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30th Dec 2014, 15:18
I was invited to name a future group of girls in early to mid-teens by one of the Mums.

I suggested Thunder Thighs which the girls loved but mums were not too keen.

Your suggestions?

30th Dec 2014, 15:22
To cross the divide between 2014 and 2015 as a banned animal would be too catastrophic to be bearable and so, in a style of descriptive moderation, how about The Cherry Blossoms?

30th Dec 2014, 15:38
How can we decide without PICTURES ?

30th Dec 2014, 15:55
Tiller Girls?

30th Dec 2014, 15:55
The Nymphettes? :E

30th Dec 2014, 16:01
Buster Hyman and the Penetrators

Solid Rust Twotter
30th Dec 2014, 16:15
Just Kickin'

Hot Rhythm Stomp Gang

Low Flier
30th Dec 2014, 16:16
Pun's People.

30th Dec 2014, 16:17
Savile Row? :E

Sorry, sorry....! :O

Low Flier
30th Dec 2014, 16:22
Hill's Angels

30th Dec 2014, 16:26
My ex g/f was part of a group of 'Spanish' dancers in CPT, but they weren't Spanish, except for her, and the woman in charge was a foul mouthed obnoxious Jewish girl. She called them 'Las Gitanas' (the Gypsies)

After a few months of driving them around the Cape Province and being 'roady', sound engineer, emotional supporter, etc, I had a stand up fight with the woman just as they were about to come on stage. She called me some names I won't repeat here, thinking the microphone was off, which it was until I flipped the switch and broadcast her tirade to 200 people.

From then on, they were known as 'Las Putanas de Mierda', and unfortunately a review of them under that name appeared in a local newspaper. How they got hold of that I've no idea!

30th Dec 2014, 16:28
Bouncing Boobies.

30th Dec 2014, 16:57
I say Lowflier

Those gals from NK? If so one could name them the Kim Jong Umets.

30th Dec 2014, 17:14
Cape...."I had a stand up fight with the woman just as they were about to come on stage."

This is all getting very naughty/suggestive... Carry on

30th Dec 2014, 17:18
If NK advanced towards me with that lot,
I'd be very tempted to defect on the spot.....

30th Dec 2014, 20:30
Knees Up !

30th Dec 2014, 20:35
Jail Bait :E

30th Dec 2014, 20:37
That was one of my thoughts too, but I left it unsaid.

30th Dec 2014, 20:42
Donna and Blitzen.

Lon More
30th Dec 2014, 20:55
Big Jugs - an irish Dance group

30th Dec 2014, 20:57
The Wrongettes.

Low Flier
31st Dec 2014, 00:37
Beat about the bush

Low Flier
31st Dec 2014, 00:51
I say Lowflier
Those gals from NK?

Yup. I guess they get their knickers from Marx & Spencer.

Here's how eight of them look without makeup:

31st Dec 2014, 02:01
Low Flier.

Is that a still from a video? If so, link please. :E (the first pic, not the second)

31st Dec 2014, 04:01
Early to mid-teens? They're children then. Yet there are still plenty of lewd comments about them rather than clever. Even some of the "witty" suggestions are crude. C'mon, guys, I'm sure at least some of you must have young daughters of your own.

31st Dec 2014, 10:57

I bet you had a real merry Christmas. Life and soul of the party, you were!

As a new year resolution I suggest you promise to never ever fancy teen girls with long legs.

31st Dec 2014, 11:09
Bluey: the age of consent for sexual intercourse is 16 where I live. Same for the age to marry, although may be as low as 14 with a waiver. (Presumably having got the waiver the age of consent of 16 no longer applies, otherwise you'd be having a pretty dismal honeymoon).

Hence "mid-teens" are considered adults as far as making decisions is concerned.

31st Dec 2014, 11:23
Those "beauties" on post 24 look very legal to me but shouldn't be. Legalities aside, that's about it! :}

31st Dec 2014, 12:44
Another thought I had was Pants People but kept that one to myself.

Bluey, do lighten up!

31st Dec 2014, 13:12
Pants People - I like it!

31st Dec 2014, 13:22
Those comments about what I said are exactly the same thing I hear in court time after time. "It was only a bit of fun", "lighten up" and so on. There is something truly disturbing about men making sexual comments about children ... and some of the posts written here were definitely in that category. I don't give a rats if I'm not considered to be "the life of the party" it is a matter of complete indifference to me. I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing grown men leering at children and making suggestive remarks about them. Not ever going to lighten up on this one.

