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25th Dec 2014, 01:40
Remember when cheap wrist watches required frequent setting? I now set mine twice a year - to and from summer time.

Someone I knew had an ingenious invention (which didn't work well). He coupled the rate adjustment on a mechanical car clock so that operator time correction would eventually set the clock's rate correctly. BUT, change to/from summer time would upset everything ... as would resetting to a new time zone. Ambient temperature change with the seasons didn't help either. "Quartz" car clocks are far better.

Cornish Jack
25th Dec 2014, 16:05
Seacue - good point. I bought a secondhand Citizen Eco-Drive about eight years ago when I worked part-time in a clock/watch shop. Set it to the Rugby/Carlisle time check and nothing since. Still within a few seconds - more than 'good enough for Government work'!:ok: ... for Summertime, just do the hour adjustment mentally.

25th Dec 2014, 16:55
I'm awaiting the return of my late uncle/then late aunt Omega De Ville from Omega 470 service and repair/replacement of the date/day changer.

Having said that, would any of you be around Loch Ness early spring 2015?

25th Dec 2014, 16:58

If I have the time!

25th Dec 2014, 17:08
seafire cool, nice if you can make it, Dores beach area. Dates to be via PM

25th Dec 2014, 17:19
Daz - 'twas intended as a joke (i.e. Omega and having "the time"), but no matter, PM me, it's been ages since I've been monster spotting anyway!

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Dec 2014, 06:11
Pah! If the cardboard and string sundial was good enough for Hengist Pod and his wife Senna, it's good enough for me.

26th Dec 2014, 06:38
Flying was dangerous and sex was safe? :confused:

John Hill
26th Dec 2014, 08:27
I remember when we tuned in at 1800Z each morning for the time signals from Wellington to calibrate the time on the seismograph recorders.

Tune in the radio and wait until the precise frequency time pips were detected by the filter circuits and automatically put reference marks on the recorder charts. The station also played bird calls as part of their daily introduction and whenever the call was the song of the tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) the system went haywire, those birds can really hold a note!

26th Dec 2014, 09:57
Used to record the difference in time daily with a radio time signal and the ships chronometer. Noon sights were the pinnacle of navigation back then, oh how times have changed.

Metro man
26th Dec 2014, 10:47
A cheap quartz watch will give you better timekeeping than a $10 000 mechanical one. There are watches which synchronise with the atomic clock via radio signals and would have close to the same level of accuracy for a few hundred dollars.

There is still something special though about the feel of a mechanical timepiece.

John Marsh
26th Dec 2014, 12:19
I'm probably just an aging nit-picker, but I'm not impressed with some of the cheap quartz watches currently available. I have tried two recognised brands - Casio and Lorus (part of Seiko).

I had my first Casio 30+ years ago. That was accurate. Set and forget. Robust construction for the price; made in Japan.

No prizes for guessing where the current everyday Casios are made. The quartz crystals are either not etched accurately, and/or the circuit is not set up properly to match the crystal. Whatever the cause, the result is reliable inaccuracy, in the order of a few seconds a week.

I find Lorus watches have the same inaccuracy. I wonder if Seiko know, or care?

26th Dec 2014, 21:31
I have a Rolex Oysterdate which cost 32.50 in 1966 when "lies like a cheap Seiko" was a common saying. I also have a new watch bought in Lanzarote, claiming to be somethng its not and costing 12.

No prizes for guessing which is accurate.

26th Dec 2014, 21:47
A Changi gold watch soon turns green and only works till the cock roach dies :-)

26th Dec 2014, 22:20
I was given my uncles digital watch from pre WW II - yes, not really digital of course,clockwork mechanism but the time showed in little windows, being numbers printed on dials that turned round, one each for hours, minutes and seconds. I was the envy of my kindergarten !

Kept good time, too - providing I remembered to wind it each day !

27th Dec 2014, 12:33
Got the time, sweetie?
Yeah, but not the inclination.

27th Dec 2014, 12:46
I never wear a watch but I have a few, amongst them a couple of cheap digitals. Whenever I look at them they are correct, and I don't recall ever changing the battery.

I have a Russian Army watch which I wind every couple of months, it keeps perfect time for a week or so until it stops. Ditto for an automatic Rotary watch which is about 40 years old.

I also have a very expensive Baume and Mercier which stops and starts intermittently! Moral of story?

27th Dec 2014, 15:55
Battery powered analog Bulova - Caravelle, sequential sweep second hand with day calendar. I've owned the watch for over five years. It gains 3 seconds a year. Pretty good.