE ? I always am.Usually working on New Years Day anyway.

Couldn't care less.I fill the moat with crocs,raise the drawbridge and set the Claymores ( this side towards the p*ssed f*ckwits) :p

Too many idiots out there ! One thing I'm cognisant of is that it isn't just alcohol that people are over consuming on NYE.The prevalence of methamphetamines means people are now being beaten to death for no reason at all.Be careful out there.

Happy New Year !

1st Jan 2015, 05:06
"There was a man whose name was Lang,

..and he had a neon sign,

As Mister Lang was rather old, it was known as Old Lang's Sign.

Old Lang's Sign my dear! Old Lang's Sign..

Lets pay a hundred bucks Chumley,

.. for Old Lang's Sign".


1st Jan 2015, 05:08
Still three hours to go here. Not going anywhere. The village is "Sans Alcohol' tonight, not that we are bar frequenters anyway.

Five of the kids were here for three whole days over Christmas and three fiancees. Two months looking forward to them coming and two days looking forward to them going! Well, not really, but I don't remember them being that noisy. How did we ever put up with that? Fatiguing too. Done a lot of sleeping since they left!

Quiet night in tonight. Nice meal, TIVO TV (don't have to watch the dreadful NYE stuff,) and maybe, for me, a glass of something.

Madam has gone to bed. I'll stay up but only because I do every night.

A very good New Year to you all.

1st Jan 2015, 06:01
I spent NYE in the company of my girlfriend's dog George.


He's the brown one. The other dog is a fake.

George isn't much of a conversationalist, but we spent the evening happily enough.

1st Jan 2015, 08:07
I'm home. So is Mrs Radeng. Tonight's festivities are more than somewhat restrained since receiving the news earlier to night that my 77 year old brother is dying and not expected to last more than a day or maybe three.

It comes to us all......I figure that I'll be in bed by midnight...

Sorry to hear that Radeng.....:sad:

1st Jan 2015, 08:19
In my thoughts Radeng.

Loose rivets
1st Jan 2015, 09:41
Thanks for the tread, airship. Happy new year to you and the puddy cat.

I was faced with my first year alone in this little borrowed house. The person formally known as the Rivetess had dropped our Skype call from Texas after 2:50 secs in favor of our daughter and kids. We're separated, but I'd hoped for a call. It still hasn't come.

I happened to pop into the WFYC (yacht club) at lunch time and they persuaded me to go to the evening do. I put on my thermal long-johns and set off on my trusty bike. I got a warm welcome and a very warm log fire in this stunningly restored almost historic building. (the tower was a seaplane spotting tower at Holland on Sea) Take thermals off and put them with huge sheepskin I hadn't worn for 25 years. Oddly, like my jacket, it had got smaller. ( I wish we could say gotten - such a useful word.)

The bar staff looked stunning in their Hollywood theme outfits and were warm and attentive as were all the other members. I tried hard to maintain a smile, not too difficult with such company but there were moments of the deepest blackness and heartache . . . when I remembered I'd got a bike instead of a designated driver. :p

I tucked my long-johns into my sheepskin and braced myself for unaccustomed cold. First winter in 11 years. Marilyn Monroe called my name. I went back in and she was holding my fluffy knickers in her hand.
"Did you drop these?"

There was no answer to that.

I slung a plastic bag with enough leftovers for ten meals onto the handle bar and checked to see if the tidal road was dry. More or less. Bike light = one torch. No matter, I know a track via lanes and fields.

After five minutes my head was freeeeeezing. I cussed, I was sober enough to have bought the car. I pulled my wooly hat hard on and folded it up and then fiddled with my torch. Buggah, it's gone wrong. Buggah, it's bloody dark, though there'd been a moon moments before. Buggah, I've gone blind . . . Oh no I haven't, the wooly hat's over my eyes. Phew!

Probably best I go via the fields on me bike.

Happy new year everyone.

1st Jan 2015, 10:35
Spent the early part of the evening amused with Jnr Fliegs friends being over....all about 16-19 years old....about 15 of them...and as we were specifically 'baby sitting' one of them, Mrs Fliegs stayed at home to keep an eye on them.

I was given a 'leave pass' to go to one of the Gym class girls' house. I stayed there with several of teh girls, dancing drinking partying.....with the proviso I was home before 'Pumpkin hour'...so as I could kiss Mrs Fliegs for midnight......

Apparently I arrived home, stumbled through door, showered, brushed teeth and crashed out with about 30 mins left to midnight!...:(

Ah well... :}

Happy 2015 Everyone!!!

1st Jan 2015, 11:04
I'd got a bike instead of a designated driver.

Fond memories of my early days in Germany, making my way home on foot over the fields in deepest winter, me full of various liquids and tinctures.

One guy fell asleep on his horse on the way home. Awoke next morning in the stable next to his snoring horse, where he - the guy - had fallen, without waking up, as the horse lay down after a few mouthfuls of hay.

No modern means of transport will safely take you home when p*ssed.

1st Jan 2015, 11:23
Ohh, but how many times has one made ones way home via bicycle...usually falling of it..

