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25th Dec 2014, 03:43
Merry Xmas all.
I am sure for most this is a great time of year but I am looking for those in not such a great location for the hols probably due to work.
If I can start this with the fact that personally I am on one of the nastiest oil rigs I have ever been too, not far from the coast of Libya. Not a sign of Xmas decoration, turkey very unlikely and even the Christmas booze to cheer things up is strictly forbidden. Just to top it all, I am probably stuck here till mid Jan, hence the thread title.
Anyone else have temporary tales of woe requiring an encouraging word this Yuletide?

25th Dec 2014, 03:59
Merry Xmas to you too.

A lot of people feel a bit down at Christmas,including some of those who live alone,who have no family,or whose families have all passed away.And crews on cargo ships plying the world's oceans for weeks on end. I have experienced what you are feeling,being in the middle of a foreign country where they don't 'do' Christmas or alcohol.I found that getting in touch with friends made all the difference.

Here's a story of a woman spending her Christmas with Medecins sans Frontieres in Iraq in a refugee camp,away from home,and she communicates via Skype with family/friends.


Send us some pics,tell us what's going on there,will help us see how things are your end :ok:

25th Dec 2014, 07:47
if it's of any help - one does not need to be far away - it could be quite bad among the ones supposed to be close to you, who really aren't. That's the worst about Christmas, the 'pressure in the air' to feel united and family-ish... but it can be overcome! :E Think of how you will tell about this Christmas and don't forget: never let facts mess up a great story! :)

25th Dec 2014, 08:15
Perfect opportunity to get some serious fishing in. :O

Probably a good spot for some prawn pots as well. :ok:

Look on the bright side, at least you have an internet connection and you've the perfect excuse not to get embroiled in the nasty 'commercialisation' of the season. ;)

25th Dec 2014, 09:09
Happy Christmas to you on your oil rig sir! At least you can access xmas music, images, words using the inter web. Imagine if you were somewhere without anything ? I've spent several xmas's alone over the years due to various reasons and as mr crun said above it can be a time of reflection, not boring, but mindfully quiet being grateful to being alive, healthy, happy, loved etc etc. It's all too easy to see what is missing, more tricky acknowledging what is there. Think of the money you're earning and the great things that it can be used for once home.

Here's a nice bit of music to listen to… :)



25th Dec 2014, 09:26
I have spent many Christmases alone, from choice, rather than with people whose company I do not enjoy (and no doubt that's mutual), or going to places I don't want to be in. I find my own company very enjoyable and preferable under such circumstances.

This year, for a change, I have chosen to spend it with my closest friends and family in CPT, the first time for several years, as it is just too crowded and busy at this time of year. Lovely to be here though.

Make the most of it!

25th Dec 2014, 09:34
Did one xmas offshore. Catering sent a case of de-alcoholized red wine that was utterly foul - yet still produced a mild hangover. The only available vice was a few cigars.

Compliments of the season to all who are working today, especially away from home. :)

25th Dec 2014, 10:14
Christmas in the Med. Sounds OK. Better than northern Heilongjiang at the same time of year.
You're busy, well fed, well paid, and only three weeks to go till your leave.
I used to work 14 weeks at a stretch in Saudi Arabia in the 70s.
I find the best way to cope with Christmas when it's not observed locally, is just to get on with the job.

Happy Christmas. Enjoy your leave in January.

25th Dec 2014, 10:37
I'd prefer to be on an oil rig or even down a coal mine than experience some of the 'family' Christmases I have had.

Not really done it for about 12 years now. Currently sitting by the pool looking across the lagoon in the sun with cold beer in hand. Could be any one of 365 days of the year. Cheese sarnie for lunch.

However; Happy Christmas to all. Especially the non-belivers :E

25th Dec 2014, 10:46
I used to work 14 weeks at a stretch in Saudi Arabia in the 70s.

My goodness....no booze and no sex for 14 weeks!

Assuming this was in 1975 that puts you at 32 Mr CISTRS.

