View Full Version : There's no limit to Kim's talents

31st Dec 2014, 18:18
LiveLeak.com - Kim shows off talent by personally piloting aircraft

(except that all the work is being done from the other seat)

31st Dec 2014, 18:24
As well as the guy at 1:00.

31st Dec 2014, 18:29
The commentator rabbits a lot!

31st Dec 2014, 18:46
The commentator either rabbits a lot or gets fed to the dogs. :}

31st Dec 2014, 18:51
There were times when I thought the commenter was gonna have an orgasm.

Does anyone here have a Korean GF who can translate the rabbiting? Just curious.

tony draper
31st Dec 2014, 18:57
Useless buggah, his grandpa didn't need no aeroplane if he wanted to fly.:rolleyes:

31st Dec 2014, 19:07
There's no limit to Kim's talents

Not a fighter, is it?
Must be a target then :E

31st Dec 2014, 19:09
Don't we have an expert on NK who could arrange a translation?

31st Dec 2014, 19:25
Why aren't all these new threads simply incorporated into other "NK" threads (or even a global "NK hamster-wheel" thread)? I'm just guessing that Sallyann1234 and others, are just too lazy to search for and add their latest mind-blowing contributions to an already-open one.

YAWN... :zzz:

31st Dec 2014, 19:36
These are the controls he was hanging onto.


31st Dec 2014, 20:28
There are no limits to his talents!

31st Dec 2014, 20:39
Was he looking through the dinner menu at the beginning?

31st Dec 2014, 21:03
Hilarious! :p Two handed death grip just like any other newby. Infallible Great Leader or not, the right seater had his hands on both the throttle and yoke.

Orgasmic commentator indeed.

Looks like a fairly modern ride; where did he get something that nice?

I wonder if anyone has pointed out that the background music is decidedly western, even American? Check back in an hour, see if it has been changed to a more local style...

It is a good measure of how pathetic he is that the silly twit doesn't even realize how badly he's shooting himself in the foot with this sort of thing. To be fair though, I can't even imagine what his upbringing must have been like. :eek:

31st Dec 2014, 21:24
Well I was always told that one could teach a monkey to fly.

Now we have proof. :p

31st Dec 2014, 22:21
It must be at least somewhat reassuring to all those here prevaricating from the comfort of their armchairs. Probably 3,000 miles+ away from any immediate affects from the actions of their own government-financed hooligans. On the eve of 2015, the USA is the most (militarily-powerful) nation on the planet. A little more than 200 years ago, the USA didn't even exist...?!

If your intention is to convince everyone else with whom you share this planet with that your own intentions are wholly pure: you have some ways to go...?!

John Hill
1st Jan 2015, 05:12
Looks like a fairly modern ride; where did he get something that nice?

I expect it is an An-148.

John Hill
1st Jan 2015, 05:41
Meanwhile, back on the ground..

BBC News - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un proposes talks (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30647442)

1st Jan 2015, 06:49
Was he looking through the dinner menu at the beginning?

Pie in the sky?

1st Jan 2015, 07:21
I reckon a lot of the shots look like simulator graphics, especially the runway. Anyone else?

1st Jan 2015, 08:53
Well, we have made it all the way to 2015 to still be the most powerful, in military, economic, political, cultural .... Dang but we're good, even coming in a strong second in sheep-raising thanks to our Basque immigrants! That we are only in third place when it comes to cigar-rolling, well, we are working on that one, re-training former fanatics in that handicraft prior to releasing them into "care in the community" on the largest island in the Antilles to see what effect that may have on our strongest rival in that field.

North Korea, on the other hand, now may be seen to be making great strides in civil aviation with the invention of the multi-page, A4-size, loose-format checklist, coupled with Kim Jong Un's recent invention of the glass cockpit.

Perhaps, though, what the Kimster was leafing through there was merely the menu for the Captain's catering. Whatever that was, the DPRK, ably assisted by its many foreign friends and admirers (now numbering one less with the sad loss of Dennis Rodman to them), may well catch up or even pass us in the next two or three millennia, assuming that we either stall or start a long slide backwards towards the year 1929, approximately.

blue up
1st Jan 2015, 10:24
It would be a brave FO who said "I have control".

1st Jan 2015, 11:27
It would be a brave FO who said "YOU have control"?

P6 Driver
1st Jan 2015, 11:40
Will the flying clothing catch on?

Noah Zark.
1st Jan 2015, 11:48
It's a pity the guy in the right-hand seat wasn't sitting on a Martin Baker. At an opportune time, he could have left old Kim Jong Fat Un to his own talents!