1st Jan 2015, 11:37
Embarrassing New Year's morning many years ago. A group of friends, mostly single, came round for the evening and left just after midnight, at which point one of the girls declared her undying love for me and naturally spent the night to prove the point.

As I'd had quite a lot to drink my memory of the previous evening and night was a bit hazy when I woke up but I was on my own in bed and felt like some company so I rang a girl I used to see on a fairly casual basis and invited her round for breakfast, including a bit of pork sword.

She arrived a bit later and after saying hello went into the bathroom where the girl from the night before was relaxing in the bath!

1st Jan 2015, 11:50
knowing someone who was killed with his wife, and his son seriously injured when a methamphetamine drugged youth ran a red light at speed last year I am more than happy to spent NY eve at home.

The "bad apple" kids of today are extremely selfish and ruin it for everyone. Thankfully our coppers have made the public areas alcohol free zones this year, and a few days ago whilst on my bike I witnessed the police tell this complete dork with beer in hand that he is not allowed to consume alcohol in public. The dork put his unfinished beer bottle in the bin in such a way that he would be able to retrieve it later, unfortunately for him the copper was on to it and shook the bin really well.

One of my neighbours is in the service industry and usually celebrates festive days like this with his family. Thankfully he plays out aloud a good choice of noncommercial music.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2015 be a good one.

1st Jan 2015, 12:38
Another one of the "home alone" set here, though fortunately I'm able to be comfortable in my own skin, and retired to bed around 11pm last night. We often used to do that when my late wife was still with me, so no change there! Mind you, I still miss the cuddles.

Was watching a recently acquired DVD in bed ("Six Days, Seven Nights" with Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, and a scrumptious De Havilland Beaver) for the umpteenth time - I really like it. But the Sandman pulled my eyelids down with fairy dust, and I fell asleep just after they force-landed on the island beach.

To be awoken by the outbreak of WW3 outside in my normally quiet rural haven. Fireworks heralding 2015 seemed to be composed of massive bangers. Oh, joy!!

Anyway, slightly belated best wishes to all of you for a Happy New Year, and maybe better luck to those for whom it hasn't started as well as it might have done ... :):):ok:

1st Jan 2015, 15:43

This appeared in the Telegraph, with the caption : "A young couple have a romantic meal for two in Manchester"
It encapsulates so much of what is wrong with society in the UK and elsewhere. Still, at least it's not a pavement pizza.

I'd rather spend the evening alone ..........

1st Jan 2015, 16:01
Don't knock the young people of today - they have fewer hangups than my generation, they do not give a bugger about race,religion, colour or sexual orientation.That to me is a vast improvement on the attitudes of my youth.

Loose rivets
1st Jan 2015, 16:05
She arrived a bit later and after saying hello went into the bathroom where the girl from the night before was relaxing in the bath!

Aaaaaaagh! What could one do? I suppose, addressing the newly bathed one, keep a straight face and say, Well, last night you suggested a threesome. Don't say you've changed your mind!

What the heck you'd say to the newly arrived, I have no idea.:p

1st Jan 2015, 18:59
t'was an olde saw proclaimed how one spent their new year's was a portend of how one's year would be...

Whilst I don't want to give credence to such portends, I have experienced the above phenomena enough times to make it more than a coincidence. As it happens last night's NYE was very nice and it makes me feel very positive regarding 2015. Happy New Year to all :ok:


1st Jan 2015, 19:12
I'm an idiot, 603DX.

When I read "and a scrumptious De Havilland Beaver" I thought, no actress could call herself that! Increasingly, I come across names of apparently well-known young ladies I've never heard of, so I google-imaged, if that's the right term, 'her' to have a look.

Nothin' but the seaplane. I grow old...

Ancient Mariner
1st Jan 2015, 19:19
In the mountains, snow, three grandchildren, wife, 200 GBP worth of fireworks, bottle of Bollinger, bottle of Montecillo Gran Reserva, lobster, pheasants, fresh fruits marinated in honey syrup.
Happy 2015!

1st Jan 2015, 19:26
Very stylish, Per. I looked up Bertebu, and behold:


Ancient Mariner
1st Jan 2015, 22:28
RJM, been looking at your picture for a while, am none the wiser.
Just sold Bertebu, last Yule and New Year's Eve festivities up here.Take over date January 16, will be a sad, sad day. :{

2nd Jan 2015, 13:38
probes wrote:

Well, the fireworks were there, Father is kind of recovering and I'm going to open the champagne I planned to have with my friends. Now I'll drink it alone and get totally drunk, seriously

Ya should've called me probes. I would have helped you drink it! :ok:

2nd Jan 2015, 14:44
What the heck you'd say to the newly arrived, I have no idea.

Perhaps "here's one I made earlier" ?

2nd Jan 2015, 15:41
Per, I opened the page for the picture that came up under 'Bertebu' and it appears to be one of yours! It was posted around November 2012 when you were building your timber shed. Whoever bought the place gets a very fine shed. How strong is that aquavit, by the way?