Terrible age to go without either. The calluses must've been huge! :uhoh:

25th Dec 2014, 11:02
My goodness....no booze and no sex for 14 weeks!Booze was not a problem in Jeddah. Never drank so much strong stuff in my life...

Have you not heard of vaseline?

25th Dec 2014, 11:47
Fair enough. I didn't know 'special water' was in so much abundance in those days, but at the age of 32 those Vaseline purchases must've been the cornerstone of your local pharmacy's profits! ;)

25th Dec 2014, 12:02
de-alcoholized red wine that was utterly foul - yet still produced a mild hangover...
that's what I've wondered sometimes. When you don't drink at all, and still feel hang-over-ish the next morning.
I find my own company very enjoyable and preferable...
wise words, Cape, wise words. At least there's no-one else around to please than yourself :E.

25th Dec 2014, 12:13
I'm lucky enough to be off on Christmas Day but many of my colleagues are working today. Running up to Christmas I also saw a lot more suicides than normal on the daily sit rep, so some people were clearly struggling to cope at this time of year.

I also remanded someone in custody on Christmas Eve with the next court sitting being on Boxing Day. Strangely enough he didn't take it very well but if he had turned up at court when he was supposed to, or even the day after when he said he would hand himself in, or even if he hadn't been arrested for attempted theft, then maybe I would have had some sympathy, but as it was...tough!

25th Dec 2014, 12:17
If I think of Christmases I've spent alone, the only one I didn't much enjoy was in about 1980 which I spent in the Hotel Atlantico on Ilha do Sal, after being offloaded from an SAA 707. I was travelling on an ID ticket and was offloaded due to a weight uplift restriction, and spent 24 hours in that miserable place. All you could get there was lukewarm beer and coffee that was slightly colder, and crayfish. I still shudder to think that people now go to the Cape Verde Islands on holiday.

25th Dec 2014, 15:11
Well many thanks to all for the cheery messages. I should hasten to add that its not really depression that's a problem more boredom and frustration with a strong hint of disgust at the conditions on this place, I had best not post pictures of some of it - it may put you off Xmas dinner.
It is true we have internet for talking to relatives although it is taking about 5 mins per page today.
Regrettably fishing is not an option here, far to few rigs allow it these days otherwise that's would be the rest of my trip sorted.
There is no TV which is a bit of a blessing I guess to avoid all the commercialisation which I personally hate. Just hoping my sky box hasent crashed again so I can get xmas Dr who when I get home.
The rig is having a bit of trouble getting going so with my job that's leaving plenty of time for movie watching and surfing but as always just passing the days till I can go home.
Its also true about getting paid, I can't quite decide which nice toy to buy myself for Xmas yet
Anyway, cheers to all others who aren't doing quite what they would prefer today.
P.s. were I at home I would have an invite to a friends house for Xmas dinner who's mum puts a new definition on cooking and an uncle who is 'a character' when on the wine. Perhaps this is not so bad after all...

Rwy in Sight
26th Dec 2014, 09:10
Also think that you will have time off when everybody else is back to work.

Rwy in Sight

26th Dec 2014, 11:42
leaving plenty of time for surfing
Do you get impressive waves? :}

26th Dec 2014, 15:50
Mrs radeng is in Beijing. Had two weeks in Beijing, a week at home running a training course in Newbury, a week in Finland, home for the weekend, back to Finland for a week and then straight from Finland to Beijing for two weeks. Arrives back Saturday, home for two weeks, then Beijing for another week...

Still, it's better for her than being unemployed.....

26th Dec 2014, 16:16
Having worked in the oil industry for more years than I care to remember, being away for Christmas saved me from the utter tedium of commercialised Christmas and family "celebrations".

I do not "do" Christmas, well that's just me. I do enjoy the 90 days block holidays a year I can plan on, so missing out on a few days is no big deal.

For those away at this time of year, missing family and associated events you have my sympathy, I wish you happy times when you get back to your home and family.