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31st Dec 2014, 09:25
A member of Europe's oldest hacker collective The Chaos Computer Club, has claimed to have developed a method to copy fingerprints using a common digital camera. According to CNET , Jan Krislerr's demo included creating a copy of fingerprint's of Germany's Federal Minister of Defence , Ursula von der Leyden, using a software called VeriFinger . However , Leyen's office refused to comment . -ANI

31st Dec 2014, 09:46
Twas only a matter of time....infact its old news anyway, there's been technology out there since 2012 (see here (http://www.aos-inc.com/index.php/products/biometrics-new/airprint-new)) that can collect finger prints from 3 metres away. No doubt the hush-hush brigade already have stuff that can do better than 3 !

But this is a good example of why you have layered security in place, so that you don't place all your authentication or authorisation reliance on one mechanism.... two-factor authentication a.k.a. "something you have and something you know" should be de-minimis for anything of significance these days (from online banking upwards).

31st Dec 2014, 11:40
De minimis ... too small to be worth worrying about ... causes me grief when I think something we want to do in the Grade I listed church is de minimis (so no Consents needed) and then one of the conservation bodies pipes up that they disagree.

Let's hope my bank doesn't get into that!