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Mach Turtle
25th Dec 2014, 00:16
Lest we become cynical:




Merry Christmas, everyone. Live the dream!

25th Dec 2014, 01:42
I came from a less-than-average income
family so instead of models I did this a


Merry Xmas and hope 2015 doesn't suck! :)

25th Dec 2014, 01:49
..and a girl and hers..


25th Dec 2014, 01:55
Thanks, Fox3....... !

I wonder what she's flying now.

25th Dec 2014, 01:58
Well, if she's improved, fighters of course :ok:

25th Dec 2014, 02:25
A "simulator" made by my son when he was 5. PPL today, more to come. Merry Christmas everyone.


25th Dec 2014, 02:54
Merry Christmas!

25th Dec 2014, 04:01
And a Happy Christmas tp all those like you like to mess with kids' heads and get them thiniking aviation-wise. Did my bit this afternoon showing how a little box of Twinings tea could be turned into a glider with only one addiition, a paper clip at the pointy end.

25th Dec 2014, 04:40
Merry Christmas everyone

COMING IN FULL CIRCLE (http://profemery.info/aviation/fullcircle.html)

25th Dec 2014, 06:48
Ah OverRun, you have reminded me of something similar. For a time I was flying an aeromedical aircraft based at Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. The job mostly involved transporting patients for the Tennant Creek hospital when they had to go to Alice Springs for treatment.

A large number of the patients were Aboriginal and of those a fair percentage were children, many of whom were alcohol foetal syndrome affected and their guardians would be an aunt or grandmother, never the parents. It was tragic to see. But not all were like that.

I was asked to go to Elliott, a small town between Tennant Creek and Katherine to pick up a child and take her to Alice Springs. She had been provisionally diagnosed with a serious internal disorder. Anyway, we trundled up to Elliott to pick up this 8 year old girl.

Her whole family came to the airstrip to see her off and her father was to be her guardian on the flight. She was able to sit up in the aircraft rather than have to use the gurney and as I was heading for the cockpit I noticed she was struggling to fasten the seat belt. I reached down to help her conscious of the fact that the belt might cause her some discomfort due to her medical problems so as I tightened it I asked whether it was ok and wasn't hurting her. She just looked up at me and nodded that it was ok.

I don't know what it was but her nodding ok really affected me. I don't know her name or what happened to her. I never saw her again after the ambulance collected her in Alice Springs but to this day I hope to hell that she is ok and well.

Merry Christmas to all.

25th Dec 2014, 07:27
Used to be that everybody wanted to be a pilot in the old days, and many did. In the USA now, because the FAA decided to put a stick in the spokes with their knee jerk idiocy on requiring an ATP for all new airline pilots, there has been a serious drop off in students, and a more serious drop off in applicants for flying positions. Who would want to pay several hundred thousand dollars for training, and getting 1500 hours etc only to get paid $20,000 per year? Even if the airlines double or triple what they pay to FOs in the Regionals, it does not make sense to waste so much time and money.

Trust the Feds to screw it all up.

25th Dec 2014, 12:18
uhh, Mike... who said 'dreamer' wouldn't suit you? What a story! :ok:

25th Dec 2014, 13:40
Yep, that's a great story. :D

25th Dec 2014, 16:42
Yeah, it impressed me too.
Thanks for that, Mike.

25th Dec 2014, 19:32
Awesome story and well done :ok:

25th Dec 2014, 21:46
@Mike, brilliant. How you treated that boy most likely sowed a seed in his mind as to what his goal in life was. What a great thing you did and a fantastic story.

26th Dec 2014, 07:57
Great story Mike!! :D:D:D

Pinky the pilot
26th Dec 2014, 10:46
Concur with the above Mike. However, did the 'freckly little runt' tell you what became of the three '*others?"

* Really don't know what would be an appropriate description for such objectionable personages but we were all young and stupid in some way at one stage.:hmm:

26th Dec 2014, 10:58
Mike, you bugger you've done it - I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks.