View Full Version : I Suppose This Was Bound to Happen Too

24th Dec 2014, 15:36
BBC News - IS captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-30596474)

I feel for the young man, I really do. I don't think the Geneva Convention is about to be observed and name, rank, number and date of birth just won't cut it.

24th Dec 2014, 15:41
The first thought that went through my mind when I read that this morning was, 'That guy is so fu, err, screwed'.

Well, this may be foolish, but maybe it will turn out okay for him.

But I seriously doubt it.

24th Dec 2014, 15:48
I'm sure that eventually the pilot will wish he had died instead.