View Full Version : Can I get Google Earth to display an OS grid

26th Dec 2014, 22:21
Hi all...I wonder...anybody point me in the direction to a conversion table/site for converting an O/S grid ref to Lat/Long.


Terry Dactil
26th Dec 2014, 22:24
Yes. Try this.
Marking an OS Grid Reference position on a Google Map | Ian Devlin (http://www.iandevlin.com/blog/2010/12/javascript/marking-an-os-grid-reference-position-on-a-google-map)

27th Dec 2014, 16:36
Thanks Terry...looks a bit involved...I suppose thinking about it...all I need is a way to convert an O/S Grid Ref to Lat/Long...I can then find that position on Google Earth,

So I should have asked how do I convert an O/S ref to lat/long...I will edit my heading to suit.


27th Dec 2014, 17:07
Nearby.org.uk - Location Searches - Points of Interest - UK - GB and Ireland (http://www.nearby.org.uk/)

27th Dec 2014, 18:27
Thanks, goldfrog, for that very useful link.

'Further or in the alternative', here's another one which might be handy, depending on Nick's actual activity:

Streetmap - Maps and directions for the whole of Great Britain (http://www.streetmap.co.uk)

- search for your location of interest (by whatever option) and, when the map appears, click on the link just below it (where it says "Click here to convert coordinates").

- you will be presented with a table displaying six- and ten-figure grid references, both traditional and decimal latitude & longitude (and other stuff) ..... quite brilliant, really.

Incidentally, I find their displays of high-res Ordnance Survey map sections on couple of their scale settings very useful indeed.

( ... so I must tip my hat to those helpful folks at Streetmap).

27th Dec 2014, 19:33
The OS site will also convert between coordinate systems (OS-Net | Ordnance Survey (http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/gps/transformation)) and there is a downloadable spreadsheet linked on the same page.

27th Dec 2014, 19:47
If you actually want to see aerial photography with OS coordinates, this site will do it for you:

Login (http://www.natureonthemap.naturalengland.org.uk/MagicMap.aspx)