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30th Dec 2014, 21:50
Do any memorable NYE celebrations come to mind?

My most memorable one was 40 years ago, NYE 1974 in Bougainville, party at friends' house (still our best friends). Nothing special, just great people, good music, lots of dancing and, of course, a couple of quiet drinks.

While typing this, I've just remembered NYE 1964 (was that really 50 years ago?), me 18, went to Manly with a 21 year old Austrian girl, Trudy. The age difference seemed immense then, wonder where she is now. Now that was a memorable New Years Eve too.

30th Dec 2014, 22:08
1990/1991 - I was on 48 hour standby to deploy to the Gulf, and in London pubbing and clubbing with my cousin (who managed an athletics track). Said cousin would walk straight up to the bouncers and announced my status; F1250 shown and we had free, instant entry anywhere, even after official closing, and mostly free drinks inside. Around 3am, we were in a minicab with 4 friends who were rather large black guys, sprinters as it happened, but the Police obviously jumped to a different conclusion as we were suddenly surrounded by armed officers. After production of F1250, the fuzz went away again. Partied on till dawn. :ok:

30th Dec 2014, 22:53
Yep, 2004/2005. Sitting in Grenada after Hurricane Ivan nearly destroyed or severely damaged every single structure four months earlier.

Minimal electricity in the hotel, no TV/radio, limited lukewarm water, no bar, no restaurant, not much of anything.

Not even the internet! GASP! :eek:

But found a lady on the side of a road near the hotel selling cold beer and the best jerk chicken I've ever eaten. So my co-pilot and I sat on boxes with the lady and her family, watching the stars and talking, drinking beer and eating chicken.

So, had to be the most memorable New Year’s ever.

The best was brining in the new century, 2000, in Aspen at my then boss's mountain home with my wife at a black tie event, very, very posh.

Oh, the couple sitting next to us at the table was a former Secretary of State and his wife. Like I said, a very posh affair.

30th Dec 2014, 23:05
Nothing special, just great people, good music, lots of dancing and, of course, a couple of quiet drinks.

And that, in a nutshell is what often constitutes a great NY celebration, or for that matter any other. Yes you can party hard through until dawn, (if she doesn't object), but too often the expectation of a great night is dulled by the boorish behaviour of others and being squashed like a can of sardines with a mass of strangers. I'm a bit of a contrarian in such situations, so more often than not take it easy and let it go it's way. One year I ran a 10K race in Central Park that started on the stroke of midnight and the first 10mins was accompanied by the massive New Years firework display exploding above us, which was truly surreal, shades of WW1 for softies. Another one was consummating an up until then platonic relationship, pre-arranged to step over that threshold at midnight after a few cosy drinks.

Whatever and wherever, may all the JBers have a happy and pleasant NY eve celebration and if one may be so brash to wish all a positive and prosperous 2015 :ok:


30th Dec 2014, 23:22
My NYEs from 1961 to 1970 were all similar - and great fun.
I returned to my parents (and caught up with my pals - male and female) and we 'did the rounds' of various houses where serious entertaining was offered.
I remember collecting the milk from the doorstep when I returned home to bed, such was the timing of these 'all-nighters'.
Eventually the pals moved on and away and the group broke up (indeed, I peeled-off and married in 1971 which probably ended it for me).

Happy days . . .

31st Dec 2014, 06:17
One of the funniest - around the beginning of the 80s, the guy who had agreed with my Mom we'd get married (good old-fashioned way and all, just had forgotten to inform me :)) was visiting us and some guys also came by to wish us well (doing the 'rounds' like G-Cptn), and when I went to say good-bye to them to the front door, they grabbed me and carried away. Sans my boots. Don't remember about how cold it was, and I did weigh some 10 kg less than now, but still... it was quite a long way to go. And of course I couldn't go back because I didn't want to do a stocking-walk in snow.
Father and the guy (Mom's favorite) came later, no hard feelings (openly at least), and they had a sleigh to take me back home.
Might have brought the boots, rather :).

And another one some 15 years before that, when it had suddenly turned into plus-temperatures and there was sleet and rain, and a small wood-processing facility in our village caught fire. It was a minor incident, but of course no mobile phones or anything, and I remember how we tried to get there (I went with Father, of course!), roads and paths were wet and sometimes it was up to the ankles, and all that on ice. So, we were struggling to move forward, keeping the balance, and so was most of the village, trying to get there and do something. Great fun for a teenager, not that much for the people of the facility. Even though there was no big damage, but still.

For me the fireworks are great fun. I understand it's childish, but still - that's the sign of the beginning of the new year for me. And champagne.

(P.S didn't marry either of them, actually.)

31st Dec 2014, 06:49
A crew party in New York. Around 00.02 One of my mates came up to me and said " If the other side were more co-operative, we could all have been tucked up in bed hours ago, and not had to put up with all this crap."

Never a truer word.

31st Dec 2014, 07:39
In contrast to all the partying etc. I was posted to Germany three days before Christmas '55. As the new boy on the sqdn, I was immediately placed on airfield guard on New Year's Eve.
Just before midnight, when our shift began, we were dropped off on the far side of the airfield. On the other side of the perimeter fence was a forest through which the cold wind was howling, snow was falling and it was pitch black! Scared moi?
Patrolling back and forth for two hours was probably the loneliest and most miserable 2 hrs I've ever spent.
I went on to enjoy some fabulous NYE parties, especially in Malaysia where we stalwarts would keep going until dawn to also celebrate NYE in the UK.
At the stroke of midnight however I often used to pause and reflect on that 'orrible night in '55.
These days me and Mrs G are usually long tucked up in bed come the midnight hour.