31st Dec 2014, 13:42
Are you a repeat offender?

31st Dec 2014, 13:47

Would you be referring to the 2nd and last photo? Would you be in the front of that photo?

31st Dec 2014, 15:25
How about...... Girls R Us

31st Dec 2014, 15:39
Bluey is a court official. :=

31st Dec 2014, 18:36
I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing grown men leering at children and making suggestive remarks about them. Not ever going to lighten up on this one Nor should you, if that's what your 'life ambition' boils down to. But on the other hand, the World would indeed be a very desolate place if everyone's efforts and dreams of all varieties ever came true, however worthy...?! Think about it Bluey. You're not going to be able to change 'thousands of years of evolution' in your own lifetime. Causa perdita...?! Many have attempted to be rid of their own thorns: in recent history, that would easily include Jews, Islamists, queers and even paedophiles. Or just stray cats. That's an extremely incomplete listing by the way. Anyway, back to the main subject.

vulcanised never actually said what sort of 'dance' this particular dance group (for which he'd been invited us all to suggest a name) were performing (just the age of the dancers)...?!

Latino dance is still popular is it not? In which case, may I suggest "Las Virgindades" as a suitable name for this particular age-group? "See the show before they become irrelevent...?!" By this time, one hopes they're familiar with condones (even if I don't personally condone the situationnes).

Or why not simply the 14-18s: with all the 'Poppy-appeal' and current commemoration of WWI etc., this might promulgate their relevence until 2018...?!

But I'm sure someone will one day make a movie about it all: "Cronica de Las Virgindades Anunciada del JetBlast (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronicle_of_a_Death_Foretold)".

PS. OFSO might be able to help with any erroneous translation on my part...?!

PPS. If you're an Ozzie, why not just blame all your woes on the Aboriginals? After all, are not cats and other 'introduced species' today considered as 'pests'?! At least from some legal stand-point...?! :(

Loose rivets
31st Dec 2014, 18:45
I'm confused. Where are the children? Those females are women 20 and more.

31st Dec 2014, 19:13
I guess Blue Diamond never enjoyed the old (or even new) St. Trinian's films then.

31st Dec 2014, 19:17
If there are merely 20 and/or more women left here today, Shirley, it's time they were all put in a zoo. For the preservation of species?!

Violent men may eventually die-out. It may take a bit longer for women with a cause to do so also.

Bonobos be happy (even if you don't have the internet). :confused:

G&T ice n slice
1st Jan 2015, 13:16
In keeping with Bluey's diktat, may I suggest

(a) The Burqettes
(b) the Niqabettes

1st Jan 2015, 14:57
How about 'The Suspenders'...........sorry bluey;)

2nd Jan 2015, 14:34
The style of dance isn't mentioned but possibly:

Hot Taps
Rubber Band
In the Groove


2nd Jan 2015, 15:21
The latest proposal under consideration is Dream Team.

When I commented it seems a bit 'airy fairy' they even started considering that!

Should have said 'arty farty'.

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Jan 2015, 18:18
The Septimus Cringe Terpsichorean Revue

or blatantly stolen from Zimmerman et cie

The Rolling Thunder Revue.

2nd Jan 2015, 20:54
Having now seen them perform in rehearsal I have to report a distinct lack of elegance.

Thud & Blunder might be a good choice.

2nd Jan 2015, 21:42
Presumably they will improve - you cannot expect perfection without rehearsal and training.

2nd Jan 2015, 21:44
How about Brava!

3rd Jan 2015, 01:24
I'd be very tempted to defect on the spot.....

Isn't there a typo spelling error in there, somewhere ?

All those NK Army girls are wearing the same coloured knickers, wonder who gets to check that they are obeying orders, and is the job vacant ?

Guess the Regimental Stores chit reads - black drawers, female soldiers for the use of.

3rd Jan 2015, 01:37
Back to the OP...

Dansettes? Or Dancettes?

(I recall this as an electric record player from the early 1960s).

Random SLF
3rd Jan 2015, 15:03
As a logical progression from the Spice Girls, then the Sugababes, how about: the Honey Trap

Edit: On second thoughts, scrap that; they'll get nicknamed the Clap Trap.

Okay, since the girls themselves liked Thunder Thighs, how about... Mandy Python's Flying Circus

3rd Jan 2015, 15:33
I'd be very tempted to defect on the spot.....

Isn't there a typo spelling error in there, somewhere ?

No, I don't think so; I think my first thought, that it's a new euphemism that some of us hadn't heard until now, is correct.